another victoria day weekend…hohum

So the house is moving along at a slow pace… boring…. but then there is the garden, …. and Morels.


We have put in a drip tape watering system, and we think that the garlic will love it…however … our timers are packed away in the Sea Can.  They are expensive, so we do not want to buy new timers…img_6602

So this afternoon, Ken is deep in the bowels of the SeaCan searching for the timers… WHERE DID WE PUT THEM?  He has been in there a LONG time, perhaps I shall send a search party soon to find himthinking emoji


The SeaCans are SO much easier to deal with when all the stuff is inside and the doors are closed.  It just seems like you open the doors and our lives come falling out, what ARE we going to do with all this stuff?  The garlic is looking great….


.. and Ken just found the best wheelbarrow, and Princess Auto.  This thing is like a small truck and it tips up to empty too.


I have never had such great looking potato plants either, and to the left of them is a row of the Broccoli.  I guess with a new property you never know how the soil is, and so far, I am impressed… even the weeds look very healthy…


Speaking of weeds, does anyone know what these are?  They are new to me.  But seem to be growing everywhere.  And growing well.


And on to the rocks, I decided to try to cut some of the ones we have found here on the property.  I have not seen anything like this in the books, perhaps I need to ask some local rockhounds. thinking emoji



This one below, we found at Chase Creek a few years ago.


and this one, we have been able to take several cuts from, so lots of material.


Our plans are to do a practice run in the basement, we plan to cut out a large piece of Plywood 3/4 inch thick and place it in the concrete, and then after the concrete is dry, we will remove the plywood and have an indentation  the size and shape of the plywood, 3/4 inch thick.  We will fill the area with the stones, as we would for tiles, and then grout the area around the tiles.

New territory for us….

Bye for now, much love, Janet and Ken and Tucker (the dog)



the foundations


It has been a little over a week and little has been done. They dug the hole and had to finish up another job, so only came back this week to get going.  Today they are going to pour concrete into the footings.

So here are a few shots of the hole digging.  We had a huge rain storm a few nights earlier, and the puddles filled up again.



AND here are the footings.


Here are the plans for our house…..


It is also mushroom season, it is a month later than usual, but we have found several morels in the past few days.  We have been bushwalking through the forest finding new secrete morel beds.  I was thinking, I had better not get Covid 19, because I have heard that they are using your phone for contact tracing, and my phone might give away some of our secret morel spots Unknown



But it seems we must be pretty safe out in the middle of where we find mushies.

So we are working hard at our cutting rocks, for our flooring etc. We are particularly thrilled with the petrified wood cuts.  Our hardwood flooring will be HARD.



and then some truly gorgeous pieces.  Aren’t these beautiful.


Oh and then the garden is coming along well. The garlic is up and growing well, as are the potatoes, onions, and the broccoli and lettuce have been transplanted as well.




We are quite happy, the weather is here, and the house is coming up.  Here are is Tucker, NOT socially isolating, with his best friend.


Much love, Janet, Ken and Tucker the anti deadlock dog.

It starts……today

I thought I would write in my blog today, because our house building begins today I do not know how to make squiggles on a photo, but the front of the house will be central in this picture.



Then the garden, plowed and planted with potatoes, onions, beets, peas and spinach


AND GARLIC. OH and that machine is going to dig the basement……and we have left enough room for it to get out without trampling on the garlic.




We have started to cut the rocks for the floor and backsplashes and countertops. It is going to be fun laying them all out, figuring where they will all go best.  These ones look a bit like fish.


We have a large rock saw that we just put the rock into a clamp, and turn the saw on and walk away and it cuts the rock and then turns off. So we are trying to keep the saw going all day. We have LOTS of rock to cut.


We are kind of wondering what rocks might come out, as they dig the basement.

Oh and here is our little Talon, learning the gears on the tractor.img_6519



I guess I had better go, the crew is here…. STAY TUNED

Much love Janet, Ken and Tucker


A River Runs Through It.

So yes we still have snow, however it is starting to go away….  I think this first picture was a few weeks ago, the garlic bed on the right…. it takes me awhile to get around to writing blog.


The really interesting thing is that last fall we got a large load of chicken manure, and we spread some of it on the garlic, but at the end of the fall, I went around with the tractor leaving piles of manure all of the garden.   So those are the first areas to lose the snow.  So all we have showing in the garden is chicken manure…. and it ain’t pretty…. sheesh. We have had some cold nights recently so still able to walk on top of the snow, however today it is quite warm, and so unable to hike up to get a picture without falling down through the snow.


