second dose today….

I must say I am feeling pretty special and very lucky to have been one to receive the second dose of the covid vaccine. Here in BC there are multimillionaires who are breaking the law in order to get the vaccine.

Josh, our son, got his yesterday, and sounds like he had a rough night with fevers etc. We both got ours this early because we both work in LTC. I guess it is a “perk” of the highest order. When it boils down to it, it is NOT to protect us, but to make us less apt to inadvertently infect those in Long term care.

It was ironic (and very sad) to have lost a friend to the disease yesterday.

Anne Feeney, to any who attended any of our house concerts back in Bandon, was a frequent guest. In fact Anne is the one who convinced me to begin the concert series. She had survived Lung cancer to everyones surprise (including her own), but I am sure that the damage done from that left her more exposed to the more severe form of Covid. Someone just posted on facebook that 100,000 Americans had died of the virus just since the beginning of the year, and I guess Anne was one of them. So sad, the article explains a lot about her activism and what a wonder she was.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, our area (our province and even our part of the province) have fared quite well in that we have not seen a lot of cases, but the past few months the numbers have gone way up in our area, and our nursing homes have had outbreaks and even deaths, and now we have a large outbreak of 91 at our closest hospital. Ken and I have essentially hunkered down and pretty much stayed home since before Christmas. This has been mostly because we have so much to do with the house, and also because there is very little to do safely anywhere else. I guess we have been doing this for a year or so, but it is more apparent with winter, the whole isolation thing. This picture is quite amazing… a phenomena that we have noticed when there is a cloud over the lake and a calm lake, you can see the reflection of the other side of the lake on the water, but you cannot see it directly. Kinda sneaky.

The thing about living on the Northside of a mountain, is that there IS a part of the winter that you do not “see” the sun for a period of time before the solstice and after. It is hard for us to know exactly how long that time frame IS, because around here, NO ONE sees the sun for long periods of time. A few weeks ago we got a glimpse of the sun in the morning, and then yesterday it was a sunny day and we had sun for several hours. We finally eked out a few KW from our solar panels.

We try to do a big loop of all of the properties up here every morning. With all the freeze melt, freeze melting, our driveway is solid ice, so we are thinking next year of just letting nature take its course and having a skating rink

we did finally get all the outside siding done and this is what it looks like from the front. A bit odd?

We have been working hard at getting a shower finished, but with all of the details we have put into this, it is taking forever. We purchased a large thick glass window from a friend (the kind you use on out door decks), and then Ken (with some help) was able to create a frame for the window (with cedar finished with the vinegar/steel wool solution), and lift it into place.

Ken made the funky little cabinet on the side of the mirror (there is one on the other side) from these window we hav been packing around for years that came from a ???ship?

I must say we ARE having fun seeing a need for some THING ….. and then rummaging though what we have to create that THING.

The showers were not intended to have tiles on the floor of them, however… the concrete did not work out as planned and so we opted to tile the floors to cover up the ?weird? concrete. So we ended up with a lip where the tiles end. Likely a good place to stub your toe. So I hauled out my polished rocks and created a more gradual landing… from the shower.

and then the OTHER shower……

So we needed someone to check out his Dad’s work… he seems OK with it?? This is Talon our grandson, his dad, is our son Dylan… and he is a plumber.

We do not get quite as much done on the days we have Talon, but we have LOTS of fun.

I must say we are totally loving our house and feeling very grateful to be in a house that is so far removed from town.

We are loving our house more all the time.

Much love to all. Janet, Ken and Tucker…

The next stage of our project:

We are going to call it….. “You are on your own“. Because of an error in my calculations (something that I thought had been paid for in the summer and was not billed) and a change in my employment status…. again not necessarily a bad thing…. Our funds ran out this last month. WHICH technically is a good thing, because we have found out that you cannot pay a contractor to be creative in the way YOU want to be creative. So we are moving forward, basically on our own.

