walking along the edge of the world….

We have been busy. Up and down. Today we walked about 28 km, and went down 500 meters, and then at the end of the day, we went up 440 meters. This has been the hardest day, but the greatest rewards. At the end at a cafe in the middle of nowhere, the owner has over the years posted shells with the names of the pilgrims passing by. He also has a collection of international music and played Lenard Cohen, and Gorden Lightfoot music for us…….and then more music from the 70s………we danced.  What fun. I am certain the photos will not adequately show the splendor …..we saw from way up there….. I will catch up on the stories, but right now the days are too long to write more…….

We have had many days with ups and downs, but somehow today was much harder. We have been walking for two days ……on top of the world. My pictures will not do it justice……but truly spectacular.



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