As you can see there are a LOT of piles of chicken manure, I do not remember there being that many.


But of course we are starting to accumulate something else.  THIS is our driveway, and we might need a bridge to get to the hoop house.



So we had a great day redirecting water….. which really IS FUN….. as long as our house is not going over the bank and we do not have a house so we are  fine with all of this, and it is great to see where water accumulates  …. before we build the house, and do the landscaping stuff.

We have it from several sources that this has “never” happened here. No one has ever seen this much snow… and the story that I am sticking with (clinging to) is that a freak storm hit this area (maybe like a 100 year storm)… on December 31, and dumped a TON of snow on a small area, and we are just living with it now. We are not going to have snow until MID April every year ….???

The guy we bought the place from, who was up here hauling gravel out of here for several years… said he has never seen snow like this.
This picture below is the first time we hiked up to look at the place, and where the  pile of gravel is  on eat right in the picture is essentially where the motorhome is now.  Lot of growth. May 4 2019.

may 4 2019

Well ……water is not our only issue right now, we have ….. another …… little ….. issue.Unknown

Trying to do my part in the “victory garden” concept,  I have started  just a few tomato plants…and then a few more…  Anyways this is the Old German heirloom tomatoes, that I put out in the hoop house with the heater to make sure they did not freeze.


.. and this was them the next day… SOMETHING had gone along and chopped off all their heads..    The ones on the right.


SO Ken is onto it, and has found on youtube the very best mousetrap, and I do not want to know any of the details.  Just no mice in the hoop house…. so far he has “caught” 8 of them.

So back to planting, I now have about 250 Amish paste tomato seedlings started


not sure what i am going to do with them all, but I figured if I had them all planted, I could figure it out later on. UPDATE  3 days later, I now have 600 seedlings….  Know anyone who wants to grow Heirloom tomatoes this year? Or do you know of someone who knows of someone….etc?



I finally have Garlic up… you really have to look hard, but its there.  I am a bit worried they might all drown with all the snow sitting on top of them now .


We were planning on starting our house on April 1st, and although the snow has been quite an issue, it is not the issue that has delayed the start of our house.  We had to create a “covenant” to verify how far the house was going to be from the bank.  So we had to get a surveyor out here, and a geotechnical engineer and a lawyer to create the covenant, to say how far the bank is from where the house will be.  It has been onerous and expensive, and thank goodness Ken has the patience for this kind of stuff, but it appears to be over.

The word we have is….. wait for it…. drum roll… they are going to start digging the basement April 23rd…..

Now I have to admit that there are moments when I consider the concept of feeling sorry for myself, stuck in this extremely small space since last August… and then all the snow.

And then I feel shamed…. what the heck do I have to complain about? We have been living in a 280 square foot home for 8 months, and there are aspects of it that I MUST admit that I am getting tired of.

HOWEVER… I came to my senses and really feel like I am a pretty lucky person.  For starters, we got a huge head start on social distancing. We have been, for the most part, been living in a small space, just the 3 of us for 8 months. We do not feel our life has changed much, with the exception of occasional visiting with people. Living in the country, we rarely go shopping, and when we do we get lots of stuff.  We are loving the great outdoors, now that it has gotten a bit warmer.  We have a nice little grocery store, that has arrows in it to keep people from meeting up with others.  Oh and then this is what I see looking out my kitchen(dining room) window.d25ccf41-bd1a-4d0e-864e-a68e6a9d846b-5113-0000054bb0dccf87_file

Of course work has changed a lot, everything at work has changed, but we are encouraged to do as much as possible from home.  So lots and lots of phone calls and faxes.  I have recently been offered the position of Medical director for Long term care for Interior health west, which stretches from about where we are, to Williams lake to Merrit and Clearwater…  It is kind of weird starting a new job and  doing it all online or on the  phone.

My “project” this week has risen out of reading about the facility in Montreal…… STORY IN MONTREAL NURSING HOME   There have been similar stories in Spain and even up state New York where the facility was understaffed and the situation just became so severe that the workers fled. The situation horrible….  So I am thinking we need an early warning sign here in BC if places are getting badly understaffed and to have a plan for that.

