The Summer that was….

Is it already time for Chrysanthemums to bloom? Never ceases to amaze me when I see them blooming, in fact once even wrote a song about it. . Where DID the time go?

Well it was a very hot summer, Ken built a shop, did I mention that it was a very hot summer? He has always wanted one and with help from a few friends, he has built the whole shop almost himself. Totally amazing. It is 20×30 feet.

So Ken prepared the pad for the concrete and a company came in to pour and set the concrete,

Isn’t this straight?
Ken helped the guy do the concrete

and this is how he put the walls in, he built them on the ground and then with the help of the tractor, lifted them up. Sort of like this….

OR maybe a bit more like THIS….

So then we had 2 walls up and then we had a terrible storm..

Thankfully the walls stood, made it through the storm. SO then we called for some help to get the other two walls up ASAP…. πŸ˜€

Just kidding….. πŸ˜€Actually we had help from Pete, Al and Dylan with the next stages.

I hope all these pictures are not boring, but I have just so impressed with this shop that Ken has built. Trusses…

Roofing material…

Then the metal roofing

…all done just in time to fill it up with all of my Beans that need drying now that the rains have come.Poor Ken, rapidly seeing his lovely shop filled up with vegetation….. etc.

Oh….. and on top of that Ken also put together a greenhouse that was one of those kits.

So while he did all of this, I …..took pictures πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

WELL… I went back to work for a week in July…. then I harvested garlic.

Grew tomatoes

Grew beans, which I WILL spend the fall shelling…..πŸ˜…

OH and I have started filling in the holes in the living room floor with our rocks. first picture before grout..

After grout.

Now it is time to can tomatoes, dry tomatoes, make sauce with tomatoes, make salsa with tomatoes etc etc etc. Oh and I have friends and relatives who like tomatoes too.

….and the Tromboncino Squash has sort of taken over the place, so zucchini bread, zucchini cake, zucchini noodles etc etc etc.

It has been a busy summer, I guess it takes awhile with a new house to get all the OTHER stuff done, but Ken is pretty excited to finally have a shop and I am pretty excited to have a greenhouse again.

Next spring I plan to start growing tomato plants to sell, perhaps at farmers market, like we did in the past. Maybe try to do some real farming… or at least a bit.

We are not very good at relaxing at home, we need to learn to do this better. WE ARE better when we go away, so we have left and are doing a little trip around the Arrow lakes and the Kootenays before it gets too cold up here.So here we are back to mushroom picking, here is a lobster mushroom….

and a white chanterelle, this is the only place we have ever seen them white.

You can tell from Ken’s thumb that he has just built a new shop.

Bye for now, much love to all, from Janet, Ken and Tucker, our mushroom foraging dog that tends to step on them.

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