…..the rest of the story……



Although our trip is over, there seems to be so much more to tell,  about the Via De la plata….. now with more time on my hands……  pun intended.  I have been looking over pictures and have found some cool shots


This is actually  a picture of a  picture.  From Zamora. Each city has several religious brotherhoods, often back to the Middle Ages. The colours of the robes and hoods signify membership of the different brotherhoods.  Holy week in Spain brings out ancient history.


As you can see….. weight loss has always been an issue with pilgrims…. myself… not so much… too many croissants  IMG_1623

Pretty darned cute cows there as well….. and they wear cowbells. Music to my ears.  Apparently JUST enough cowbell to find missing cows.IMG_1606

The ubiquitous  shells directing the way…… and the infamous shoes that Ken figures…. contributed to my fall.  These fancier ones tended to be in the cities.


SLOW and steady, took these guys awhile to get up to the square, but once there, these old guys seem to have quite the day, between card games, and GIRL watching… and smoking cigars.  Clearly a better alternative to the isolation elders live in in CanadaIMG_0316

not sure I know the full story here, but nonetheless cool statueIMG_0311

Trying to find out way out of cities, was often hard.  Some cities had more than one trail leading out….. IF you got on wrong trail, you might end up in Portugal, the trail was often very close…. that would not have been such a bad thing thoughIMG_1598

Party time?IMG_1588

When the rains came…………………..

I am going for follow up X-rays today to see if shoulder needs ?? surgery, and when I can start some movement.

our Friends Greg and Helene, went on after we left and made all the way to Finisterre.. which is the ocean…..past Santiago de compostella …..  helene has done the camino several times, but has never done the last part, so I think it likely meant a lot to them.

this is their picture


I have to admit that I am a wee bit envious, but am currently more focused on my fate, and how I can do everything I can to make sure that we can go back perhaps next year.

For those interested, I am intend to continue writing, both the practice my writing and to post many more of the great photos we took on our trip.

BY the way, Tucker was rather HO HUM when we finally saw him, perhaps we need to re earn his love 🙂



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