In Canada one of the key issues that has driven the virus to so many nursing homes is that the care aides are so poorly paid, they tend to work at more than one facility. It seem to just make sense to rectify this situation since our society are so dependant on Care aides.

Well that’s all for now, lots more tomatoes to plant


Much love to all from Janet, Ken and Tucker, the dog who chased a coyote this morning.






I have never known March to last so long….

In so many different ways……

It is hard to look back a month and see any chance that in one month we (the world) would be all staying home.  I also never thought a month ago that the first of April would come along and I would still need knee high boots to get to my compost.  THIS IS MY garlic field. Everyone else’s garlic is already up.


We are pretty thrilled to be up on the property, FINALLY HOME  SUITE HOME….. 5 months since we left the place.  Can you believe all that snow?  My Dad who lives 200 miles north of here said the other day “you guys should move up here, we do not have any snow”. We finally got enough snow moved that we could get all the way up here with the motorhome.


Someone else is pretty happy too….  This is how Tucker LOVES to sit, with his butt on a stair above, and great way to watch the world go by.


Such an exhausting job…..


So I am working from home, and this is my office.  The plan is that all doctors will deal with calls about their own patients in the nursing homes… and then if someone absolutely needs to be seen by a doctor, we have designated different doctors to each facility.   I am currently covering for another doctor who manages the “pathways to home” program.  To my American friends, it is pretty much the same as Skilled Nursing facilities.  SO I am the designated doctor for Ponderosa.  So I guess I am not really on the front line.  I have been going in once a week.  Overlander is the facility I am director at, but someone else will be designated there while I am at Ponderosa.


My heart really goes out to the nurses in the care facilities, who have to dress, change, toilet, feed, and put these patients to bed.  I had a patient this past week whom I was quite worried about with regards to Covid, and although I had my good old N95 mask from Canadian tire, they had nothing to protect them. We are getting word that supplies will be coming to Long term care facilities this next week, but it is sad how long it has taken. Fortunately that person did not have covid.

I am not as thrilled with the ministry of health and the Chief medical officer, as everyone else is… me, the nurses are the real heroes, caring for all of these people in nursing homes (Long Term Care facilities) at a very scary time.  I wish they would have put a greater priority on protecting the nursing homes (and thus the staff), earlier.

SORRY for the rant, but if you know someone working in long term care, please give them a thank you.

There is talk that the supply chain might be interrupted and food that we are “used to” being able  to get  from Mexico, will not be coming for a whole variety of reasons.  So  I think it behooves (is that really a word??, spell check accepted it) us all to grow something, grow anything, grow lots…. because who knows what will be going on come summer. So Janet, what do we have here????


WELL….. WE have artichokes, and a variety of peppers… but today… I have started Tomatoes. LOTS of tomatoes…

But still no garlic …. well except… in the big black plastic compost bin. But these might be onions….. from last year…img_6384

But no sign of garlic here


Watching for snow to melt, I guess is like watching paint dry… only it takes MUCH longer.

Also watching charts, Covid charts… New case rates, Death rates, rates per million population…. watching them go up, and up. I keep thinking that Canada is dropping a bit… but then today new cases when up a lot.

Well here we are and just sitting at home, doing nothing, seems to be the very best thing to do despite everything we have been conditioned for our whole lives.  Get out, be active etc etc etc.  Suddenly I have to tell myself not to feel guilty for doing nothing. There is still 2 feet of snow, but since it has gotten warmer, we can no longer walk on top of the snow without snowshoes.


I listened to a show on NPR this afternoon and cannot overstate how very lucky I feel.  They were talking about the situation in India, right now. The most populated country on earth, but a country with nowheres near the wealth that a country like China has.  It is totally frightening to think of all of those who will die of this.

I think that people need to take a time like this and have discussions with loved ones about whether they would want to have CPR, and more importantly whether they would want to be intubated and put on a ventilator.  Very few people have had these discussions with older loved ones, but it is more important than ever right now.

