And the walls come tumbling down….




It it seems that the buildings have all suffered a similar fate…… The walls have stood up but the roof has caved in.    The buildings are hundreds of years old, but the roofs, held up with wooden beams, have succumbed to age.

For some reason the “three little pigs” story……the straw, the wood and the stone…comes to mind

There seem to be attempts to renovate/restore some of these old buildings, one place a sloth African couple used what I believe was “cob”.  The mud and straw that people are using as a substrate to build homes, in Canada and the USA, as environmental way of preserving wood and other non renewable resources.    They used the cob to fill in the spaces, then to build the walls higher.  Then a new roof.

Nonetheless, a big Reno job…….too big for us 🙂



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