Saying good bye to a cabin, and hello to the road……

Today is the day all of the subject to’s are to be removed from the sale of our cabin, thus semi completing the sale of our cabin. If you have followed this blog, I wrote extensively about the way we essentially rebuilt this  IMG_1857

cabin, from the inside out. We lovingly rebuilt the entire main floor of the cabin, then over last winter, we decided that we could not afford to  be retired, have a house and a cabin. One of those things had to go.  It is a bit like back 31 years ago, I was in medical school, and our son Dylan was born, and we realized that we could not have a child, be in med school and watch TV. SO the TV went… and never came back.

So this time, the cabin has gone. We came to the conclusion that we could not have all three, so one had to go.  Somehow when you look at it that way, it is easier to accept.

But then again, we are essentially nomads, traveling around with our lovely old motor home, looking out over another sensational landscape view every night.IMG_3326

I did go back to work last year, partly to pay for the cabin, but partly because I was just not quite ready to give up my medical  licence, and have been enjoying doing work in long term care, which was what I had done when we lived in Oregon before we moved back to Canada. Early this year one of the doctors came up with an offer that was hard to refuse. He said if I took over a part of his work at one of the facilities to ease HIS workload, he would in turn cover for all of my patients when I wanted to go away for the winter, so this way I can contribute to the caring of elderly over 9 months of the year, and still get my winters away.  I do live an hour away from Kamloops (where I work) so it is not really feasible for me to work in the winter anyways because the roads are very unpredictable in the winter.  So a win win situation.  I also cover for all of his holidays over the 9 months I am in Canada.

Have I mentioned Garlic……..


Last fall we planted about 4000 garlic, and it being a 9 month gestation plant, it will be ready to harvest soon.  It has been years of learning about garlic and each year expanding the number of cloves planted, so we are really hoping for a great harvest soon.  Could fund next winters travels possibly?  I LOVE growing garlic however I also love harvesting garlic and my excitement for harvesting tends to lead me to harvest too soon, so fast forward to where we are right now…. we are down in Washington travelling in the motor home, hoping if I stay away another week, the garlic will grow bigger without me pulling them all up. I believe it is my struggle with delayed gratification.

So we are down at Larrabee state park.IMG_3327

Along the beautiful Chuckanut drive ( essentially Washington’s attempt to compete with the INFAMOUS HWY 1, in California, which is only for the very brave, or very uninformed (which was the case with us) a very windy, very narrow hwy, coastal California from Big Sur to San Simeon)  The big difference between Chuckanut drive and HWY 1 in Cal, is that the drop off in California is hundreds of feet down, whereas in Washington it is 30-40 feet down. Both Very scenic, and both best driven in a small sports cars and NOT a 35 ft motor home.

Larrabee State park holds a special place in our hearts for another reason. The last time we stayed here was August 9th, which might seem odd that we can remember the date so well, but it was a date that most Canadians can likely recall what they were doing. It was the date that Wayne Gretzky was traded to the Los Angeles Kings. It was a date that even NONsports fans remember (like me), in that he was felt to be a Canadian treasure. A sad day for Canada that day. Oddly that day at this park also stands out in my mind because I spent the day throwing up, having picked up a bug at a family reunion in Williams lake a few days earlier. SO all in all it was a day one could not forget, not the place… It has taken us almost 30 years to make our way back here. Anyone wonder why?IMG_3325

So very happy to be back on the road, even if our trip is short, and next week we will be up to our eyeballs harvesting Garlic.

Much love to all, we are preparing for a great adventure again this November.




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