The thing about this virus, is that when normally we can provide help with breathing with Bipap ,(which is not invasive)  … if a patient comes in with the symptoms of Covid and their breathing is getting difficult, and they are not oxygenating…. the doctors have no choice but to intubate and put someone on a ventilator, unless you have made it clear to your family that that is not what you would have wanted. Bipap is not being used, during pandemic because it aerosolized the virus, spreading it to others.  So the only option now is to put a person with breathing difficulties into ICU on a ventilator.  These are very important discussions to have now, before you are faced with a harder decision. So for right now, if a person comes in the COVID and their breathing becomes difficult and they have never told anyone what their wishes would be, and their substitute  decision maker does not know their wishes, they will be put onto a ventilator for who knows how long. (This is despite age, other diseases, or prognosis of other diseases)

We are really enjoying it out here but missing baby Talon……  As you can see, just 30 miles away.. NO SNOW.


We are expecting a cold spell for the next several days, so ken is putting the “tin foil” around the windows……which I hate, but keeps the warmth in on cold nights. This is where Tucker sleeps ….. when he sleeps indoors…img_6189

and back to those lovely sunrises..



Much Love to all from Janet, Ken and Tucker, the ever vigilant hound(except when he is not)









Who knew how far this would go?


A little bit of tobogganing fun….. our gravel pit.


I am sure we are all sitting, isolated, looking at what is going on in the world in utter terror.  Never before in our lifetimes… has something like this happened.  Perhaps if we were sitting in Iraq, we could say, we HAVE seen the likes of this…… OR maybe if we were in Afghanistan…. , we COULD say we have seen this…. but to our safe first world, we have never seen anything like this.

Sigh….. We are still working hard to get our motorhome up here, but somehow it all seems so irrelevant now.


We are fortunate to have a place to go to still be isolated.   I think of those “self isolating”in New York and I feel so fortunate to be somewhere that is totally isolated and kind of nice to look at too.

Because of shortage for the N95 masks, they are saving them for “acute care”, which means hospitals, and “long term care” facilities  are not getting them, at least yet.

So Ken and I went up to the property today and got into the storage Sea Cans and dug out our N95 masks, which we bought the year of the fires in BC 2017IMG_6364

quite a valued item now.   I had to go into facility and wore this and it felt quite comfortable.

We are starting a policy whereby the doctors of patients in the nursing homes will deal with issues that come up with the patients, over the phone as best they can. If a patient needs to be seen by a doctor, we will only have one doctor going in and out of the facility. So for Overlander, that will be me, and after Friday it will be me for both Overlander and Ponderosa. (another doctor is off for a few weeks).

So happy to have a mask.  I have heard that 5 nursing care facilities in the Vancouver area have positive Covid Virus cases.

I am not sure if this is a time for setting goals like this, but I want to make sure that we do not get one case of covid in our facility and if we do, that we act on it ASAP and prevent further spread.  My approach is to make sure that we think of everything we can possibly do to prevent the virus, so that some time from now, at the very least, no matter what happens, we will have no regrets…. That we did everything we could have done, with what was available.

So we are on lock down, only families of dying patients are allowed in to visit.  We have a volunteer at the door stopping everyone.  Nurses are having to change clothing when they arrive and when they leave. In Longterm care, nurses really are the front line workers, as doctors, we can manage things from a distance.  So of course I am mostly worried about our son Josh, who is a care aid at a different facility, a much smaller facility. HE is the front line.

We are working hard to make sure our facility is prepared for what is to come, that we can safely isolate any patients who DO end up with the virus , and ensure that we keep the staff safe.  We are planning for rooms where we can look after the coronavirus positive patients, our activity rooms.  For the most part, most patients in Long term care will not be transferred to a hospital if they become ill with the coronavirus, they will likely stay at the facility, and be cared for ther

I think that the reality hit home yesterday reading about the care homes in Spain where the staff had deserted patients, some dead, some severely demented, to tend on their own.  I can see that.  I am sure that the staff were scared, as they are here. None of us signed up for a job deemed to be dangerous.  It is hard to know how to confront that.  I feel that perhaps the best way to confront fear is to make sure that everyone is confident that we are doing everything we can.  The BC government issued a statement today stating that all nurses, doctors, care aides, anyone dealing directly with patients needs to be wearing a mask and PPE  (personal protective equipment), and gloves.  I am hoping by tomorrow we will have all of that in sufficient amounts.  VERY sadly in our area, there was a robbery of a large amount of this stuff, from a storage area…of the health authority.

The real bright light in our days is our wonderful baby Talon, who actually is MORE than one year old now and so apparently we can no longer call him a baby.  Somehow Toddler Talon just does not have the same ring.  He is just SOOO clever, here squatting down to examine a pine cone, having been “tricked” into wearing shoes for the first time.


