WARNING: some discussion of Canadian truckers…

We have been down in Quartzsite for almost 2 weeks now. I gather that Arizona never had a mask mandate, because almost no one wears them here. Ken and I have had so many holidays ruined by illness, I feel fortunate that is at least “acceptable” to wear a mask.

From Kofa mountains

Years ago~1999, I trained for months to run the Maui Marathon and picked up a gastro bug on the plane and was unable to run the race….. 7 years ago Ken and I went on a bike barge trip in France, where you sleep on the barge, and cycle between spots during the day. It was a small barge, and someone boarded with the flu. Gradually each day someone else succumbed to the illness. Ken and I finished the trip free of the flu, but with in 24 hours we were both very sick. It was a real drag to be in France, sick. We went to Spain 5 years ago to hike the Camino trail, and one night after a particular long day, we slept in the common sleeping area (Alburge) and someone clearly was coughing…… a day later I had to quit the Camino 70 KM short of our destination because I was coughing and very wheezy. (the next day I fell and broke my shoulder). I also know of people who have come home early from european trips because of sickness. It is just NOT FUN to be sick and any time, but worse when you are somewhere away from home.

Kofa mountains

It seems that they are lifting mandates all over the place, but in crowded indoor places I am going to continue to wear mine (for now) …. I never wore it because it was a mandate in the beginning … I wore it because I was trying to prevent illness. And at the beginning, there were no masks… I had leftovers from the fires/smoke in BC. I felt extremely lucky to have an N95 mask back then.

Look up from my boot…. HUGE grasshopper..

We are having a great time down here wandering the desert looking for rocks, rarely a soul in sight for miles. We really are set up such that we do not need to go into crowded indoor places very often. Sadly the pub here that has the most selection on tap, is very crowded, and no masks. It has been awhile since we found a good brew pub. I would suggest for this area… to BYOB..😊

Ken and Tucker…..Kofa mountains in background

It is also getting quite depressing that a trucker/car/RV “convoy” of vastly smaller numbers than are reported in some news outlets, are occupying Ottawa, to “protest vaccine mandates” Ken and I have been to our share of protests, mostly protests against war…..(protests against needless killing of innocent vulnerable individuals). THESE protests in Ottawa and other large cities and border crossings are essentially in favour of needless killing of innocent vulnerable individuals.

Lost near Wileys well in California

The protests we have attended over the years have not been funded by wealthy individuals, but somehow they have managed to provide toilets, food, and emergency facilities. There is a million nurse march in Washington DC in May, which I am sure will be vastly better organized. These Trucker “protesters” have been defacataing in peoples yards…… then again, when you gotta go you gotta go…..disgusting.

not sure I have said how much I LOVE the Kofa mountains…

Another main difference with the protests we have attended, is that people actually get arrested if the stop the flow of traffic. It seems that THIS protests GOAL is to stop the flow of traffic. Why does one law apply for anti war movements and another for truckers who are afraid of needles. Right now they are actually blocking the border crossings basically stopping their “fellow truckers” from doing their job. Most truckers in Canada are vaccinated. Why should truckers be exempt from the same rules that the rest of us have to comply with, in returning to Canada from the US. The actual point is to stop the spread of disease….🤔🤔. Its not like Biden and Trudeau stopped truckers from crossing the border unvaccinated….just to mess with their “freedom”. If it had to do with freedom, you would think they would have protested when they had to have a passport??

OH AND BTW, there IS a big possibility of a war right now, that would involve Canada and these stupid truckers are taking the limelight of the news when journalists SHOULD be doing a better job of explaining what exactly is going on in Russia/Ukraine rather than skimming the top.

I must say I was disappointed that Trudeau would not meet with the protesters “because he disagreed with them” I gather that he would also not meet with a group of anti war protesters, since he is so het up sending troops to Ukraine.

Sorry to have ranted here.

I did want to close with a video of Tucker trying to wear booties in the desert to keep from getting cactus thorns in his paws.

Much love to all from Ken, Janet and Tucker the dog with booties

Please wear a mask if you do not like being sick.

Afton canyon, the Mojave (grand) canyon.

Ken and I are finally in our element. We have been camping(boon docking) at Peggie Sues diner just east of Barstow, California.. And we are going hiking in the mountains just west of Mojave desert, the Afton Canyon each day. Afton Canyon is actually a few canyons opening into the Mojave river. The Mojave river is interesting in that it flows underground for the most part and this is one of the few areas it flows above ground.

