grapes and happy anniversary Ken…

Of course, now that the garlic is planted, it is time for the grapes.   We had extremely productive grapes at our last place and each year I would take cuttings, stick them in the ground and have whole new grape plants  the next year, so we had many of these “cuttings” to move on  ..with us.  I hope this area is as grape friendly as Scotch Creek was.


Speaking of garlic, I found a few more huge garlic at Demilles in Salmon Arm on Wednesday,  and went to plant them, and thought I would try a different technique, because our backs were sore from bending down.  I had read where gardeners planting seedling plants would go along with a tube and just let each seedling plant drop down the tube, so thought I would try it with the garlic ….. and since we have a “plethora” of tubes around the property, I found THIS tube with a bend in it. The holes have been dug by the garlic planter, and so I just dropped the garlic down the tube……


See the holes…..and the garlic just falls right into the hole with the root side down….


and then I just cover it over with my foot….It was amazing… I think that the fact that the tube was bent, made the garlic clove pick up speed and hit the ground solid.


image  So I am thinking that this invention could  revolutionize garlic planting and I am ALL FOR REVOLUTION….  I am thinking you could create a tube that has a side bag for holding the cloves….you could make different tubes different sizes for the different sized cloves.Thinking_Face_Emoji_large  AND…… how about a coffee cup holder….a place for your phone… OK nuff said.

Of course I would not be posting a blog about this if I believed that, imagebut it was QUITE a finding that could make the process easier. Now other pretty things to distract me along the way……. just look at these cool rocks I ran over with the tractor.


who needs a rock saw when you have a tractor…

Yesterday was our 36th anniversary,  imageI could have sworn it was like… 38 years…. but we have been on this trip for a long time, with all of its ups, downs and ….them “BIG bumps in the road”.

I wrote this song about our journey, a few years ago, with a view into the future, looking at our parents, and how their journeys went. It is called WOULD IT STILL BE OK?

of course this is with our “brilliant” grandson, Talon.  Please have a listen it REALLY is a great love song.

Much love to all… Janet Ken and Tucker


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