first things first… the garden

We cannot begin building house until our current house sells, Sept 27th, so we will not start building until the new year. HOWEVER garlic has to be planted in the fall and so that will be our priority.   To the right of this picture is where the garden will be, the ground is darker there.


When a mine is started up, one of the things the owner must do, is to remove all the topsoil and place it aside, so it can be put back after the mine is closed down.  We have asked him to put the topsoil in one specific area.  We have not measured it yet, but as you can see it will be LARGE.  This is a different view of the “garden”.img_4897

Between the floods in India destroying huge areas of farmland, to the drought in central America, which is partially fuelling the migration of people to the US southern borders, to even the upcoming Brexit, everyone is talking about food shortages.  I just feel that as long as we are able we really need to grow food, even if it is just for us.  Of course we always grow way more than that.

Since we are both feeling the effects of aging and gardening…. my goal is to attempt to do a MUCH better job at organizing garden such that it is easier on our bodies.

We are thinking of getting some sort of machinery to help us out…. trying to decide between tractor, or backhoe….. or perhaps just a harness on Tucker .. Grinning Face on Messenger 1.0

SO the “topsoil” that is there has essentially NO organic material in it…. just like sand and dirt.  So I guess my newest “obsession” shall be “cover crops”. Also called “green manure”.

Each plant is different and you need to know when to plant and when to sow, .. for maximum soil building.

“Buckwheat cover crop seeds produce hardy annual, upright plants. It grows so fast it can reach 1m (3′) tall in only three weeks. Then it blooms with white flowers, attracting pollinating insects and beneficial hover flies. This cover crop grows densely enough that it can be used to smother out competing weed species. Within ten days of blooming (or at any time before) it can be cut and tilled under to improve tilth and add organic matter. A succulent, brittle plant that can break down completely into the soil in a matter of days. When breaking ground for a new garden, grow two consecutive crops. Digging them in will provide ample organic matter to stimulate the soil biology. Frost will kill tender annual.”


So essentially I plant these soon, get them growing, then it sounds like they take off. SO then we come in and cut them all down with our weed whacker and suddenly you have soil that organic roots down into it and the organic plant carcass lying on top. ( to act as weed control)

I have ordered several types of cover crops and they all are used for different purposes, but this one it sounds like if I get it growing soon, and then cut it down, it will provide nutrients for the garlic we plant in late october. ……. and mulch for the winter.

We will likely get a load or two of donkey manure to build up the soil as well.IMG_4529

Meanwhile back in Scotch Creek, we have purchased 2 of these Sea Cans and are filling them up with all of our belongings. Mid September we will move them up here and put them about 20 feet apart and put up some support between them and ultimately create a large shop with a sea can on each end.

Our first “structure” on the property, a “tupperware”….. storage unit we have been hauling around for years.



Stay tuned….. and you will see cool things happen here…

Much Love, Ken, Janet And Tucker