Satellite view

Afton Canyon is ALSO interesting in that it(they) were formed when Manix lake drained 25000-13800 years ago.

“The lake formed about 500,000 years before present, when the Mojave River left the Victorville area and started to drain into Manix and Lake Harper. The lake did not immediately include the Afton basin; its integration occurred only about 190,000 years ago, most likely due to a catastrophic flood. Lake Manix lasted until 25,000–13,800 years ago, when Afton Canyon formed, either through slow downcutting or a large outburst flood.”

So the Afton Canyon is known as the Mojave…..grand canyon. We have not seen the Grand Canyon, but find this canyon so impressive. I only hope our pictures do it justice.

The lake was about 91 square miles and…” Yermo, together with Dunn and Newberry springs, are present-day towns whose locations would have been close to the shore of, or submerged beneath, Lake Manix.”

at bottom of canyon
at top….

We went back hiking in this canyon for 3 days, took picnic and wandered all day up there.

avocado and home made hummus on homemade bread.

Tucker just does not like these areas where there is no shade. The rocks are not hot, but his feet get sore on the rocks and he has very short hair, and gets hot easily… so we brought an umbrella for him. The temps were around 18 C….. not too hot.

I guess this is where I will just let a picture say a thousand words and just leave it at that.

Beautiful place, we always seem to find amazing spots where there are no other people… while we are looking for rocks. We did find rocks, but nothing like the views.

I am being a slow writer and we are now in Quartzsite, so more on that later

Much love

bye for now much love from Janet, Ken and Tucker the HOTDOG…..

Those were the days..

We are now in southern Oregon.  We have spent an amazing 2 weeks catching up with friends and visiting old haunts. 

Just north of Depoe Bay.

We spent 13 years living in Oregon and they were pretty significant years in our lives. Our kids grew up there, and we experienced some of the most amazing years  in our lives.  I remember even thinking at one point, “these WILL be the best times of our lives”.  It is an odd thing to think, or to even quantify, but somehow I knew. 

Siltcoos trail near Florence

Ken and I decided early on when we moved there that we would take the same day off each week. We took off every Friday. Ken would cycle and I would run.  Initially I ran the highways and he cycled the trails, but there came a time when I decided that  running on the highways would eventually catch up with me, both the hardness of the path and the risks of cars. I used to sometimes run from our house in Bandon to Fred Myers in Coos bay, it was just a marathon 26.4M. My own little marathon.  Once we settled on trails, Ken and I had a loop we did that was a 21 mile loop we did every Friday.  It is hard not to imagine how great these years were.  To be THAT fit💪🏻

The Iraq war broke out, we started organizing protests and found an amazing group of friends, and one day I was quite upset about the invasion, I started writing songs.  We had a band, we traveled around for events, DC, Texas, Missouri, California etc etc…. We made 5 CDS!!!  They really were amazing years.  Then in February 2009, I was diagnosed with an advanced form of endometrial cancer and somehow all of that ended.   Looking back it did not necessarily need to end, but I guess the momentum was gone.  After all the treatments were done we moved back to Canada because the insurance was so costly for me in the US, and we did not know where things were going with my cancer. (THAT chapter ended too).

Face Rock Bandon

Going back to Bandon this time I was totally overwhelmed with the loss of THAT life.  Of course nothing lasts forever, and many of my friends from then have now passed on, so sadly.

What made that part of life so special?  I guess anything can be special if you put your mind to it, right?  Why did I stop running?  I did run ONE “marathon” after coming back to Canada,( I call them marathons but they are really just a 26.4 mile run 🤔)

Ken and I always thought that these Friday run/cycles were how we survived all  of the conflict at work. (and there WAS a lot of conflict at work). Small town hospital politics   etc….  The trails were difficult with roots and rocks and that is what levelled the playing field and he did not have to wait too much for me.  Ken would say at about 5 miles, “ I just got _so and so______ off my back” 

So can you go back?  Was I just on a runners high for all those years? 🤔  Well the first day back at the trails we walked one of our favoured loops, and the next day I ran it, and another one. It was so wonderful.  (not 21 miles, but a few…) Perhaps you CAN go back? We shall see.

…. a very poor picture of a very old map that WAS our life we lived every Friday

We had wonderful visits with friends, walked a few beaches.

We went to our favourite restaurant in Bandon, Bandon Brewing … (where they make beer and pizza.)HOWEVER…… despite a poster on entering saying that by the governors order masks were mandated, NONE Of the staff were wearing masks (and they seemed to have LOTS of staff).  Most of the customers were wearing masks though.  The last time we were in Bandon we went there 3 times, this time, just the once. 