For instance, this railing. We needed this done for the occupancy permit, which we needed to be able to have regular house insurance. So we found this lovely beam floating in Adams Lake and have coveted it for 3 years and Ken has lightly sanded it and put several coats of finish on it. So for some reason the builder opted to get do this railing, instead of Ken (which I would have preferred). Neither Ken nor I are very good at stopping a builder who has a plan …….. (goodness sakes, big mistake). First of all, the builder went and had the Rebar powder coated Black ??? So Ken went down to hardware store and bought ordinary rebar and cut it to size. We wanted the railing at 36 inches, which is code, but the builder insisted on 42 inches which HE thought was code… Plus took 2.5 days to get this little job done. Ken could have done it MUCH quicker and the way we wanted it. Just a short example of where we are at with the builder. WE DO actually like our builder, but not necessarily all of the people who work FOR him. We still need to “wrap” the posts with older wood.

We have (as of a week ago) a functioning sink. Which we bought in Quartzsite a few. years ago. It is from Morocco and solid piece of rock. We were THRILLED to find a perfectly matching mirror at Habitat for Humanity (restore). Old sewing machine stand that someone had made into an “island”. Tile work behind sink not complete yet.

There WAS a tiny flaw in the mirror where someone had put a screw, and so I decided to cover the hole up with a shell. The shell looked too alone, so I decided to add some “friends”…. and then got carried away and now it looks like THIS. I MIGHT just have ruined a perfectly good mirror. Stay tuned.

Then I have been working on the back splash behind the sink it OUR bathroom. I think it ultimately needs a mirror that will tie in the sink. I should also say that I cannot seem to get a picture that does this justice. It is gorgeous to the naked eye, pictures not so much.

So this is where we are at with the siding. Almost done. corregated metal bottom and cement board shingles on top. Nothing flammable except the soffits under the roof just at the front.

We have WAY more snow now, lots has fallen over the holidays and Ken has been out plowing the road daily and some days more than once. The fellow who owns the rest of the lots up here has parked his truck with the blade here for the winter so we have no worries about having to get a machine to plow with.

So this is the starts of the shower in our bathroom. We are trying to achieve a “steampunk” look for the house, and so these are ceramic tiles that look like old boards. As I was doing this over Christmas, I figure that it looks more like “The Manger scene look” than the “steam punk look”.

This is the view from the shower, so we WILL have to put in glass. We may tend to use WAY too much water having showers and enjoying the view.

We did actually get a lot done over the Christmas holiday, we opted the hunker down given the number of covid cases in our area. Not nearly as high as other areas, but all it takes is the wrong contact and……

I got my vaccine on December 23rd, as did Josh, our son. Health care workers in long term care were the first to get the vaccine in our area. The facility that I work at had an “outbreak” 2 weeks before. It turned out to be a very small outbreak, only one staff member and no patients or other staff. It was scary going into the facility not knowing who might have contracted it from her. Fortunately our health authority allowed for several patients to be tested and all came back negative, which was reassuring. Should this happen again, I will be a bit more comfortable having been vaccinated. SUPERWOMAN!

So trim was a major project over Christmas. These boards we just stained with our solution of steel wool soaked in vinegar for 3 days and then diluted with water. We love the look. Sadly thought our living room HAD become more orderly, ….. almost normal, … and then….. they deposited all of the wood for trim in the living room, so now the impetus will be to keep working on the trim in order the tidy up the living room.

More tiling over the holiday to the right in this picture, tiles to match the ones on the left.

First the cement board, which Ken cuts for me.


MORE TILES…. and look at the thin row of polished agates…..

AND THEN the mess of grout…..

The cabinet people HAD put in a tiny back splash of stainless steel but it was only a couple of inches and we thought……. “you call that a BACK SPLASH”….


So we are puttering along. Trying to maintain a bit of a trail up and around the area, sometimes in snowshoes and sometimes not. Tucker is quite funny, he LOVES the deep snow and he bounds along in the deep snow (but it is well up to his tummy) and then we he gets tired he follows in our steps for awhile..

It has been an odd year. I cannot honestly complain, certainly it has not been our worst. We tend to live our life in a rather isolated fashion, such that many of the restrictions affecting so many, has not affected us as much. I guess the hardest part of seeing the devastation happening to others. I can only begin to imagine the difficult year this is going to be for so many, given the losses of the past year.

Much love to all, from Janet Ken and Tucker (the snow dog)

Have a healthy and peaceful holiday

It has already been well over a month since we have been in our unfinished house. We went to get house insurance this week, (construction insurance is pretty costly) but we need an occupancy permit in order to have house insurance.

There are just a few niggly things needed for permit, one is a light over the front door. Unfortunately they cannot install the light until the siding gets to the level of the light. You can see the round fitting for the light.

