Where the heck are we now?

Thanksgiving was spent in Sun City,  a suburb of Phoenix, with friends I have known since I was a small child. We hiked the day before Thanksgiving, had wonderful dinner the DAY of thanksgiving and then hunkered down for a Huge storm the night of thanksgiving. Trees down, roads flooded…. Great time to be staying at someone else’s home…… or driveway


Since then, we have been travelling east with friends from Kamloops BC, a town near where we live.img_2101

It is kind of fun to “gather the wagons around”…. in remote areas, and not so remote areas….img_5645

This is where we are right now.  Somewhere south and east of Tucson, the mountains in the distance are Mexico, and we can see it from our kitchen window image

We have never really searched for fossils, and were not really sure what to look for, and as usual, the book was rather vague about how to get to “the collecting spot”

Well we walked and walked and walked and walked looking for a canyon.  It had never occurred to me that a canyon was different from a valley. 💡

THIS is a valley, and I guess I thought it was where  we were trying to get to.


Then I walked OFF the trail 50 yards and found ****** a canyon which by this picture does not look like much, and likely why we did not notice it..img_5650

But it was at least 100 feet wide, and at least 70 feet deep, and we had totally missed it…. AND had ended up miles away from the motorhomes.

So we took a shortcut back through the tall grass.img_5655and the beautiful Yucca’s…..



By the time we discovered the “canyon” we were tired and it was getting late, so we went back the next day and I believe after MUCH searching, I found a fossil, I believe it is a palm root, but will need to learn more to ID it



It is raining here now, and we think we are going to check out Tombstone….. and the OK corral

Much love to all, Janet Ken and Tucker.


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