I hope that everyone out there has a bright light in this otherwise dark and dreary time, even if it is only a small bright light.

Tucker is in the dog house tonite for chasing the turkeys that jumped into the yard.


Much love to all from Janet, Ken and Tucker the turkey chasing hound dog.





Covid 19 and waiting for snow to melt

So the progress on our house…… has beeeeeeen SLOOOOOOOW.  We have been back for a month and a half, with our motorhome parked at Dylan and Sarah’s place. A few weeks of house sitting over in Armstrong, in a luxuriously large house (wouldn’t anything seem large after 8 months living in a motorhome)    There have been many slowdowns with regards to the house, but the easiest one for me to explain is the snow with a capital S.

Permits and covenants etc etc are Ken’s job.

So walking on top of 3 feet of snow, after getting home…. circa Feb 5th…


Then a guy used this machine to clear the road going up to where our property starts.


Then it snowed more….




This was a scene in Armstrong while we were there…..  What a wonderful town Armstrong is, farming…..


So then we got our tractor (which has been in storage all winter) delivered… and we started to make some progress…


and a little more progress….


From above…. you can see we have cleared up to the second Sea Can


and then a little bit of tobogganing down the hill on a garbage can lid.  This place is going to be an incredible place for tobogganing and XCountry skiing.


Then we made some MORE progress….



AND then Janet got a little too “enthusiastic” with the tractor and BROKE IT.. Image result for sad emoji

So now the left front tire of the tractor is going left and the right front tire is going right…. But Ken is ON TO IT and we are moving on.

So while Ken worked on the tractor, THIS little dude was checking out the hill.


OH…. and his mom.


So we are now trying to lay low, in our motorhome, waiting for the weather to warm up and a large machine to finish the clearing to get our motorhome back up to the property.

I am back to work at the nursing home, and we are preparing for COVID 19.  I am the medical director of a large nursing home in Kamloops and I also have many patients there.   Ten days ago… I was “advising” that we need to screen all visitors for recent travel, and to stop allowing patients out of the facility out into the public.  The facility, sadly enough, had to wait for “official word” from the health authority, which came 2:30 on a Friday afternoon of the weekend before spring break.  Thankfully now we have locked down the facility and closed all ways in, except one door and there is someone there to stop anyone who does not need to be there.

Long Term Care patients are the ones most likely to die of this virus, as they are frail, and immunocompromised.  They also present differently than others with many given health issues.  They tend to have a cough when they are having a heart attack, or get chest pain when they have pneumonia.  I have been trying to find data on the Washington nursing home patients to find out what were their first symptoms.  I have found SOME data, that they tend to become more confused, and increased need for oxygen, but no cough or fever.  These patients tend to be more confused when anything happens so their confusion, tends to be confusing.

I dearly hope that this virus goes away soon, and that our facility does not have one case.  But my biggest fear is that we get a case of COVID 19 and because these people present differently, we miss the diagnosis……. and a patient might end up infecting other patients, and/or staff.   Nursing homes do not have all the protective gear that is being used in hospitals now, and I feel concerned for the staff.

Dementia patients do not cover their cough, nor do they maintain the “social distancing” that is being asked of the rest of us.

I truly admire the nurses at the facility, and their commitment to do their job in times like these.  I only hope that we can be vigilant enough to diagnose a case ASAP before anyone  is put at risk.

These are trying times indeed, and times, I think, we need to stop and think about how we can individually decrease risks of transmission of this virus.

Much  love, janet Ken and The Tucker dog (checking things out)







back home again….. well ..sort of.

We have been home for 3 weeks now. ……. and it is not yet spring.  It would not be so bad except we are now looking forward to getting our house started.

Two weeks ago we hiked up to our property to see the snow situation, and there was a good 3 feet of snow everywhere.. It does not look bad here because there is a good solid layer of ice on top of the snow, making it easy to hike up to our place, on top of the snow.img_6150

Sadly there has been another 8 inches of snow on top of the ice, so now we have to make a trail to get up to our place.  At least no one has been up to our place. Unknown No sneaking around up here now.


