All the rain promised and more…..


Sorry to say, but morel season has ended.  We did however have the most fun possible from April 27th until about May 25th.  I stole the title for this blog from a book we have, which is our goto book to figure out which mushrooms are good and which ones are BAD.

We began mushroom hunting while we lived in Oregon, but there we searched for the likes of Chanterelles and Hedgehogs, fall mushrooms, and they always lasted until the first frost.  Here we have morels.  The morels are spring mushrooms, that we have found as early as the end of March or not starting until May, and they seem to keep coming up for a month or so.

If you have followed this blog you will see that we are basically scavengers. We spend the winter hunting for pretty rocks and here we are back home hunting for Morels.img_4596



Well there are no mushrooms in this picture above…. just the blister beetle eating my garlic…. 😀   made you look… 

The earlier ones are black on top


Then the blond coloured ones are later.




We pick them and place them in mesh bags to to spread the spores for future years. I have found that wherever i have found mushrooms in the past, there are now more and more mushrooms on the right side of my pathway home.  (I am right handed, and so the mesh bag swings on the right side, spreading these wonderful spores)

We usually just eat them with dinner, but when we find a few extra, we dry them…. for later on ……. perhaps for dinner when we are hunting for agates in the winter.


I put morels in almost everything I make during the season.  Frittata, pizza, stuffed portobello, or pesto and pasta.

But mushroom hunting is really more about the journey than the destination.img_4601

Finding a beauty like this, is SOOO much fun.

and I imagine in a few years we shall be taking this little fellow with us…..


First we need to teach him agates… ❤️

much love

Janet and Ken  (holding baby Talon)

PS Stay tuned, my CD is finished and I shall be releasing it online soon, the actual CDs will not be done until the end of June.

My new CD cover.

Screen Shot 2019-06-08 at 2.43.58 PM




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