Signs signs, everywhere signs

So it is not all fun and games on the Camino. ………… There IS some work involved. Or it is not all work, some fun is involved, depending if you like looking for clues.  image

You do have to find your way along the trail. It is not dead easy, you have to find markings along the way to find your “way”. If you miss the signs, you will end up somewhere other than where you are going. The signs are usually yellow and can be as simple as a yellow arrow painted on a wall, or as complex as a brass caricature of a shell.



For the first day or so, I did not pay attention to the searching for signs, because I was following others, but when they disappear, you have to start looking for them yourself and they can be hard to find. Essentially there is some sort of sign whenever there is more than one way to go. If you have not seen a sign in awhile, you likely have missed a turn.

imageThat all bein said yesterday we came across a small flood that prevented us from following arrows.  Took us awhile to find ulberge.  The other picture is of one of the ancient markers, alongside a grape stump.  Bon Camino.

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