the harvest WILL be preserved!!!

On top of moving, we are also madly trying to save whatever we can of our garden for the fall.  We have had a wonderful year, this year,  with great harvests of heirloom tomatoes, potatoes, and zucchini.  In fact, we have never had more potatoes than we did this year, so pretty much every dinner involves tomato, potato, zucchini and garlic. or some combination of 3 of them.img_5055

We also have parsley growing everywhere at our Scotch Creek house, because I had a plant that went to seed last year. So parsley is making it into many dishes as well.  I have saved all of the seed heads of all of the plants that went to seed this year, and scattered them all over the garden area, with the hopes that they will provide some competition for the weeds that are already flourishing in the newly “ploughed” area. So with any luck, next year we should have volunteer dill, parsley, carrots, Japanese lettuce…. and much more.

We are pretty sure we can achieve similar harvests to this year with the veggies, but the fruit…. not so much.  We are especially sad to be giving up the 2 asian pear trees, as it will take a few years to get newly planted fruit trees up to the volumes our Scotch Creek trees produce.img_5056

AND especially important…. our wonderful  grandson Talon (shown here with his lovely mum, Sarah) LOVES pears.  So we are taking a 5 gallon bucket to them today so he can eat OUR pears.img_5034-1

We have another bucket that we will dry ….. once we get power…..HOPEFULLY in time, before they get too ripe.

Tucker is struggling a little with all of this back and forth, I cannot begin to imagine what is going on in his head, he tends to avoid getting out of the car with trips back and forth, and other times he refuses to get IN the car.img_5009

He creeped over the our neighbours yard (in Scotch Creek) and skulked off with a stuffed ninja turtle, and brought it up to our new place. I cannot give the toy back now because it is covered in MUD.

With regards to the “moving” we are doing, I thought I would show some pictures of a device Ken bought at Canadian tire this year that has revolutionized the process. It is a new dolly with additional settings that has allowed Ken to move most of the larger items more easily.




It’s all about levers and inclined planes. (physics)  So if anyone has a “move” somewhere in their horizons, definitely a “must have”.  Ken Loves his new tool.

Much love to all, Janet, Ken and Tucker (the confused little dog)

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