The etiquette of the Camino takes awhile to fully learn, many lessons on the way. The “mulligan” in golf comes to mind. You are allowed that one bad shot/mistake, and then you move on, well I have to say that I have been taking my mulligan daily. The first night it was the flashlight. Why is it that flashlights don’t just turn on and off? Why all these extra settings? So the first night in the middle of the night I get the flashlight from Ken and in trying to turn it on, I managed to wake every one up. First it was the struggle to find the ON button, and by the time I DID find the ON button, it was shining in someone’s eyes, and then in a panic to shut it off, I got the next setting which was a flashing light. Well, by then everyone was awake as I skulked down to the bathroom. Mulligan. Clearly a beginner.
I could go on……but we have been walking now for 4 days and 4 nights in dorm style rooms. We are now in Zamora and decided to splurge on an Airbnb. All I can say is WOW. I guess I had envisioned Airbnb as a mattress on someone’s living room floor. Well for 50 cdn dollars a night we have a whole apartment complete with a kitchen,laundry and a shower (a perk I could easily rent out on an hourly basis on the Camino.)

We have not seen a bank machine, or a business that takes credit cards, for 4 days. So we have had to borrow cash from the youngest in our group so that we could have dinner last night.
The towns we have been in the past 4 days have been 3-400 people populations. Small farming towns.
So we have stocked up on cash, groceries and wine. Zamora is a small city, and well equipped.
We have now walked 75 km, so more than a tenth of the way there.


Last night Greg (one of our entourage) meeting me coming out of the men’s bathroom/shower just said  “mulligan”

4 thoughts on “Mulligan

  1. You should know I always wear compression sock on right leg because it is the one with varicose veins. We are staying in Refugio’s not refuses. :). I am trying to stay warm…..some days I just wear all my tops at once. I am fine as soon as we start walking. I think weather is going to warm up now. Hopefully


  2. Questions….smiles
    Why is One are your tights cut off on the left leg in last photo
    How are u sleeping in refuses??
    Are u staying warm on hike??


  3. Yer welcome. I wonder if you or Steve knows if real storks reside in Spain? If so we have found the largest nest we have ever seen. We fully expected little babies being dropped upon us last night


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