Today was a bit longer, 21 km. We are now in El Cubo de Fierra del Vino. We have been assured /advised that the name has nothing to do with wine. Today was long, and though I thought that 21 km would not be a big deal, I was wrong. We had rain for the first 2 hours, and then a road that over every rise, we were all convinced we would see El Cubo, but not. We did finally get here though. Our big issue was really one of food. We did not stock up in Salamanca,first mistake. Then we got to Calzada de Caldunciel yesterday, and then we’re just getting comfortable, sorting out clothes, and showers etc, and by the time we looked up where we could get groceries, the 2 stores were just closing. So then we head into Sunday, and things did not look good. We did get lucky at least finding a restaurant, and at least got breakfast, we then ate all the remaining food that any of us had in our packs, on the route today. Not nearly enough. So…… We have been eating (and drinking) ever since we got here.

We are currently sitting in a bar in Spain waiting for the stores to open watching the fire in fort  McMurrey   This picture is the first official “sign” of our journey.  A yellow arrow, I will try to show examples of some of the fancier arrowsimage

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