We also need a proper railing alongside the stairs rather than the set of boxes that are there now. Stay tuned on this railing as it is going to be pretty funky, hopefully soon.

And we need one full bathroom, which includes Sink, toilet and bath(and/or) shower. In our case the showers till be awhile, and we have the tub, toilet, and we need to get the sink hooked up. Most of the issue there is that in an effort to be creative, we have made the project much more complicated.

So the top part alongside the bath is done, with agates and fossils and various rocks we have found over the years.

The backsplash of the sink is a work in progress, but it IS progressing, despite…..

Talon has started to spend the weekends days with us while Sarah is working in nearby Chase. This started about a month ago, and so we have worked hard to get some projects done to make the place more toddler proof.

We are learning more every week about how to keep a 20 month old interested and occupied. It HAS gotten easier once all the ladders and saws have been taken from the living room.

We DID finally get the concrete counter top. It came in 3 huge pieces.

Talon loves the counter top where the chairs are. He runs under them and is thrilled that his head does not hit……. yet.

And we have started the tiling in the kitchen backsplash. We will be doing more with these tiles elsewhere.

The siding is getting completed, slowly but surely. It is kind of odd, we have no window coverings OR inside doors, so finding privacy while they are working on siding it hard some days.

Over the past month I have stepped away from a few of my jobs, and so have more time. More time to ponder, and more space to wander…… Which is good because pondering takes up space.

I am sure that for most who are reading this, restrictions are becoming greater due to the covid spread. Our area is experiencing increased cases of covid as well. Best wishes to everyone for a healthy peaceful Christmas. My heart goes out especially to those who live alone, as I am sure it must be very hard.

Much Love to all, Janet Ken and Tucker.

And then the winter came….

Hoping to see the end of camp style coffee soon… but not until at least Monday or Tuesday. No wait a minute. While I was typing those words, Ken got a call from the guy who is doing the countertops for the island. Apparently the main piece (there will be 3 pieces). …. Cracked. Sadly the piece what cracked is the centre piece and so the one that the others need to butt up against, so he cannot put in the other pieces either. BTW, they are concrete.

It started snowing last night. It has snowed all day long. It looks like 1.5-2 feet. Last year it took an excavator to finally clear the road up to where we are. THIS year we are hoping we can stay ahead of it. Otherwise we might be STUCK?? (scroll back to February )

Now being STUCK up here may have some appeal…. we have food put away for the winter, we have wood, and a wood stove….

However, unless the trades people can get up the road we will never get this place finished.

Ken has been trying to find a snow blade for our tractor, but this is not the best day to be looking for one… and they ARE expensive.

Fortunately, George, the guy we bought property from, has a truck with a snow plow on the front. The tires are not in great shape, so he got some chains today for the tires. So for now, he is going to leave this vehicle here now so Ken can go out and plow PRN. It is best to start with the plow at the TOP of the hill. So at least for now, we have a plan.

Now THIS is a luxury that allows me to make….

But you cannot make coffee in the oven. We have tried to make coffee on the wood stove, but it would take forever.

So they are starting to do the showers. The shower areas were the only part of the house where concrete was not put down. Showers are always tough with concrete in getting it all to drain down to the drain. This is a new concept to me… The metal piece at the front is the drain, and it is a trough drain. It allows them to make the floor all draining down to the trough, rather than the circular way. If that makes sense? We are thinking we will not have doors on the shower if the floor is concrete?

The one below is in the MBR… I have recently been told that the term MASTER bed room dates back to the slave days… and so I am trying to come up with the right term, OUR bedroom/bathroom VS Guest Bedroom/bathroom.???

Other changes to the “guest” bathroom”

So the fir boards we are using were salvaged from a floor and have been planed to take off finish and we have (Ken has) finished them with the mixture of vinegar and steel wool. When the steel wool dissolves we can either use it as is or add tea to mixture. For this project he has used some plain, some with a reddish tea and some with greenish tea.

We ARE expecting it to look better without the ladder.

So we are planning on creating a “feature wall” in each room, this is the greenhouse

So this is the current stage of the Island, the big centre spot is for the stove top, and there will be a sink at each end, a the gap next to the basket is for the dishwasher.

We did go for a walk earlier in the day and found these prints, after finding a huge bear poop. (aren’t they hibernating yet?)

