could this be a moment for a potato?

odd question, but when you have over 200 lbs of potatoes, you really do have to delve into potato usage, at least once a day.

This is called a TIEN a layered scalloped potato dish you have on a burner while you build it.

This is a noodle casserole that just needed a few potatoes..
and a cannelloni dish that was great with a few added potatoes.

I have learned this year that there is more to saving potatoes than just putting them in the basement or cold room. First of all you have to leave them sit for several hours out in the field.

Then you store them in a dark place that is close to room temperature for a few weeks. It is amazing how the cuts and bruises seem to mostly heal during this time. We used our new shed for this and covered them with fabric. THEN you need to go through and choose the very best ones that will survive the longest, so I picked out the ones that had a little green, or a cut on them, and those will be used now, and not put in cold room.

Not too much exciting is happening with the house, at least not in photos.

Insulation is going in, almost done…

We have opted for a small bank of solar panels and will add to them as we can afford. Since all of our heating will be electricity AND we have the electric car to charge, it just seemed like the kind of expense to put the money into before I retire, to cut costs after I retire.

It is kind of interesting getting solar hooked up to the grid. The way it works, at least in our situation, is that the power we generate with our panels, goes right to BC hydro (our electric company). We do not use it at all, it is like our panels are making electricity for somebody else, if they need it. I guess we will pay the balance of what we use in electric minus what we feed back into the system. For now, anyways, when the power goes out, we will be using candles and the wood stove. Or hanging out in the motorhome where we have batteries. There is much to learn, and as we delve further into this, I am hoping we can get a back up system with a few batteries, but we shall see.

Here is a lovely picture I snapped of Ken, the “motorhome salesman” Yes we ARE selling our old motor home after all of Ken’s love and attention has gone into it. He IS so good at selling stuff.

So we were just working around here a few weeks ago, we heard the ambulances, and they seemed to get close, and then stop. Then a few minutes later we saw this, a helicopter landing at one of the properties below us.

Sad tale it was. There are 5 large acreages below us, and they all have huge yards. I guess a guy was racing around with a “quad”. The neighbours said he has been racing back and forth from up at the house back down to the road and even was going around his wife’s barrel racing course. One time he just missed the edge and went over a small embankment, and died. The ambulances and helicopter were pretty helpless by the time they got there. Very sad, a guy in his 30s. A bit spooky driving by each day. Life is such a fragile thing at times.

So what blog would be complete without mentioning the very great wonderful grandson, Talon. His dad has a new work truck and he has to try everything out.

So wanted to share a recent discover with you all.

I have TONS of these beautiful babies, and was going through online recipes for zucchini, and all they seem to have for zucchini is zucchini bread which traditionally has been more like cake, with sugar, oil, and eggs.

I discovered a recipe for zucchini, but I used Patty pans and altered the recipe substantially, so will attempt to share it here.

It calls for 3 cups of grated pattypan, which is about one medium sized one 6-7 inches across.

7 cups of a mixture of whole grain flour and unbleached white flour.

combine pattypan and flour, add 3 teaspoons of salt and whatever herb you happen to have on hand, I have used my fresh oregano, rosemary Thyme, they all taste great.

Meanwhile, combine 1.5 cups warm water with a tablespoon of yeast and a teaspoon of honey.

When the yeast mixture becomes bubbly, add a teaspoon of olive oil, and then pour this mixture into the flour mixture.

I was thrilled to find my mixmaster and the bread hook, (as I have a sore neck shoulder). I processed this for 2 minutes on speed 1 and then 2 minutes on speed 2. I have had to add small amounts of flour while the mix master is working

I take it out of the bowl, and briefly knead it into a large round shape

Cover it until it doubles in size, then knead for another 2 minutes and divide in 2 and place in loaf pans and cover and let rise until doubled in size. Then bake in 350 degree oven for about 40 minutes and voila. Pattypan bread.

Of course I had to take it all a step further and make pizza also with the dough….

Pretty yummy pizza with pattypan bread crust. So this is my idea of preserving my pattypans.

I will write again soon about the house, I just did not want the blog to be too long

Much Love, Janet Ken and Tucker

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