IT starts

Everything is always more fun in the motorhome even amidst the CHAOS we are living in.  We have been living here now for 3 weeks, and LOVING IT.

We have a platform that our son Dylan had just out on his property, and we are using it as a deck. We have TONS of tomatoes, ripening each day from the Scotch Creek (SC) house, so I am trying to make more tomato sauce each day.


We are bringing over all of the Basil we had growing in pots in SC, and its giving the place a nice greenery.


and of course we have the sprouts on the go inside…


The 2 SeaCans are almost full and we have ordered a  shed to house the temporary electrical and water stuff, until they can be housed in our house. Doesn’t look like much now, but after we are done with it, it will be our guest house. 😊  I think we are going to store stuff in there that we want access to, but do not have room for in motor home.img_4993

That ridge of dirt behind the shed is actually the Septic field. They were saying how easy it was to put in here in the middle of a gravel pit.  All of the raw material present, as well as all of the equipment.

This was yesterday starting the septic field.


The motorhome is now sitting about where the house will sit



THIS DITCH is to run the electricity from the power line to a temporary spot, then to the shed, and eventually all the way up to the well, to provide power to the pump.



so in this picture you can see where the well is, top right of picture.  The power has to go all the way from where the pole in bottom left of this picture to where machine is top right.


So this is another view from where the well is, a  machine digging back towards the shed, and eventually where the house will be.


………. and there is Tucker observing. I have to say I have been kind of nervous with Tucker and all these machines, but machines that make that much noise, make him nervous, so he becomes VELCRO dog….


So this is where we are at tonite, the septic field is finished behind the motorhome, power “line” is half way to the shed.


We are really just getting everything ready for the power, as there will not be any power until BC HYDRO comes and puts in a transformer and hooks it all up, sometime in October.  So technically we will not have water until then, since it will take the power to run the pump to get the water to us.  We do have a septic now though.  We can get water in barrels at the artisan well up the road, and we have solar for power, so we are just fine.

And what blog would be complete without an update on the wonderful, talented, and entertaining Talon, who has just mastered PAB LUM


His Daddy, will be our plumber for this whole project, so I am sure he will come to watch Daddy work. 😊


Much Love to all, and our thoughts are with the people of the Bahamas who’s entire lives have been ripped apart.

I thought i would share a song I wrote about the indonesian Tsunami, but it is written from the perspective of those people wondering if they are going to survive this storm.
Sadly I cannot figure out how to change the picture with this link.  More work needed to match picture with song.  So ignore picture  Save Our Souls




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