Well it is now the next day and we still have power.

Thanks for reading, much love from Janet, Ken and Tucker the bear hunter.

We have moved into house….

WEEELLL. kind of….sort of like, in a way……. The weather got colder, and the motorhome could not keep up with the heat. PLUS we picked up our new bed. HUGE bed in fact…. Our old bed was over 20 years old, so instead of storing for a year, we sold it last year.

Oh…. and… it snowed, …..there was that….. 3-4 inches in fact.

We have a smattering of lovely amenities though, and a lack of others that we would love to have.

For starters we have THIS: A high voltage heater that is presently our only source of heat. (and it is -10 C. or 14 degrees F … outside)

and then we have a washer AND a dryer. We have run a hose in through the door handle hole in the greenhouse door, for the washing machine.

And for the dryer we are sharing the only 240 volt plugin with the heater above. So when the dryer is running we have no heat, not that this would be an issue, except that we had gotten WAY behind on our laundry. So washer/dryer LOVELY amenity, alternating with heat.

Now THIS… is a very lovely amenity that we HAVE, but don’t have.

Emoticon Emotion Samsung Iphone Galaxy Emoji - Questions Emoji, HD Png  Download , Transparent Png Image - PNGitem

We were scheduled to get it fully installed and inspected yesterday, but when we went to get the zero clearance stove pipe, it turns out that the company that makes them shut down for 3 months because of COVID and as expected are WAY behind in production. We have (actually KEN HAS) phoned everywhere trying to find the ones we need, and finally “a guy” has found one for us, and so fingers crossed for next weekend.

Now THIS is another potential amenity, that is not working out for us at this minute. It is the furnace that goes with the heat pump, and there is something wrong with it.

It certainly is a good thing we have so many alternative sources of heat .

Emoticon Emotion Samsung Iphone Galaxy Emoji - Questions Emoji, HD Png  Download , Transparent Png Image - PNGitem

AND then we have our in floor heating system, that is quite a work of art in the basement. But it is not quite finished.

Ultimately I guess we will just have to depend on THIS…….


It WILL be warmer today, thanks for the help SUN…..

The Sun Face Emoji | Emoji, Sun emoji, Smiling sun

This is what the kitchen is like now, supposed to be finished tomorrow, except for the Island counter top, which will be another 2.5 weeks. It is going to be concrete and they had to wait until the Island was in to create a “template” with which to create the island. Both of our kitchen sinks will be on the island (yes Ken and I BOTH need a sink), and so it will be awhile before we have kitchen sinks. We do not have water to the house anyways, so currently makes no difference.

With the costs of our kitchen cabinetry going up, we decided to find funky cabinets to use in bathrooms rather than having a cabinet company do it. THIS is an old sewing machine cabinet, with a thick counter top applied, we found on facebook marketplace.

THIS is the office. This will be our spare bedroom, (with a Murphy bed)/office.

My work is about to change a lot over the next few weeks. I care for about 40 patients in Long term care at 2 facilities in Kamloops. With Covid it has become increasingly difficult with the distance I am from Kamloops, 90 KM (50 miles). In the past I used to drive in once a week or so and visit both facilities to keep up with my patients, sometimes more. However with Covid, physicians are only allowed to visit one facility per day, so I have to make 2 trips, OR only go to one facility a week. It has become more stressful. Good news, a new doctor is coming to Kamloops who is quite interested in Long term care (nursing homes) and is going to take over most of my patients for me. It will be a big change for me, because I am on call 24/7 basically all year except when we go down south, and someone else covers then. I get maybe 5-8 calls per day, which does not seem like a lot, but it does wear away at you with time. So looking forward to less interruptions during the days

My OTHER job/jobs are as medical director. I am the medical director for Overlander care home in Kamloops which is the largest care facility in Interior Health. This is a bit harder to explain, but I oversee the quality of care in the facility.

Then in April I took the position of Medical director for Interior health west Long term care. This is the interesting position, because it is involves traveling to the communities up to Williams Lake, over to Clearwater, Merritt and Lillooet. So exciting changes for us, coming up. A lot of time on computer and meetings on phone as well, so nice to have such a great view from the office room

So here we are, getting warmer in our house. Poor Tucker is a little lost, and needing extra reassurances. AND he is a little annoying with his periods of indecision, … hmmm do I want to go outside.. or not …WHILE we have the door open, in a house we are trying to heat.