Depoe Bay, coming down was quite an experience. There were “king tides” which are = “A tide just after a new or full moon, when there is greatest difference between high and low water” When these high tides are combined with very high swells, and lots of rain, they usually lead to flood situations AND large waves crashing on the beach (rocks etc). I guess when also combined with higher oceans the spray caused by these waves go much further, in this case across the highway and onto the stores on the other side of the road.

We hung around trying to get a good picture of water flying in the air, without it landing on me while I was taking a picture, …. and this was the best shot I got… but then we found a nice, warm, dry place to watch the waves…

Fortunately for us, we had brought our growler and so took home a jug of the great beer. The other customers were not so fortunate because the bar had no empty growlers, (because of the supply chain issue).

So Bye for now love Ken, Janet and Tucker the “svelte” beach dog….

hunkered down …. again

Well we have had a wonderful 3 days of exploring, rock hounding, and just taking in Vitamin D, but now we are once again hunkered down in a storm. 30 MPH winds with gusts up to 70 MPH. BUT what a great place to be hunkered down. Ocean swells of 20 feet combined with high tides of 10 feet.

Hunkered seems to be the operative word these days…. Hunkered down because of Covid, because of heat dome, because of fires, because of smoke, because of Covid, because of snow, because of COLD, and now a storm. I must admit, this must be my favourite. This was the day before.

We ARE at our favourite campground, the Sea and Sand, Depoe Bay, Oregon. It is the place we found our very first agates. It is also the place where the roof of our older motorhome’s roof disintegrated in a storm (?6 years ago?) It is unique in that you can just sit up on your perch and watch the ocean.

On the sunny days before we got here we had a wonderful hike in Lincoln City, at Roads End beach. Kind of cool all of that white veins cascading down, even making up the base of the beach.

We DID have to do a bit of climbing to get over to the next beach.

But it was well worth it… basically a beach to ourselves that was covered in Agates.

So shall not complain about being trapped indoors once again, doing Jigsaw puzzles, making bread, watching movies.

We feel very fortunate that we did not fly anywhere over the holidays, must have been quite horrendous for almost everyone.

I have been following all of the news and studies thus far released about the new Covid Variant, Omicron. Seeing the record breaking numbers of new cases, without the subsequent rise in hospitalizations and deaths, it certainly is a different disease. Apparently the reason is, that it does not invade the lungs, at least with animal studies. Another recent finding is that those who have been fully vaccinated and then gotten Covid, become “superimmunized”. Their antibodies become extremely high. It is felt that THESE people will likely be able to fend off any variants. It is with all of these findings put together, I believe that this Omicron variant might just bring about the beginning of the end for Covid. (at least among the Immunized) With the extremely high numbers of cases, we could truly achieve herd immunity. I hope, I hope, I hope…. that I am right. 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

New Years resolutions, to live life slower, to enjoy moments more.

Thanks for reading Much Love Janet, Ken and Tucker, the hunkered down hound who is not happy about it.

a run from winter…..

We certainly feel like we are on the run from winter. We “hunkered down” for 3 days in Kelowna, with the warnings of large amounts of snowfall. On Boxing Day we went so far as driving down to Summerland, in the jeep, to get a first hand view of what the roads actually looked like, they were not bad. However the one campground in Canada in Osoyoos we knew was open. did not answer phone, or messages (christmas break) So we opted to head south on the 27th. The temp was down to -24C (at -40, calcius and Farenheit become the same)

Of interest, we went for dinner on Christmas Day at Ken’s cousins place, a friend was there who was a meteorologist. He gave Ken a lesson on predicting weather with an app, ands so we have been studying this app closely planning on how to get through Washington trying to minimize the extreme cold and the snow. The purple is the big, bad, cold monster, freezing everywhere in sight.

So we studied THIS map AND also the one that showed snow predictions, and it was clear that (1) there WAS a clearing on the radar of any snowfall.. on Monday (27th), and (2) we HAD to get to the coast of Oregon to avoid Snowstorms AND the cold.

We got as far as Wenachee, and the state park was open (yea) and they had electric hookups (yea), and that was all we needed. On seeing the campground, I immediately thought “we have found our people”. I assumed that these were all crazy Canadians desperate and enroute to find a spot of ground that had no snow on it….. But I was wrong, they were all Washington plates, which I found confusing. 🤔Wenatchee seems like a nice city, but hardly a winter destination??

