Rhubarb and other harbingers of spring…

Spring begins and all of the little sprouts of things that we planted that have apparently survived, are showing themselves. Such as Rhubarb……. Now THIS was a total surprise, because I was thinking that I wished that I had gotten around to planting rhubarb last year. And what were those red blobs over there in the garden? OMG Rhubarb. And then, OMG, am I loosing my mind, how could I have forgotten that I planted rhubarb? And … who GAVE me the rhubarb? πŸ€”πŸ€”

Questions, questions, all answered the next time I chatted to my sister. Even before the topic came up I remembered that she had given me several “hunks” of my mothers rhubarb plant last fall. She has been “caretaker” or the famous MOM’s rhubarb for all these years, and now she said she was relieved, because if anything happened to HER plant she knew she could get some of mine. Handmedowns…. of my mothers wonderful rhubarb.

As a garlic grower it is important to grow rhubarb, so…. you know when you garlic should be up. I figure if the rhubarb can push its way through the cold hard ground, so should the garlic be able to. Lo and behold it DID!

Softneck Garlic (Italian)
Yugoslavian hardneck

So not all the garlic is up, but a good representation of my garlic.

Oh and these garlic are also up, they are planted on my HUGELKULTUR garden.

Hugelkultur is where you layer a mound starting with rotting trees, branches then dirt and compost. Everything grew very well in these mounds last year, and overwintered quite well too.

HUGE beets from last year….

I was too busy in the fall to harvest everything, we WERE building a house then…πŸ™„

Blackberry sprouts.

speaking of sprouts…. look at how much THIS guy has sprouted. His boots are SOOO full of water, the water is coming OUT the holes in his boots. you can not quite see the water coming OUT of the boots in this video. We DO have a bit of a spring that needs to be redirected this year. Lotsa fun making rivers and dams…

Grandpa reading books and “Mother Earth News” to Talon. He LOVES hearing about large hoop houses and how to build wooden trays for seed starting…. πŸ₯¦πŸ…
His main new word THIS week was SHIT….or was he saying shirt? πŸ€”
A wine rack makes a perfect parking garage for cars and trucks.πŸš™πŸš—πŸšŽat least THAT is where HE stored them.
We have about 600 tomato plants on the go….. could feed a small townπŸ€”

Hoop house full of tomato plants, trying to keep them all warm at night is a bit trying, fingers crossed we can keep them alive until the end of April.

We HAVE been making progress with our house and though I would like to take more pictures, all of our building materials are still stacked in some of the rooms. So by finishing the doors and the trim, it is a way of cleaning up.

We have found that to buy glass windows like this one, it is a LOT cheaper to buy the glass separately and get a local door company to put the glass in the frame/door. This is the door to our spare bedroom. It is a design that allows the light through, but not images of naked guests 😊

Our laundry room does not have windows, so I thought that by putting these windows on the two rooms that open into the laundry room that it will have lots of light.

….also by adding the old stained glass windows above the doors. We still have to find tiles for beside the old windows.

This picture is looking from the laundry room, the greenhouse is on the left and the guest room is on the right.

We are loving our house and our lot, even more with all the snow gone.

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