Strangers friends


First night in refugio/hostel. 8 people to a room…….4 bunk beds. 2 rooms. In many ways, my main purpose for this trip was to do something that was out of my comfort zone. Although hiking 500 km with back pack is new to me, the hostel situation is MORE of a challenge. The first night we arrived late and all that was left were 2 upper bunks. Well I have to say that sleeping in room of strangers AND on a top bunk was pretty foreign for me. I have not slept on an upper bunk in over 50 years. Fortunate for me 22oo hrs is the time that the door was locked, I decided that no one else was coming so took the lower bunk. Still slept poorly.
We did 16 km, the towns are spaced such that one really needs to figure a distance for the day and stick to it, somewhat, otherwise walk another 6-10 km. The next town is 19 km away. We have opted not to put ourselves in the situation where we have to do 30+ km a day as we figure that is when injuries occur. At least not at the beginning of walk.

We made it to de valdunciel last night. The Refugio sleeps 8 and although we only knew 2 other people on arrival, last night was like sleeping in a room of relatives (like you might do at a thanksgiving reunion) Much more comfortable than sleeping with strangers. Seems like the more people you meet during the day, the less strangers you sleep with at night.

We still have not purchased any food to lunch and snack on, our bad, as there were places in Salamanca that had food but since part or our “group” was way ahead we did not stop. So groceries today, most likely bread, cheese nuts and fruit.

Peregrines is the Spanish word for pilgrim, and albergue is the term for shelter. Many municipalities along the way have municipal albergues, that are generally less than 10 euro a night, or even by donation. There are also private hostels around that seem to run for 10-15 euros. Both places thus far have been municipal albergues. In order to stay at these places you need a pilgrims passport, or “credential”. They get checked and stamped at each place.

Onwards to elcubo to

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