What a cosy night we had. Finally on the road. Our first night camping in our new (to us) motorhome. We have not filled it with water and the pipes are not hooked up at all. We have big jugs of water and antifreeze in the sewer pipes. Our newer RV has double windows which do not seem to steam up and freeze, at all. (and this has been quite a trial for them). So we SHOULD be able to travel to more places with this rig, in the past we have avoided even the mildest dip below freezing.

The whole of Washington seemed to have a layer of ice on the top of the snow.

Campgrounds DO look quite different in the winter. No need to make reservations, and lots more open space and no little dogs to get Tucker riled up.

OH HERE are the OTHER Canadians who put off leaving a little too long…. Poor geese.

So thus far we have been traveling separately, out of concern for icy roads we figured having a tow vehicle would add to the risks of sliding.(or slipping) 😊

From Wenatchee we drove down in cold and windy conditions along the Columbia, which I wish I could have stopped more to take more pictures as the valley that the Columbia river has carved out is so incredibly beautiful all the way along. We stopped briefly to get these a picture -15 Celsius and strong winds.

We ended up crossing over into Oregon, and the crossing back into Washington to this great little campground, the Maryhill state campground. It was -2 Celsius (approx 30 F). ROCKS!!! (what we came for.) Unfortunately the only ones not covered with snow were in the water.

We could see Oregon from our spot 😊

as it turned out, we were the ONLY ones in the campground. which is a wee bit eery, but kind of nice too.

Well we awoke to 2 inches of new snow and lots more falling. So we got ourselves going quickly and got back to Oregon, heading west. I must say it felt a bit like we were in some movie trying to outrun some enemy. SNOW. So an hour of driving west we finally outran the snowstorm, which we knew was heading east. And here is Multnomah falls, strategically placed such that you see them from the pull off on the highway.

So we are now in Lincoln city OR, on the coast, feeling quite accomplished (and smug). We ARE going to stop driving for a little while. It IS hovering near freezing here, but quite a different story. We have tenters on both sides of us, with campfires. Thankfully there were a few spots that were still high and dry

So this is us last night. Ken has hooked up the water lines and we have filled up with water. Luxury. If you are wondering why our jeep door is a different colour ….. it was an accident I had with the tractor, I ran into the jeep with the bucket partly up.

Covid seems to be skyrocketing every where, with the new Omicron variant. I have been following the numbers very closely and recognize that the governments world wide are being extremely cautious in releasing any good news about Covid for fear that it might empower the antivaxxers. I DO think that these charts speak for themselves. The first chart is daily new cases in S Africa, and the second is deaths. What is not shown is hospitalizations, which is also down.

So it appears clearly that Omicrom is an extremely infectious variant, but not as deadly as the previous variants. All reports are that although the new case count is higher that it has ever been, it HAS become a disease of the unvaccinated, as they seem to be the only ones requiring hospitalization. The very sad thing, though, is that I am hearing of many fully vaccinated people dying of OTHER causes, because they are unable to be treated at a hospital,( as hospitals are full of unvaccinated covid patients). Who is to blame for these deaths? Our situation is so different from a year ago, I never EVER would have imagined this happening, after the frightful year we had last year.(before the vaccines were out there). How has our society come to the place where the personal agenda of the very few determines life and death of others?

I can only hope that the New Year might see a different direction for society. We certainly have seen the worst this year.

Much love to all Janet, Ken and Tucker.

Christmas travel…….

Ken and Tucker and I are officially on the road again. Although it HAS taken days of deliberation to finally take “the plunge” Plunge, that is, the trip down the hill from our house over snowy roads with our motorhome. We have been watching the weather reports, the road reports, and playing that all into our Christmas family plans and getting more stressed each day.

Although it is not clear from this, we have had about 3 feet of snow so far and Ken has been out plowing every few days to keep our “WAY OUT” open.

Ken has gone over the drive of the motorhome down the hill from our house, IN HIS HEAD, many many times. He was so relieved yesterday that he made it down the hill, and it went perfectly.

I have put a little house in to show where our house is 😊 It is not our REAL house, it is pretending house.

I drove the jeep down and we got almost to the main highway and he stopped and took off the chains.

Stepping out of motorhome into 3 feet of snow.

