Our new home SWEET home.


Well our most recent obsession is a gravel pit we have purchased on the south side of the Shuswap lake.  I should IMMEDIATELY add that it is no longer a gravel pit, but OUR homestead.

However it still LOOKS like a gravel pit.


We have been looking for a new place to live for a few years, wanting to be a bit closer to “amenities”, like doctors, banks, grocery stores,  and insurance companies. ( you have no idea what a pain it is to have to physically go to another town to renew your automobile insurance.  But also …..now to our new grandson Talon.


Back to the gravel pit part…..( also called a “mine”)…… We have learned a bit about how it all works.  I guess the fellow who has hauled all the gravel out of here for some time, first of all had to take all of the topsoil and place it in a certain spot, so that when that mine (gravel pit) was decommissioned, … they would then take all of that top soil and put it back onto the property.

We have almost 9 acres of which at least 5 acres is usable land, so we have saved lots of large garlic with the plans to plant them in the fall.

We took ownership today, but it was great to be involved during the final stages of the gravel pit such that instead of spreading the top soil every where, we had them just put the top soil in a designated area where we are going to grow Garlic… and the rest of the place is gravel.  IE no weeds…. or mud.

So there is of course no house here, and we have sold our house as of the end of September…..IMG_4877

So it is great that we have grown so fond of living in our motorhome in the winters, because it seems like we shall be living in it for at least a year now.  At this stage, at least, I am quite excited, as I just love living in the motorhome, live is “simpler” than living in a house.  Who knows how it will feel a year from now   Grinning Face on Messenger 1.0

However THIS is our new adventure, and this is where we begin.

Much love, Janet, Ken and Tucker.



4 thoughts on “Our new home SWEET home.

  1. OMG! You guys are unbelievable! Another new “home!” How many have you built or bought, rebuilt and restored to your dreams with new landscaping and gardens since we’ve known you — and then moved on to the next? This time, five acres for garlic and four more of gravel: what an inspiration for new adventure!!

    Where do you find the energy, or the time, to do it all? In addition to the above, you’ve raised kids and are now grandparents, you’ve founded and run medical clinics, traveled all over, hiked historic pilgrimages in Spain, roamed West Coast beaches up and down for agates, and combed the desserts time and again for rocks — and you never stop moving on!

    It’s amazing to me. But I wish you all the best of luck and the best of health to keep on going. The views from your “gravel pit” look spectacular. May they continue to inspire as you plant your garlic this fall and hibernate in your motor home throughout the winter planning and designing your new habitat.

    Love, Frank

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  2. What a great adventure Janet and so exciting to start fresh again, fine tuning where you want to put down roots to venture from. This is truly the good life. You have found a spot with stunning views. Blessings on this new adventure of yours and all future adventures! ❤️


  3. Oh how exciting this is for you! It’s an amazing view that’s for sure and I know that this lovely place will be full of beauty in a very few years under your nurturing and dynamics. Bless you both and thanks for the uplift you bring to where ever you are. I hope to see you along the path for sure and I wish you and Tucker (who melted my heart when I first met him as a puppy) have many wonderful adventures ahead. You work hard, you think a lot, and walk the talk of a thoughtful life … may you always sing from your hearts. Nancy. (Parkinson)


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