How many deaths will it take till he knows, that too many people have died?

Well I for one feel that way too many people have died…. long ago. So I went to an antiwar rally in Washington DC. Last I heard 140,000 Ukrainians have died in this war and no one is counting the Russians. All the while Ukrainians are being cheered on as being brave and patriotic. What good has that done for the Ukrainians? What good is being brave and patriotic? if it usually makes you dead?

Look at all the brave Americans who thought they were fighting for something that had something to do with 911, when actually it was to reestablish control over the oil in Iraq. They were told that they were fighting for their country??? They thought that they were being patriotic, in taking actions that led to the deaths of a million people.

I guess I am angry with those who feel that the only way out of this is for Putin to retreat,….. What if he doesn’t? Do all of those lives lost in “waiting” for Putin to retreat worth nothing? Since 2015, and before this invasion, 15,000 have been killed in the eastern areas of Ukraine. (Donbas) The Ukraine military against Russian separatists. Ukraine has 2 parts, the west (USA) only sees ONE Ukraine, but there are 2. The event that started all of this was in 2014 is called a revolution by the west,(the American supported part of Ukraine), but it is called a coup by the eastern part of Ukraine. To see pictures of the scores of “revolutionaries” storming the home of Victor Yanukovych, looked an awful lot like the January 6 event in the US, its just that one was considered treason and another considered a “revolution”. It all depends on how you look at it, and how you look at it depends on who told you how to look at it.

Me talking to the media…. at the rage against the war machine rally

We all get our information somewhere. Sadly most mainstream media does not just tell you the news, they also tell you what to think about the news. For instance, they will never mention Crimea, and Russia’s control over it without also mentioning that the election in Crimea (to determine what country Crimea wanted to be part of), was a sham. How does the media know it was a sham? Why would the majority of Russian speaking people chose to vote to be part of Ukraine? No one has ever given proof that the election was a sham. It is a lie and the more times a lie is told it eventually becomes the truth in the minds of those who are not paying attention.

Crimea was given to Ukraine back in the 50s by USSR as a gesture, of course at the time it was not significant because they were all part of the same country. It was done in good faith that Ukraine would never turn against Russia. A recent quote from Naom Chomsky “Nobody is going to pour the truth into your brain, its something you have to find out for yourself?

Apparently Rachel Maddow has called us (this rally) Pro Russian. A great example of how the media lies, I was there and there was nothing pro anything, other than peace. She has twisted a beautiful event of people coming together for peace into something bad, and that is what the media does, all the time. This is NOT journalism, Journalism would be going to the rally and interviewing people and listening to the speeches, but Rachel Maddow is not a journalist.

It is hard to feel strongly about something when everyone disagrees with you…. which is why I came to this event.

Back in the Iraq war, one in which 85% of Americans supported, I felt very alone in my views…. and coined a term……. “even when everyone seems to disagree with you, it still does not mean you are wrong”. Any time you question this war, you are a “Putin sympathizer”, always always always avoiding the narrative. After all he did invade Ukraine, which I do feel was very wrong. I do however feel that even more wrong was that NATO (the US) refused to reassure him that they would not allow Ukraine to join NATO. That is all it would have taken to prevent this war.

NATO really is a terrorist organization and the key is to make sure that everyone is very afraid, to ensure that they all feel that they NEED NATO to protect them. REALLY WHAT are we all afraid of? If NATO did not exist, this war would not exist. I cannot imagine as a Canadian what it would feel like if there was a massive military complex who’s sole goal was to destroy Canada, and then the US were to join up…OH MY……the only country that we have a border with, joining an alliance against us.

I guess mostly, I would have thought that the world might have come to the realization that we just cannot fight wars anymore. I do not believe that this war is about Ukraine anymore, it is a proxy war being fought between the US and Russia.

It is not a war that can be won on a battlefield. There is NO Military solution to this. Have you noticed that with every new type of weapons the US advances to Ukraine, that Russia retaliates and kills more Ukrainians. Is the answer really MORE WEAPONS??? Are more weapons achieving anything? The idea is to weaken Russia, no matter how many Ukrainian lives it costs. Many Democrat and Republican congress members own shares in weapon manufacturer companies. Talk about conflict of interest.

Putin is criticized for jailing those who oppose him while the US jails whistleblowers. Not a lot of difference there. Julianne Assange is a journalist is serving several life sentences for revealing the American war crimes in Iraq. Daniel Hale is in prison for revealing details about the US drone program and all of the innocents killed. Israel just mows down journalists who oppose them.

And Zelinsky has said that he will not give up any land to Russia….. WELL BULLY for him, it is his people who are dying to save Crimea and the Donbas, while he flits around demanding more weapons so that more of his people can die while he can say that he never gave Russia an inch. How many Ukrainians lives are worth keeping a part of Ukraine that was made up largely of Russian separatists? Oh and of course Zelinsky wants everyone to believe that Putin is planning to take over the rest of the world after Ukraine…. (what planet is he on??) Of course it is just a ruse to pressure Europe to give him more weapons. Do you know how much money and people it takes to defeat, occupy and control another country?? Zelinsky is sending out teenagers to die so that he can maintain control over ALL OF UKRAINE. I guess I have always been more of a John Lennon believer. Why not sit down, Putin and Zelinsky without the US there to interfere….Draw new lines. Draw lines that have something to do with the people who live there.

Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion, too

Finally I want to say something positive about this rally as it was very different from any I have attended in Washington DC. The thing is that the Anti war movement disappears when there is a democrat in the White House, so most people are not aware of the countries that were destroyed by the US during Obama’s terms. It is like the media thinks that a democratic president can do no wrong. Anytime I criticize Biden, people assume I am a Trumper, but no, I am not a tribal person, I believe every issue must be looked at on its own merit. People came together from every side to oppose war, to encourage the truth to come out, after all, it is about time. Russia is not our enemy, China is not our enemy, Iran is not our enemy and the Ukraine is not our enemy. Rachel Maddow and the massive international conglomerate she works for is our enemy for trying to make us hate other people.

Thank you for reading, much love from Janet, Ken and Tucker ………who missed me BIGTIME while I was in in Washington DC with my sister (the one in front of me in this Democracy Now picture)

Oh and, does this look like a pro Russian rally? Rachel Maddow, you are a twit!

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