A whole lot of trussing going on.

Sadly Trusses alone to not keep out the rain……

This week the trusses arrived on a big truck with a crane.  Each bundle was set down on the matching section of the house.




And then the fun begins. This does look a little bit dangerous work, but the workers seemed to do well with it. Every time I heard them yell a little loud, I cringed, afraid someone might have fallen off of roof.  I guess different work types have different risk factors, and they likely did not think anything of it.

So here all the trusses are done on the eastern part of the house.


The east and the west wing done…Unknownimg_6923-1


Most of the central area done


And here are all of the trusses in.



The ones that go up at the front are covering of the patio.  There is a 12 foot extension on the roof…. or 16 feet or something like that.

The floors have dried up and things are going pretty well … weather wise..time to call the plumber Unknown


I did want to point out this beautiful flower that I have found all over my garden and in the hills around, I posted it on Facebook and a friend IDed it as Grand Collomia trumpet.

I looked it up and you can buy the seeds online. Somehow I felt kind of special having something growing wild in my yard that companies sell the seeds for.


Dylan, our son, who is the father of….Talon…. our grandson..


…came out to our place yesterday and today, and has done a large part of the plumbing.  I did NOT get any pictures of Dylan. (I should have thinking emoji .)..AND I did not take any pictures of the plumbing.Unknown

But I did take a picture of the one inch plus layer of water on the floor, after the deluge today.



Moral of the story, if you want to get a lot of rainbows, (which we seem to have here,) you are going to have to put up with a lot of rain.  Ken took this picture, I wonder if he noticed the flying saucers? thinking emoji


AND we (actually KEN) have/has finished the fence around the garden.  We have stopped watering the garlic to let it start to dry out prior to harvesting (not that we had to water it this year at all anyways….)(not sure if it will ever dry out,  but manoman….. do we have potatoes.


Much of our garden seems to love all this rain, because we are getting periods of sun in between, not sure if that will be the case for the garlic, but we shall see.

We had friends visiting today from another town in BC, and we were talking about Covid and “mask wearing” in our respective towns.  I said that I have started wearing a mask in stores, but that very few other people were. She said in her town it was similar, except at stores that required that people wear masks. She said that her and her husband wear masks, but mainly because she is a seamstress and has sewn several theme based masks.Unknown She also said that the only store that required that they wear masks was the fabric store, and she thought it was so that everyone would get an opportunity to wear their lovely sewing creations somewhere!  I thought that  was cute. I guess us “west side” Canadians have not taken Covid seriously.  I have noticed, however, that on my facebook feed I get lots of ads of VERY cute masks from major clothing design companies. Perhaps THAT is how you get people to wear masks.

As things are happening faster with our house I am trying to write blog more often, so I do not miss any important bits.

Much  love to all, Janet Ken and Tucker. And please, stay safe!



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