Anyways for now all is good, though I may sound a wee bit melodramatic about it, we are THRILLED to be in our new house.

Much Love from Janet, Ken and Tucker the undecided dog.

the Island

So we moving along some, now, as the weather is turning on us. It is getting harder to stay in motorhome, as the heat is an air pump and with the colder air it is struggling to keep up. So we are using the little space heaters.

we have become so frustrated with the news, that we have designated Tucker to let us know if there are any significant changes in the news…..He just rolls his eyes.

The floor got done and polished …. we are pretty happy with it…

We were shown pictures of great work drawing in the boards to make it look like a frame , so we opted to have him draw in boards around our rock/tile openings to make it look like a frame. We are not sure how well it worked out

I guess we will see once we start to lay the rocks in.

We do have our cold room in (with the exception of the door), and nicely filled up. You cannot see in this picture, but there are large bins of potatoes on the floor.

I planted heirloom “glass gem” corn this year and they are starting to be ready. Not sure if they can possibly be used for making flour, but I think that the best thing would be just to look at them.

this is how tall the corn grew, I will be saving the seeds, as they are an old heirloom. Looks like I will have lots if anyone wants to try to grow corn.

although we have had our first frost, it has not been extensive enough to damage these HUGE Shaggymanes…..this was about 3 inches across

And of course in the midst of all of this, it is also garlic planting season. There have been several times we have looked at each other wonder ??? Why are we doing this again? Of our last years crop of 5000, we saved the largest 1000, and of what was left we sold…. and have some to eat over winter. BUT THEN we went to our seed stock to get ready to plant, and many of them had rotted. SO we had to break down and buy more seed stock in town.

So back to the house…. we have had some painting done, the crew were on another job and only had a few days to start. We bought some fir doors “from a guy” and are staining them with the Steele wool soaked in vinegar, for 3 days, then dilute with water. We are thinking that they will tie in our ??? industrial/steam punk design ideas.

and then the kitchen cupboards have arrived, it will be an entire week to get them installed. as you can see a wide array of colours. The wall colours will change.

And then the ISLAND. WOW, I had no idea just how big it really was going to be, it is massive. We wanted place for 2 sinks and the cook top, and dishwasher, so I guess it had to be big.

the counters you see at the back are stainless steel, for making bread. 🙂 There is currently a protective coating on them.

So there were guys here yesterday to take a template of the top of the island to create a concrete countertop.

This is the guest bathroom, stay tuned for changes here.

THIS is the greenhouse, …. many changes here…..

SO here we are shivering in our motorhome and going frequently into our VERY warm house. There is just one heater going in house and the entire house is staying VERY warm, which says a lot about the insulation.

Bye for now, much love from Janet, Ken and our roving news reporter Tucker.

a LONGer story…

The closer we get to getting into this house, the more our “patient approach” goes out the window. I should say My “patient approach”. Ken has never been patient about this.

We are currently at a stage that all the windows are in. Insulation CHECK, Drywall CHECK. We even ALMOST have a tub put in.

Primer CHECK. But right now everything is waiting for the floor sander polisher to do his thing. The cabinets are due to be installed on the 16th, however the countertop for the island will not be ready. …. Largely because we had not been paying attention, or making decisions promptly.

We are going to do a concrete countertop, to match the floor.

This is the lovely plumbing that our son Dylan has done, with Ken’s help. These are all of the pipes for the in floor heat. And here is Dylan with the ever clever Talon who likes to climb. Here he is at 18 months, climbing this high…. wondering what he will be climbing at 2? He apparently did a 3 KM hike last weekend and ran all the way.

So back to the house, and while the inside is going very slowly, the outside is moving along. We are using corrugated metal up 6 feet, and grey smooth stucco above that. We are trying to make our house less attractive to burning embers.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is unknown.png

The metal has not been completed at the back……..since we have not yet chosen our doors for the back.

So between when I started writing this and now, the kitchen cabinets have been moved back to October 19th, so the counter top has been moved back further as well, because the cabinets have to be in before the measure for the concrete countertops.

The weather has turned foggy, but still not that cold, we feel fortunate because the average first frost in our area is October 1st. WE just do not want to spend any part of winter in this motorhome!