So even though there were warnings about snow, we decided to leave because there is a very cold front on the way, starting on Christmas Day (today) Forecast was for -24 Celsius / -11 Fahrenheit, and we were deciding which was worse, the snow, or the cold. Now, when it is very cold, the road conditions are actually better usually because the very cold pavement becomes more sticky for your tires. However we were just not sure how we can keep the motorhome warm at those temperatures. Once all your stuff is packed, you are more or less committed to keeping the rig above freezing for the trip.( or all of your liquids will freeze, your electronics will freeze and your musical instruments (well you can imagine)). So once you are packed up, you ARE committed. We ALSO decided that once we were down the hill we were committed, NO TURNING BACK. Quite uncertain if we could get back up that hill with the motorhome. So we left yesterday and got as far as Kelowna.

We have gotten a lot done on our house since our last trip. We have started to fill in the holes we left in the floor, …….with …rocks. So here is the hole in the floor that has had plywood over it for the past year.

So Ken put a layer of concrete down to (fill in) the base of the opening.

I started applying mortar to the backs of the rocks and cementing them to 1/4 inch cement board. As you can see, our cutlery comes in handy.. we DO wash them before we eat with them 🤔

….. then we put the cement board (with the rocks attached) down into the hole. Once we had cemented the cement board down we grouted. We WILL need a sign upon entering our house…NO Stilettos!!!

We decided that the pattern needed a break and so inserted some left over tiles in the centre and continued on to the other end.

The green spotted rocks we collected from the Olympic peninsula because they JUST SO HAPPENED to match my kitchen cupboards. (well sort of)🐚🐚

Other projects we have done,…… I tiled the area to the right of the stairs with some cool blue tiles we found at Habitat for humanity (and agates) and ammonites.

So as we work on these projects a massive home is coming up in front of our house. We CAN still see the lake, but had never dreamed that someone would do this. We have never lived any where near such a massive home, let alone one in front of us……..We SHALL be planting a hedge…..

With covid and all of the shipping issues…. our kitchen lights have taken 8-9 months to arrive, but they were certainly worth the wait. ( I wonder if we had ordered them and NOT liked them, would we have had any options 🤔) WE DO LOVE THEM.

We HAD started these windows last year, but got lazy over the summer… just cement board on either side of the windows.

Then….. with tiles we found at Habitat for humanity (Restore) we placed them around the lead glass window

We liked them so much we ordered more of them and put them around all of the lead glass windows.

So we are feeling QUITE accomplished about our house, although my pictures are designed to ONLY show the good stuff. We have plenty more jobs to get going on to really finish. But it was time to get moving. We tend to miss seeing the ground. Perhaps too many winters spent in places that did not get snow. We have both had 3 vaccines for covid, and have loaded up the motorhome with the fruits of our summer labours and hope to not spend a lot of time around other people. At least not a LOT of people. I am quite confident that this new variant of covid mutated to become much more infectious, but much less virulent. Maybe it will become the beginning of the end of covid. We can hope.🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

🎉 🎉 🎉 🎉 🎉 🎉 🎉 🎉

Merry christmas from Ken and Tucker and me. MUCH LOVE. Thanks for reading.

other fall adventures…

Ken and Tucker and I have hit the road again.

We are once again down on the Olympic penninsula wandering the beaches. AND cycling, this is my new eEbike, and we are traveling in for groceries etc on our bikes. It IS a bit of a granny bike, but then again I AM a granny.

We really do like this lifestyle. We recently watched Nomadland, and just loved it, while others found it depressing. The thought of being able to just pick up and move along when you have tired of the scenery, or enjoyed the hikes…. is just so appealing.

That being said, we are sitting 17 feet above sea level in La Push looking out at a stormy ocean. The wind is howling at 50 MPH and it is pouring. Apparently THIS is a town that there is concern for with regards to rising oceans. They ARE locating any newer homes at higher elevations. We have sprung a leak in our newer motorhome and Ken is trying to patch it up. It is NOT the roof, thank goodness, it is the lower part of the slide(pop out) is gathering water. We made a 4 day reservation for this spot a month ago, and the rains are pretty much confined to those same four days, so this rain should only last until we leave here. We are thinking we SHOULD have brought the slides in, had we known this storm was coming. I would post a picture of the storm, but it is hard to capture storms, even hurricane pictures look mild unless they can captures some tree crashing down on something. So this was YESTERDAY, gorgeous day.

