10 days on

There is a routine to the days and we are beginning to GET it. We are walking between 18-25 km/day. I am finding I am tired after about 15 km, and we get lucky when we find a coffee place at around that distance. Cafe con leche to recharge for those last Kms.
Most nights we have stayed in the Albergues, which are dorm style rooms with 8-20 people sleeping in bunks. Sometimes they have some cooking facilities, but not always. I have been packing around a large broccoli and a bag of pasta, hoping to cook a meal, but finally left them behind at the last place as they were taking up too much pack space.
So the days start early, we just get up, re-pack our bags and then either find the café and have coffee and whatever breakfast they have. Somedays we have jam on the bread from the day before yesterday for breakfast. The key is the snacks.  We stuff the side bags of our packs with nuts, dried fruit, and whatever chocolate snacks look good. Each day we have lunch somewhere along the path. We make sandwiches with large loaves of “pan”.  We have cheese, Dijon, and caper sandwiches. It has become our Camino tradition. I even found some fennel along the way to add to sandwiches.  We arrive in most places between 1 and 2 pm.  The difficulty is that the “meal time” usually ends at 4 and then starts again at 8, which is late.  I usually go to bed at 8, so we have either been making sandwiches for dinner or having dinner at 3-4. Then it is time to spend getting ready for bed, checking your feet, treating your feet, then time to read etc…..then sleep…….very good sleep.

Where we are tonite  image




Amazing that these vines grow in what appears to be a field of rock…..



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