the wink of the eye

Wow how quickly life changes in the wink of an eye. We took on this morning on a positive note. We decided to hunker down for 4-5 days, get better, then go back to Cea, and finish the Camino proper. That made both of us happier, and we were just on our way to buy some veggies to make a nice homemade meal, when I tripped on a cobblestone and fell to the stone ground with my arms over my head.


What happened first was by far the scariest, but in the long road, rather mild. I have this weird condition, where when I experience sudden pain, my heart rate drops, very low. Around 30 usually. It is called vaso vagal reaction. It is very benign, but when it happens, and when your heart rate drops that low, you really feel dreadful. You cannot even lift your head up. Ken and I have become familiar with it, but after lying on a street in a foreign city, eventually we got scared and called ambulance. I knew something was wrong with my shoulder, the whole time, but the feeling of the low heart rate was more overwhelming.
Anyways, somewhere before we got to hospital, my heart rate came back up and then the shoulder took over as a priority.

Never wanting to miss out on any aspect of another country, we so experienced an ER in Spain. It was a different system……we were set loose in the waiting room, with the instructions that someone would call my name for room 8. Having a name that begins with J, I wondered how they might pronounce it, given that they pronounce J’s, as H’s. It took a few tries when it came to our turn….to Know it was our turn.
Ken and I were debating as to whether the shoulder was dislocated or not, that being the most likely diagnosis. To me it just seemed too swollen to be subluxed.. (Which is a milder form of dislocation… Partial)
So we saw doctor who thought it was Not dislocated, but needed an X-ray. Then they called me back for more X-rays. Then finally doctor said it was Not dislocated, but fractured in 3 places. Apparently an unstable fracture that needs close monitoring. The “piece” at the back is being pulled back??
So needs follow up in 7 days, which to us means that if it shifts, it will likely need surgery.
So that means home again home again,…. riggedy jig.


So we are currently looking into flights.

this is me in a sling….

4 thoughts on “the wink of the eye

  1. Sorry to hear about your accident Janet. Hopefully you’ll recover quickly and easily without needing surgery.


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