We hiked the Rialto beach, much the same as we did in August. It seemed then that everyone else had a destination, we were just looking for rocks. The rockhound books just talked about the rocks.🤔

But yesterday we found out that the “destination” was the hole in the wall rock. It is a rock that you can pass through only at low tides, otherwise you have to climb over the ridge. Sadly Ken and I both thought we had taken pictures of the “hole in the wall” but alas, Ken’s picture had me in the middle blocking the hole in the wall, and my picture was non existent. (at least you can see my new REI coat 😀) Finally a waterproof (gortex) coat, just in time.

and Tucker is ONE happy dog. Everyone on the beach stopped to pet him, and one group of 5 teenage girls made a big fuss over him, so he put on a show for them. (what a ham)….. and LOOk at all them rocks 😀

Well as it turned out, the beach was not the only highlight yesterday. On our way back to La Push from Rialta beach, we took a little detour and parked just off the road and went looking for mushrooms, the conditions just seemed so right.

some misc mushrooms….
and then Chanterelles…

I guess I was so busy picking mushrooms I failed to photo them…. insitu. but here they are in the dryer.

and yes we DID bring our dryer with us, and so now we have dried chanterelles to add to our dried beans, and dried tomatoes in our instant pot…..just add salt and garlic.

So great to be on the road.

thanks for reading

Much love Janet, Ken and Tucker (the ham)

A vaccine is not a miracle, it is a tool….

A vaccine is not a miracle that takes away everything. All it was ever intended to achieve is merely a head start for your body to build up a defence against a potentially deadly infection. Nothing more…..

We do not have a vaccine against a common cold, because they are mild infections and rarely if ever directly cause death. Because it is mild, our body is able to mount a response and fight it, and everyone lives happily ever after…(sort of) No biggie. A drag but nothing more. The flu is more severe… and while most of us are able to fight off the flu, many of us just do not have a strong enough system to fight off the flu. SO we have a vaccine against the flu. SO people will not die of the flu.

Covid 19 is another story. It is even MORE severe than the flu, it can kill a few times more people (%) than the flu, AND it causes long term syndromes that might not kill you but might leave you disabled for the rest of your life. THESE are not counted in the death toll, but might land you in a nursing home with dementia, stroke or lung disease, after covid. So covid kills 2-3 times more people, AND can also leave people debilitated for the rest of their lives, something that the flu does not do.

It is said that the reason that children do not become as ill (and die) from covid is because they have much smaller airways and the virus tends to affect the upper airways early on, allowing the immune system to get a head start before it gets down into the lungs. So in adults who become extremely ill the virus lands in the lungs, and it is harder for the body to mount a response as quickly when such a major body system is affected. So it is sort of like the virus SNUCK IN and set up shop and was very active before the bodies immune system got the message.

In old people, or people on immunosuppressant drugs (for autoimmune diseases) or who are on chemo, the bodies immune system is either being suppressed or in the case of the elderly, it just does not work as well as in the young. In these cases the virus gets a chance to REALLY set up shop….unimpeded. In THESE people, the vaccine is given, but does not work as well. We cannot be certain in these people that the vaccine will be able to stimulate the immune system enough to save them. Sadly elderly people who have had the vaccine, still might die of it.

SO WHAT IS A VACCINE??????? I have included a excerpt from the CDC describing the first “vaccine”, where vaccination began. Essentially the body being given a small dose of the virus allowing it to mount a response, so it is ready for it when an infection comes along. If you were to think in military terms, you would never want your castle to be unprepared for the attack of a foe…. so essentially a vaccine would be like preparing your OWN army before another one arrived….so you are ready. They cannot sneak up on you.

2 brothers exposed to smallpox, the one on the right had been vaccinated.

THIS is a basic description of the very first vaccine. (for Smallpox)

This process has changed many times and ways as the years have gone on to make them safer, as you can imagine, there might be problems dealing with the actual virus. But the basic principals have not changed. The vaccine is something given to you to give your body a head start in fighting a potential foe….. 😀

So that brings us to today and Covid 19 and new vaccines that the principal is about the same…. a tool to stimulate your immune system so it is ready when the real infection comes along. This is a description from the CDC, about how the mRNA vaccines work.

It seems that some have tried to make people think that the vaccine alters your DNA. Has no one thought for a moment that IF we had the technology to change someone’s DNA by giving them a shot in the arm of 0.3 CC of vaccine, that we would have already been able to cure a huge host of diseases already. Look at diabetes, look at all the cancers, cystic fibrosis, how about Huntingtons Chorea. Do you not think that if scientists could change DNA by giving a shot….. that we would already be rid of most of these diseases?????? 🤔🤔🤔🤔

Just because you tell a lie loud, and with great confidence, it is still a lie.

