Travels with Joshua…

There are many reasons to camp out in the desert, but one is that you get sun rises and sun sets, equal. We have had a wonderful week over in New Mexico, finding some amazing rocks, enjoying the solitude of being alone in the desert.  We are an odd couple, apparently our “signs” Leo and scorpio do not match, we approach everything from a totally different angle.  When we arrange to meet anywhere… something always goes wrong and we interpret differently. Despite all of this, politically when something comes up, we are both totally in sync.  We are both very well read, and have been for a very long time, and I love that.  WE CAN learn from history, if only we remembered the details. 🤔 And then there is Josh whom we always have a good chin wag with as well.

Phoenix airport has an area called the call phone call area where you wait for someone to land, and we could actually watch the planes come in from that spot, so we knew exactly when he landed

Josh is flying down today  to spend a week+ with us. He has expressed an interest in seeing the desert.  I had to help him find out where to get his covid test … and arrange it, yet he already knows that there are 11 IN-n- Out burger joints in Phoenix.  And before heading off into the desert with 2 vegetarians, he is going to In-N-Out……So I guess that will be the first thing we do. 

Fairly brief ….. and TO the point menu…..

OK moving on, 5 days…. Been to the In-N-out and ??? Not sure any of us saw the attraction.   The menu was pretty darned basic, however Josh claims that there is a “secret” menu?? 🤔. He ordered animal fries which were not on the menu and pretty gross…. HE did not even eat them

It is quite different traveling with Josh, I sit back at the table and it is more like being on a train.LOVE IT.

We went back to Alamo Lake and did some heavy duty 4x4ing, trying to find a way to the other side of the lake, we did eventually get to the other side of Bill Williams River, which flows out of the lake, and is quite small right now. Things got much too difficult to get further.

dust a foot thick……. hard on the sinuses….
not quite sure what happened to this bus, ….. or even how it got here in the first place 🤔. We struggled to get there in our jeep.

We were out the other day gathering agates, large and rough, commenting that in another 10,000 years these rocks would likely be the pretty small agates on a beach in Oregon.  (Much like the ones we have found there that likely took 10,000 years to get there).  THAT being said…. The place we were in New Mexico was just over the continental divide, so perhaps THOSE agates might flow to another sea.   Apparently every continent has a continental divide, which divides which body of water the creeks, rivers flow towards. It DOES change from time to time, which is a problem for a store that claims to sit on the continental divide.

Turns out there is a continental divide trail coalition, and you can hike the continental divide. travels with Joshua, our son, started by picking him up at Phoenix airport and we are making our way to Las Vegas Airport to drop him off at on the weekend.

Today we made it to the Turtle mountains, we tried to go in there ??5 years ago with the old motorhome before we were towing the jeep, ….. Got stuck and in the “getout” part… destroyed the muffler. Today it was nice to just park the Motorhome by the road and just take the jeep in.

all and all having a great time. We have had a great “cultural exchange” with Josh. The night he arrived we were camping at a casino, so we took him in for a bourbon in the casino…. he had never been. Then the next day on the way out of phoenix Josh said we MUST stop at a dispensary….. So I googled dispensary … cannabis. We ended up out on the very edge of the city and the area was extremely fun down, we turned off on a road that we took to the end…. I was beginning to wonder what we had gotten ourselves in to. Tons of cars pulling in and out of this house in the middle of nowhere. But I was pleasantly surprised. First off was evidence of the covid restrictions, and the 6 foot signs were formally painted onto the sidewalk, I was impressed. The first room (check in room), was a bit sleazy looking, but once we got past the “green door”, it was strictly business. Josh helped me through my purchase…. CBD oil for sleep.

My OH my…. nice sleep on half suggested dose.

Interesting ad…..

Bye for now, much love Janet, Ken, Tucker AND JOSHUA

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