This is down towards the bottom of the hill, and the gate needs to be dug out so we can open the it.  I helped a little bit, but have a really sore elbow from a fall on the ice on my first day back at work……. wearing the WRONG footwear.


you WILL notice the for sale sign on the gate, there IS another property for sale, and if you are interested LET Me know so  you can be here next year  (with us) to HELP us dig this out Unknown.


So the moral of THIS story (blog) is that there is a ton of snow standing in the way of us starting to build our house.



Not to dispair….. George,  the guy who owns all of this, except the lot we bought, is in Mexico, and is madly trying to think of a solution. You see this is a strata and the costs of clearing the road is shared by all owners of properties.   Since he sold the  gravel pit part of the property to us, he no longer needs his equipment, and so has sold some of it. (and retired)

So we put out a message on facebook for “recommendations” for snow removal, and George, in Mexico, got the message.  Turns out that he  did not sell all of his equipment.

Turns out that there is a bull dozer, that just happens to be at the opening to where our drive way comes off the main road.  The VERY cool thing is that it is at the TOP of the hill, rather than the bottom, so I AM SURE that the gravity between the two (top and bottom)……will be helpful


I must say here that NOTHING is a given here…. Gravity is only so helpful with an opposing force……. (snow).

Also, this machine has been sitting here since we bought the property, and so there are questions about whether it actually runs. thinking emoji

However when there is a ton of snow between living in a motorhome forever and living in a house, we have to cling to some form of hope.

So the idea is, if we can get the gate opened… then George has a friend who will take up a snow mobile (hopefully with an extra battery and extra fuel)… and with an open gate he will be able to go up, start up the bull dozer, and drive it down the hill moving the snow over the bank.

THEN we will have the tractor company (where our tractor is stored)  remember the tractor??….img_1284


and so we are hoping that we will put some chains on the tractor and clear some of the snow ourselves once we get the tractor back home.   Picture below is where the previous picture was taken avec non snow…


This is an interesting mark in the snow…. clearly a large bird has swooped down to grab an small critter here….


In the meantime we have our motorhome parked in Dylan and Sarah’s driveway and we are “catching up” with Baby Talon. Oh and Dylan and Sarah… also.




It has been cold at night, and even during the  days, and so Ken has “insulated the windows”  Inside the motorhome, so it has become more like a cave… no light…no view.img_6189

thinking emoji  So looking forward to spring.

Much Love from Janet, Ken and Tucker the snow dog… for now.




The long ways home………

We have had a wonderful week in Bandon, hunting mushrooms and rocks and catching up with friends.  Of course I never thought to take pictures of friends, I was so busy, catching up. We went in to the Bandon Brewing company every day for lunch, we had never been there……. AND I am sure we had more meals at restaurants while we were in Bandon, than we have for the whole past year. We decided to skulk around and learn how to get pizzas flying up in the air like these guys were doing…. so I took some pictures.img_6126


I was not sure if you are allowed to take pictures in bars, so I pretended to be taking picture of Ken here.


Aren’t I sneaky…..

The beer was great, the pizza was greater and we are going to fashion the walls in our new house after the walls in this restaurant, with old wood. Great atmosphere, we realized perhaps we are missing something by not eating in restaurants all that time.

I mentioned in the previous blog how the trails out a winchester had changed with all of the clear cuts, but…… some trails we did not recognize because the trees had grown up so much. We started running, cycling these trails 20 years ago and some of the trails had parts of previous clear cuts in them. Now those areas are now very large trees.img_6134

This is WOMBAT COMBAT an old favourite of ours, but sadly the shooting was quite near by and incessant.  I saw a cartoon on facebook recently, a guy in a store with 2 open carry AR 15s…. and the tiller said, have you tried Viagra? Unknown

This is the map at winchester road trails.


Here are some of the mushrooms we found, we told our friend that we were making wild mushroom stew with hedgehogs and she was thinking…. that does not sound like a vegetarian stew… but you can see why they call these mushrooms hedgehogs.  There are all these pokie things on the undersides.


On our last night in Bandon I made a wild mushroom stew for all the friends who came over for dinner (that I did not take a picture of) however I DID take a picture of the stew.


There were some wild mushrooms, hedgehogs and chanterelles and some morels we brought from Canada, and some TAME mushrooms from costco. Unknown


I had an audience while I was cooking at Gail’s house, this is Walter.


We spent a very rainy night in Florence, then on to Eugene with a continuation of the rain rain rain.