Please get the covid vaccine.

Dr Janet Bates

they walk amongst us… the unvaccinated!

They walk amongst us, they work amongst us, their children go to the same schools as our children, they  shop amongst us, and they provide “care” for us if we are ill (scariest of all).  If you go to a hospital, you might be cared for by a health professional who thought that their own “personal health choices” was more important than your life.

And they breath amongst us, the scary bit.  Back in the days of AIDS, the feeling was that someone who was having unprotected homosexual sex was basically a criminal for spreading a deadly disease.   YET we have people continuing to breath the same air we breath …..who did not accept a treatment that would have ended this pandemic.

They have their reasons, ……things they have heard….things they have seen on youtube, things they have even dreamt up themselves. 

I have heard almost every type of disease quoted as the reason NOT to have the vaccine….. cancer, autoimmune diseases, infertility…. The list goes on.  A neighbour gave the excuse that a friend of hers “almost died from vaccine”. Funny how they do not WARN those around them that they are NOT VACCINATED!

What troubles me is that this being one of the biggest “personal health decisions” that  they are making, and they have not consulted a doctor to discuss their concerns.   In fact it seems that on this issue that the unvaccinated have decided that doctors are part of a broader conspiracy  to harm people.  I guess being a doctor, THIS  IS the hardest part of it all.  What will happen when they have a headache that they think is cancer, who will they trust when they have abdominal pain that is not going away.  Will they believe a doctor who says “I think you need this treatment”…… and will doctors who are already overburdened with too many patients, want to waste time on someone who does not trust them on a basic issue like this.

The sad truth is that for many who have opted not to get the vaccine as a “health choice” do not REALLY have concerns about the vaccine, for many are the same people who would not wear masks. They JUST do not care, and are not about to have anyone tell them what to do, kind of like drunk drivers. No concern for those around them, ………selfish…You CAN get away with driving while drunk…. until something happens, and its bad.

Seeing a group of nurses creating memes saying that they had been the heroes last year with Covid and that they are being fired now for making a “personal health decision”is so troubling for me. 

They are not being fired (a lie) they are being required to have the vaccine in order to look after high risk patients. THINGS change. Would you be OK with the school bus driver to carry on after their vision went?  A firefighter who had developed a fear of heights?  A lawyer who has dementia?  What about Typhoid Mary. She was just an Irish immigrant who needed a job, only problem was that the only jobs involved cooking for people and she carried typhoid fever. She went to jail for many years.

NOT to say that there are not Doctors as well who are adding to this big lie as well. In fact our governing body, the College of physicians and surgeons are disciplining doctors for spreading misinformation.

We are all tired of all of this. A year and a half, going on 2 years of our lives being extremely affected by a disease that should have been curtailed right from the beginning, except for a group of people who have little concern for fellow human beings. A part of me wonders if SOME of these people are so marginalized in their thinking that they actually FINALLY have something that they can hold the rest of us ransom for. Gives them power….. that they would never actually have had. Something that they can fling around at the rest of us, who are just wanting our lives to be normal again.

The very sad NEW thing, is that BECAUSE of those who choose NOT to get vaccinated, we are now starting to need booster shots, as the ones who got the vaccine at the beginning are becoming more prone to Covid. The new Delta variant is MUCH more infectious than the original covid. AND most of the world has only been able to vaccinate about 2% of their population. So the unvaccinated are not only affecting those here, they are also affecting the rest of the world, because the US is going to start doing 3rd booster shots for the most prone individuals.

I guess I would like to end this blog on a positive note. Those who are unvaccinated make up a very small group of people. They seem to be a very vocal group, but they ARE THE MINORITY. In British Columbia they announced a vaccine passport will be required to attend all non essential venues, such as restaurants, gyms, night clubs…. etc. On Monday the Covid vaccine bookings were up 174%. 👍👍👍


sometimes you need a reboot….

Sometimes you just need to reset your entire brain. Turn it off and turn it on again and see what comes up. So on August 2nd, we left. WE just left. We decided to leave….. after a year and a half of covid and then the 2 weeks of being UNDER THE heat dome and then another month of smoke and fear of fire. We decided that we had built our home as fire proof as we could and there was little we could do here anyways ……. other than go MAD……😤

We packed up motorhome and drove down to the Olympic peninsula, and …. rebooted. Tried to find that place of mind that we always get to when we go away in the winters, where all we really need to worry about is …. where we are going to camp today, what will do DO today and what we will have for supper.

