Rockhounding and religion

I see rockhounding as a lot like religion.  We can spend hours out there climbing, hiking, getting lost….. anything.. as long as we BELIEVE there is something out there to be found.img_1944 (even when we find nothing)  🙂   Some days we even lose each other, like yesterday.  We have a loose agreement, and walk some distance from each other, and every now and then if we do not see the other we start loud whistling or calling out. Yesterday the wind was loud, so likely took our whistles and yells into the hills.   Another game we play is to ask Tucker where the other one is. I kept saying to Tucker, “WHERE IS KEN?”… and he kept looking….


Don’t you love his bandana?  Although it really is his colour, it actually has a useful purpose. That is to cool him off. We keep it wet and it aids in cooling him.  and then FINALLY>>>>>>>THERE IS KEN!img_3947

Granted, this game DOES work better on the beach.

OTHER things one might find in the desert, are ………Gypsy wagons.  Friends/neighbours from Bandon, in Quartzite.  Amber and Elton are heading east, we are heading west, and we met in quartzite.


Now this wonderful Gypsy wagon, Amber has built over many years and each year she continues to modify.


She is holding her time machine, a box she has created from odds and ends of little brass bits that once had a totally different use. Inside this tiny wagon, they even have an old stove that they use to burn pine cones to heat them up on cold nights.


How could you get cold in such a cozy spot?img_3929

“Celestine” is clearly a work of art.

Great to run into old friends along the way. We spent Thanksgiving just north of Phoenix with friends from Canada.

OTHER THINGS you might run into in Quartzite…..  ONE STOP SHOP for everything you could possibly need to show that you are___________________________  🙂


But then you get out of town again…


We have been on the road for almost a month now and FINALLY getting into the groove.

Much love to all, thanks for following our travels.




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