We have harvested a lot of tomatoes and have them in the basement. To ripen gradually….. however the basement is not cool at present, so they are ripening too fast. So I am having to find things to do with them FAST.

Lots being made in to Tomato Pesto.

But still lots in the garden, so glad we have not had frost yet.

AND CHECK OUT THESE BEETS!! Our Borsch is much paler than usual.

And this picture below is from the backside of our mountain, our rock club has a place they go up there, and the view from the other side is pretty spectacular as well.

So that’s all for now folks….

Much love to all from Janet, Tucker and the rather un… patient Ken

you might be a rockhound….

AKA you might be a little crazy…. to drive 4 hours, 1.5 on dirt roads 30 mins on very bad dirt roads, following a convoy of other nuts (rockhounds), in search of tiny stones called “peridot”, which unless you were born in August, you likely have never heard of. Below is a picture from a different convoy, but same idea. Six vehicles ahead of you and at least 12 behind.

This has become out “escape from it all”. Now you might wonder why we would WANT to escape from such a beautiful place, but just trust me, there are times you MUST get away from a house building process. Oh and work too. Because I never know if there will be cell coverage I always get another doctor to back me up just in case. The funny thing with these sites is that you might drive for an hour or more with no cell coverage, but when you actually get to the site of rock finding…. you suddenly get coverage.

You can see the peridot top right… green. We found it is one thing to see it, and quite another to get it out in one piece and even if you got it out, another issue to keep it from flying deep into the abyss… never to be found again while you chipped away at it. We have never looked for actual gems. I had this idea that since I lost the diamond from my wedding ring while rockhounding in Arizona, that I might find a green replacement driving 4 hours to get it…….NOT!!!

As you can see SOME people found nice ones and had the patience to gently chip the little gem out.. I do not think I have the patience for THIS kind of rock hounding. HOWEVER.

We are absolutely LOVING these trips. They have become the recovery part of our weeks and no matter what they are going looking for (except gold) we have been trying to make the effort to get out there. For one thing, the view is always incredible.

This place was called lightening ridge, and clearly the highest peak in the overall area.

in fact SO HIGH that…

There IS a lightening rod at the top of the peak to prevent forest fires.

Anyways, I have not even gotten to the very best part. These events get 40 or so people out each week and it is totally amazing how NICE everyone is.

This is from our most recent trip, Tucker taking a break from “mingling” with everyone else and the dogs. Everyone totally LOVES Tucker on these trips.

Our most recent trip was to Savanna a small town on the other side of Kamloops. So on our way home I stopped at the nursing home …. I changed into my scrubs, and told the nurses that I was dirty,….. but a good kind of dirty.

Ken and I are thrilled to have found this group, it is the vernon rock club, apparently the second largest group in BC. They are all just fun to be with and I am sure that it is just therapeutic for everyone involved. LOVE IT

I am not sure if I have shared how wonderful the flower garden is doing with all of those lavender plants we planted last fall. Beautiful now.

This week it is all about Drywall. A large crew came and got a lot done in one day. It IS a messy business. But ? essential?

We have been reassured that all of this comes off when they finish the floor.

For many walls we are only doing drywall as a fire retardant, because we are going to be putting something else there anyways. But in these fire days we need to be thinking into the future. Apparently drywall gives you about 40 seconds to get out of your house. Which at some point in my life would seem just weird, but now… I am OK with 40 seconds.. We are planning the siding etc for fire “retardenness” not a word, but I like it. (more to come on THAT)

We have been quite concerned about what is going on in California, Oregon and Washington. We had our in 2017, however this seems so much worse. This was yesterday morning… a little smokey. Big machines moving dirt, essentially landscaping.

AND THIS was a little later one

AND then a little later on

So now we are “sharing” the misery of our friends in Oregon. The air smells like burning plastic.

So hard to know just where we sit with mother earth these days, I really feel like she is really pissed off at us. Another big storm threatens Louisianna today…… and yet only 5% of main stream media is even mentioning climate change. (despite the most severe fires in California, Oregon, and Washington) If people are uninformed, and people are trusting in mainstream media, then….. we have a major problem. Main stream media is owned by major corporations….. problem???? Major corporations are part of the problem. They Benefit from the same things that are destroying our planet, so they are not telling the whole story, because they can’t.

So the area landscaped and ready for the concrete patios.

