The bubble burst.

The bubble had to burst.


Well I guess we were just having WAY too much fun, for it to last. Pulling into Ventura, we noticed a sound coming from one of the back brakes.  Since it was Friday evening, we booked for Monday morning to have it looked at in Santa Barbara. (big mistake) Downtown Santa Barbara, the guy said yes they COULD work on motorhomes. TINY lot. We were there at 8, they did not look at it until a lot of discussion from us, … until 9. Guess  Long story, but there clearly was a problem with the brake pads and callipers. They also do not even have the tool to take off the tires of our rig.  Fortunately we opted to drive up the road to Paso Robles. Unfortunately they cannot really tell what is wrong with out taking the tires, and the brakes apart. By then of course the motorhome is unDRIVABLE.


So they found that the pads, callipers and rotors were all gone, and the rotor would need to come from LA. TWO days. WE were not allowed to stay in the motorhome at this point so had to stay in hotel.  Now one would think that this is not a big deal, but with a dog it IS a big deal.

We cannot leave the dog in the hotel room alone (which we would not do anyways). You cannot have a dog in a rental car unless they are in a crate. So what are we to do for 2 whole days? WALK WALK WALK…… 7 miles….


We found a restaurant for lunch, and another for dinner, with outdoor seating and they let Tucker sit with us.  Now Tucker HAS to learn a little restaurant etiquette. He just could not stop drooling with all the smells around….. and then of course he had to shake every now and again spreading drool all over us. YUCK.


On a more positive note, we remembered yesterday that we had purchased trip interruption insurance for the motorhome, so we contacted BCAA, and have up to $500 in expenses related to trip interruption for repairs.

This picture was back in Victorville, where there was a bird refuge and some cool birds enjoying it.


We had our very first Uber ride from the shop where our rig was being worked on and the hotel. Fortunately they allowed the dog in.  It was pretty cool, I just downloaded the APP and then plugged in where I wanted to go, the app knew where I was, and then we could watch on the APP as the car comes to get us. Lots of fun.

Another positive is that we discovered a very great wine, LODI, Zinfandel, and the grocers outlet bargain centre. 5.99/bottle, delicious.. STUCK IN LODI again. I know it looks  questionable, it was delicious.



I wanted to end this blog on a positive note and here is the snow leopard getting back on the road. The test drive was successful, brake fluid check great. SO we are back to  4 brakes and back on the road… significantly poorer  🙂



So Currently heading northbound.Looking forward to camping tonight again.

Much love






4 thoughts on “The bubble burst.

  1. just before a bubble bursts it’s covered in rainbows…. so I guess you were having a fantastic time and this pricey pause is just a sequay. Coming North? I like your adventures! Bests to Tucker too!


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