Because it was peak of summer, we could not find a camping spot anywhere, and Tucker gets so pissed at all the other dogs in campgrounds anyways…. so we dry camped, which Ken has us set up for in this new RV. We have enough solar to be able to run the CPAP (Ken’s) all night and have plenty left over for charging things and lights. No Air-conditioning though, which was only an issue one night. There was a heat wave while we were down in Washington and coastal towns that usually never get that hot, were well over 35 C 95F….. But we have resolved that we could rectify that easily by getting a small fan, just to move air. The nights were cool.

We were able to travel down to Washington, because we have dual citizenship US/Canadian. The US border is closed to people from Canada and Mexico driving across border, but flying is totally open. Seems kind of crazy. We were not even asked about Vaccination or covid tests. We camped for the most part at Casinos. No booking required, and long as you are self contained, people just seem to come and go as they wish. You DO have to check in with the casino and some places you had to get a “rewards card”. I usually (purely out of obligation)went into casino and “parted with some money” 🙂 for our camping. WE WERE impressed that being on indigenous lands, they were quite strict about masks. I read somewhere that First Nations have the highest rate of being fully immunized.

Our destination was La Push, a place we DID have a reservation on the western coastal side of the Olympic penninsula. It is a First Nations resort area, and they were VERY strict about masks, because they had been closed down for a year because of covid. Many lives and livelihoods would be affected by an outbreak.

These are Poppy Jasper, the rocks that are unique to the olympic penninsula. The way that the different coloured minerals settle creates a lovely poppy appearance which is accentuated with polishing them (with tumbler).

These are turtle rocks, another stone found primarily on the olympic penninsula. They ALSO polish up nicely, and I am hoping to put the poppy jasper and the turtle rocks into the floor design. (they match my cabinets 🙂)

Thanks to the rock books we were able to find many lovely beaches that were empty except for us and a few other rock hounds.

This was a scene I thought I captured on camera, on a farm, in a rural area. After I watched for awhile, I realized that both of them were statues…. ODD place to have statues this perfect.

OH and beer….. the Pacific Northwest is known for the beer, so we filled our growlers (a few) times.🐅

These are called concretions…. rock has formed around bits of grass or something and formed these symmetrical shapes. The beaches north of Port Angeles were covered with them, very interesting, some of them that had worn away had crystals in them.

Tucker is NOT a water dog, but just wandered out during the heat wave.

We USUALLY travel in the winter, and the tides tend to be higher in the winter, and lower in the summer, so in the summer THESE are the kinds of things we get to see with the low tides.

We DO love the ocean, and we found ourselves wondering what we are doing living where we are. There seems to be no signs that, despite the horrendous summer we have had, that anyone is willing to do anything to alter the course of climate change. So we will likely continue to have very hot, very smokey summers. The almighty dollar will always win. We are about to have a federal election and there is very little talk about climate change…… SO we did find ourselves looking at places we might dream of living. We are like that. We do those kinds of things, I guess it goes along with the vagabond way we are.

I just LOVE these HUGE barnacles.

We got home a week ago, we had to get covid tests and fill out all of our info on arrivecan app. The covid test was $189 each and it was hard to find a place that we could get the test. The results took about 36 hours.(we found a lab called anylabtestsnow……)

Many years ago we went to a medical conference that was geared for physician health. They introduced us to a concept that we were just reminded of on this trip. TARZAN HOLIDAYS. Tarzan never let go of the “rope” before he had another one to grab onto. The suggestion was that you never come home from a holiday until you have planned the next one. SOOOO we have booked our next trip a month after we got home from this one, and will be back on the olympic penninsula soon.

Oh and ONE more thing. I turned 65 on this trip and decided to make the day special, I would get a hair cut. I have not had a proper hair cut in over 2 years. (I have been cutting it myself). I found a very lovely salon in La Conner and had a wonderful visit with a stylist whom I just loved. I have decided that I am going to go to La Conner for my haircuts from now on.

Back in BC…. we encountered very heavy smoke on the Coquihalla, and even donned our N95 masks. But by the time we got home our lake has cleared out and we have had great clear skies since.

We have been home a week now, I am back to work and mask mandates have been implemented. I am totally appalled at the number of people still wishing to work in LTC (with the most vulnerable people) who have not been vaccinated. MORE ON THAT IN NEXT BLOG

Much love to all, Janet, Ken and Tucker the OCEAN dog.