This is the Willamette cancer centre where I had most of my cancer treatments 11 years ago.  We went there to hang out with a friend while she received her chemo infusion.  She is in a cancer trial, and she is the first one in the study to get the drug. It was nice to spend the time with her, and quite reminiscent for me.  She did very well with the treatment and had her “service dog” with her, so  Ken took him out to pee while she was getting the infusion. It was quite an experience to be there with her. So glad we did it


The first treatment I had, Ken put together a slide show and connected it with one of my songs. I was unable to go in and get the video to post it here, but you can click on this link to see the slideshow, it is at the bottom of the page.  I had my hair corn braided before I started chemo, so that I could save the braids and make a wig out of it.

My blog with the “she sings her song” slide show

We are motoring home now, we have been closely monitoring the weather. Looks like a nice warm day in Kamloops tomorrow.  We sprung a leak last night after 3 days of rain, it started leaking down on the left side of the bed.  Ken got right onto it and had a patch onto the roof and had the whole area dried out quickly.  Then he put another patch on top of that today. It seems to have solved the problem. THEN we started up to head out this morning and Ken could not get  the motorhome into gear.  It was not clear what the problem was, but it got working and we drove up to Woodburn.  There it failed again, and through checking the codes, it turns out that the problem was that the transmission box was not getting power.  While parked at the mall, Ken was able to jimmie rig the RIG to get power to the transmission box, while talking on the phone with a motorhome mechanic he had met on a forum for safari motorhomes. So we are on the road again, and very glad to be heading home today with these added concerns.


Of course we are looking forward to seeing this little guy AND our friends and family members.

So ONWARDS …. Janet, Ken and Tucker the dog who is really looking forward to seeing his cousins…..


Oregon….. ducks.

Back in Oregon!!! Very first wildlife DUCKS… (Oregon folks will “get it”)


We made the long trip up through northern California, and stopped at Gold Beach,  actually Turtle Rock which is just a little bit south of Gold Beach.  Small brewery with a restaurant next door that looks out on Hunter Creek. Lots of Ducks here, it was a windy day, and it was fun to watch them take off and land on the “creek” (more like a river on that day) Great little restaurant.

Then up to our favourite beach, at Cape Blanco state park campground.  You come down to this area and then walk to the where the Elk river joins the ocean. It is always interesting to see how much it changes each year, what we have found is that the mouth of the river is moving north each year


if you can imagine with this map if the river mouth is moving north, the agates MIGHT JUST BE on the other side of the river, now…..

Screen Shot 2020-01-21 at 5.06.57 AM

So we did not find many agates on the north side of the river. lots of people out and everyone walking back and forth as the tide went out further, and more gravel exposed… lots of dogs too.


SO the next day we HAD to get to the south side of the river, which is a considerable walk. Getting to the north side is a mile and  a half walk on the beach, but the south side is hard to know how far. I did show in the map where we started and where we ended up.  The beach is much more steep and the sand is much harder to walk on … …. SOFT.







So needless to say it was worth the walk, but we were exhausted getting back, because it turned out to be 5 miles to the river and x2 = 10 miles, in soft sand, and with the wind howling against us for the way back.

One treat along the way, was meeting someone who had a walker hound, which is what Tuckers father was (mother was a lab).  Every one talks about the hound bark etc, and Tucker DOES have a low pitched  bark… however this dog was extremely unusual bark.


As you can see, he was pretty bouncy, just like Tucker.


So then on to Bandon and the Winchester road trails that Ken and I spent so much of our time when we lived in Bandon. For the first many years, we cycled/ran the trails and then in the later years we spent hours looking for mushrooms. Love the area.


Although it is late in the season, we DID find some chanterelles, they are a little wet, but essentially firm centrally, so What a find.


Of course all good things come to an end, and this is what is left of one of the trails we enjoyed for many years.  It is so hard to get your bearings in a place what you once knew like the back of your hand…….. without the trees there.


Ken was definitely better at it than me and we did find a small remnant of the area and found several Hedgehog mushrooms.img_6110

We are having lots of fun visiting friends here in Bandon, catching up on all the news……

and back  home…… Here is our son, Dylan and his son Talon


and we are pretty excited to see our little baby Talon in just a few weeks, he is getting good at lots of new things like……. STANDING.


Our trip is winding up and we wind our way home.

Much love from Janet, Ken and the Walker hound Tucker