Onwards to the castle…..

Well we have gone and done it…… Our first night in a posh hotel. Well perhaps posh is a strong word, or is it really a relative word. It has a bath, how much more posh can you get? It also has a bidet (one of those soak your bottom things) I guess that was not the main area I wanted to soak so, gave it a miss.


i have to say that the hardest part about staying in Alburgues, is the snoring. Ken snores, and I have worn ear plugs for years, problem solved.  Well turns out there are snorers, (small time snorers), and then there are those who seem to be training for the olympics of snoring.  If you watched the movie about the Camino, “the way” ,  when Martin Sheen could not sleep he went outside and the guy offered him sleeping pill, ear plugs, or a joint. I have to say the first two do not work.  It is difficult in that there is absolutely nothing that the “perp” can do about it. A night in a private room is a solution along the way.



Many of the small towns along the way only have the municipal Alberque, which can be quite nice, just the dorm style.  Some small towns have private hostels, or  Albergues, some even with a few double rooms, but they are always taken. You can book ahead to save a bed, and we have done this once, but again a dorm room.

i have to say that this was one of the personal challenges of this trip, and really except for the one issue, I do not mind the dorm rooms at all.

All and all I have done ok, just a few nights near a snorer, I get a bit behind on sleep.

So all is well now, a good sleep had by all last night.  Tonite we are staying up just outside the castle (in the pictures yesterday). It is beautiful up there, it is always so hard to really get your bearings when you arrive in a town.

So today is our rest day, going to check out the 12th century castle in more detail.  We are currently in Pueblo de Sanabres.

…a fence of bed springs….


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