I am sorry, but WORDPRESS has changed into a very fancy site for professionals, and I no longer really know how do anything on this site.

Much Love from Ken, Myself and Tucker

meanwhile in Canada

could this be a moment for a potato?

odd question, but when you have over 200 lbs of potatoes, you really do have to delve into potato usage, at least once a day.

This is called a TIEN a layered scalloped potato dish you have on a burner while you build it.

This is a noodle casserole that just needed a few potatoes..
and a cannelloni dish that was great with a few added potatoes.

I have learned this year that there is more to saving potatoes than just putting them in the basement or cold room. First of all you have to leave them sit for several hours out in the field.

Then you store them in a dark place that is close to room temperature for a few weeks. It is amazing how the cuts and bruises seem to mostly heal during this time. We used our new shed for this and covered them with fabric. THEN you need to go through and choose the very best ones that will survive the longest, so I picked out the ones that had a little green, or a cut on them, and those will be used now, and not put in cold room.

Not too much exciting is happening with the house, at least not in photos.

Insulation is going in, almost done…

We have opted for a small bank of solar panels and will add to them as we can afford. Since all of our heating will be electricity AND we have the electric car to charge, it just seemed like the kind of expense to put the money into before I retire, to cut costs after I retire.

It is kind of interesting getting solar hooked up to the grid. The way it works, at least in our situation, is that the power we generate with our panels, goes right to BC hydro (our electric company). We do not use it at all, it is like our panels are making electricity for somebody else, if they need it. I guess we will pay the balance of what we use in electric minus what we feed back into the system. For now, anyways, when the power goes out, we will be using candles and the wood stove. Or hanging out in the motorhome where we have batteries. There is much to learn, and as we delve further into this, I am hoping we can get a back up system with a few batteries, but we shall see.

Here is a lovely picture I snapped of Ken, the “motorhome salesman” Yes we ARE selling our old motor home after all of Ken’s love and attention has gone into it. He IS so good at selling stuff.

So we were just working around here a few weeks ago, we heard the ambulances, and they seemed to get close, and then stop. Then a few minutes later we saw this, a helicopter landing at one of the properties below us.

Sad tale it was. There are 5 large acreages below us, and they all have huge yards. I guess a guy was racing around with a “quad”. The neighbours said he has been racing back and forth from up at the house back down to the road and even was going around his wife’s barrel racing course. One time he just missed the edge and went over a small embankment, and died. The ambulances and helicopter were pretty helpless by the time they got there. Very sad, a guy in his 30s. A bit spooky driving by each day. Life is such a fragile thing at times.

So what blog would be complete without mentioning the very great wonderful grandson, Talon. His dad has a new work truck and he has to try everything out.

So wanted to share a recent discover with you all.

I have TONS of these beautiful babies, and was going through online recipes for zucchini, and all they seem to have for zucchini is zucchini bread which traditionally has been more like cake, with sugar, oil, and eggs.

I discovered a recipe for zucchini, but I used Patty pans and altered the recipe substantially, so will attempt to share it here.

It calls for 3 cups of grated pattypan, which is about one medium sized one 6-7 inches across.

7 cups of a mixture of whole grain flour and unbleached white flour.

combine pattypan and flour, add 3 teaspoons of salt and whatever herb you happen to have on hand, I have used my fresh oregano, rosemary Thyme, they all taste great.

Meanwhile, combine 1.5 cups warm water with a tablespoon of yeast and a teaspoon of honey.

When the yeast mixture becomes bubbly, add a teaspoon of olive oil, and then pour this mixture into the flour mixture.

I was thrilled to find my mixmaster and the bread hook, (as I have a sore neck shoulder). I processed this for 2 minutes on speed 1 and then 2 minutes on speed 2. I have had to add small amounts of flour while the mix master is working

I take it out of the bowl, and briefly knead it into a large round shape

Cover it until it doubles in size, then knead for another 2 minutes and divide in 2 and place in loaf pans and cover and let rise until doubled in size. Then bake in 350 degree oven for about 40 minutes and voila. Pattypan bread.

Of course I had to take it all a step further and make pizza also with the dough….

Pretty yummy pizza with pattypan bread crust. So this is my idea of preserving my pattypans.

I will write again soon about the house, I just did not want the blog to be too long

Much Love, Janet Ken and Tucker