long ways from anywhere…

Ken got the drone working yesterday, and it clearly puts things into perspective.


This is the rest of the campground. Pretty cool this solar energy, we run the batteries down, just a bit at night, but then in the day time they get charged up again and we are even running our fridge in electricity for an hour or so a day.


Technically our site is a water front property 🙂  When it rains, because there is a huge wide “wash” in front of the motorhome.(part time river). It is kind of cute, in that someone has put a boat in the wash further ahead….. for effect.


We are growing sprouts, zesty lentil on the left (lentils, radish, alfalfa, red clover and mustard), and bean mix on the right (peas, lentils and garbanzo). So we can have sprouts on our sandwiches every day, and the bean sprouts in our dinners a couple times a week.

We bought the “sprout master” mixes at peavy mart in Kamloops.


I just swish them with water twice a day and drain them in this doomahicky thing the rest of the day, it takes about 3 days, and when they are ready, I just put them in the fridge.


Just to update what happened to my wonderful electric car…. ICBC has written it off after the accident I had with a deer on October 24th. They said that there was 30,000 dollars damage done.  So my car is likely sitting in some pick apart lot, almost completely intact. (someone will so well with this one)


The good part of the story (at least for us) is that some lady talked me into replacement insurance the day I bought the car… (march 2017)  I was upset with her after finding out how much money it cost.  But today……. I am glad I bought it, so when we get home, we will be getting a brand new I3 BMW 2019. It will be 2 years newer and have 60 + greater range than the lovely one in this picture.  (apparently the newer ones take a bit longer to charge though).

All for now

Much love to all.

Janet   …. and Ken and Tucker






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