Santiago de compostella

I have to say walking around with a fractured shoulder is a bit more unnerving than I would have expected it to be. I view every person coming towards me as a potential collision. I have heard it said of the elderly, that after a fall they retain a morbid fear of falling. We are in a tourist town with very small stores, I watch people all the time waiting for them to back into me.
I do not need to worry about falling again because Ken will not let me walk with holding my hand. 😀

I have read more about this particular fracture, and it is most common in women 60-85, so an older women’s fracture. I am not quite 60, but extremely close. I do have osteoporosis as well, so I guess this is related to that. A person with stronger bones given the same fall, would have likely dislocated shoulder. Because it is in 3 pieces, the healing is more complex…….
Yada Yada…. That “perfect body”, is loosing more ground, but hey….. I have to remind myself that not everyone who is 60 can do 400 km with back pack. So I will never play tennis….or golf. I just hope it will not affect my guitar playing……or doing the Camino in Portugal next year.😊
OK enough feeling sorry for myself.


This statue is likely one of the most amazing ones I have ever seen. It seems to tell a rather complex story of gods, of pilgrims, of kings and of ordinary folk.  I could not find a replica of it, so we will attempt to take many photos of it and perhaps frame them.

I wanted to say something about the health care.
I was VERY impressed. We waited for quite awhile, but my situation was not extremely urgent. The ER Doctor (thank goodness) knew some English. Ken and I both felt that the order of things was quite as it would be in Canada. Then when he found a complicated fracture, he referred us to the “traumatologist”, who had already studied the X-rays when we saw him. He examined everything of importance for this type of fracture, i.e. Circulation to the hand and the nervous supply to the hand. Anyways, although it was not big and glossy, we both were very impressed, and felt comfortable with the treatment.

The other extremely cool thing is the people who own the AIRB&B we are staying at. They came to sort out a few things about the apartment today, and we told them about the fall etc. they were sympathetic.  We had been struggling with how to get the X-rays to take home.  We are sure they will need the first ones for comparison.  The ER Doctor had said he would email us the file.  It did not come, and I am pretty certain that the file was too large for email.  So we were stuck with the language issue of how to get the X-rays… And you KNOW how hard it is to get ahold of the same Doctor you saw in the ER  yesterday.  Seems that the doctors were the only ones at hospital who knew English.   Well our landlord at this airb&b, knows no English, but somehow through google translate, she found out what we needed, and is bringing the X-ray files to us on a cd .  WOW.


I find it fascinating where two buildings have been connected for years.  The side walls of one are the side walls of the other……. And then one falls down……..

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