Don’t wish your life away……

My mother always told me when I was young that I was going to wish my life away, it was always something I could not wait for… Christmas, Halloween, my birthday…. the last day of work before leaving on holidays, the last final exam……and she was right.  I tend to get so excited for a day to pass, and then….. all of a sudden it is gone.   September 27th has come and gone, just like that. (and it just reminded me of my mum)

We essentially sold our house 2.5 months ago and September 27th was the closing date. It has been stressful purchasing another property,  before getting the funds from the first.  Doing things in this order DOES have its advantages though, it has allowed us the time to get totally set up at the new property before we needed to be out of the last.  It has also allowed us the time to move our stuff.  AND we were taking the final load out of the house the morning of the  “deal closing”.   We did manage to get the compost and the last pile of wood chips.  ……and  we have now…..officially “moved on”

Here is a final picture with a few things remaining in garage


the place we left behind……..



master BR and ensuiteimg_5129img_5128

living roomimg_5065




shower downstairs…..


It was a nice house and tonite someone else is making it into “their home”.

I guess, even though the deal had no subject to’s, we have worried for all this time that something might fall through…. and we might be in a financial bind   .image.png

So yesterday finally came and the money got deposited, and AMAZINGLY, BC hydro showed up to hook our power up at the new place.  (We HAD been given a 2 week window of possible hook up days. ( Like so many things you are waiting for, all seem to happen at the same time)img_5132


True hero’s …. these guys image.pngTwo things that come to mind, I can now plug my car in at home, and Ken can start drying the apples and pears.

We shall now start to focus on the garden, and it is amazing that the “cover crops” I had planted are actually coming up.



Daikon radish


Bean sprouts


Fall Rye…..


So happy to be getting something starting to grow, so I have something to” tend to”…. so as not to miss Scotch Creek too much.  Actually we are not sentimental at all, and the hardest thing to leave behind is the dirt that I spent 8 years building up.  I just wish I could have gotten a loader and a dump truck and brought all of the dirt with us. I am sure the new owners might have been a tad disappointed though.

image.pngLove Janet, Ken and Tucker (who seems to be coming to terms with where we live now)


3 thoughts on “Don’t wish your life away……

  1. Dear Janet and Ken — Congratulations for all you have accomplished!! Once again I marvel at your amazing stamina and industry: completing all that needed to be done in vacating the old home on schedule for the closing while overseeing the layout and excavation work for the new homestead, and finally getting the power and water lines approved and activated. BRAVA! and BRAVO! Sorry you had to leave the dirt behind, but maybe life can move forward now at a less hectic pace.

    I am also impressed again with the beauty of your site and its surroundings as seen in your photos. The snapshots of sprouts already peeping up in your future garden area seem a tangible promise of what’s yet to come. Thank you for finding time to share all this with your fans here in Bandon and elsewhere. We wish you all the best!

    With love and admiration — Frank Q

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    1. Oh thank you so much Frank. Looking forward to seeing you again this fall, and a “group hug”. Sometime I too wonder where we get the energy, especially when we first started looking up here….there WERE moments of doubt, but once decision made, we just GO for it. Much love


  2. Lol! Yeah, if I was the new owner I’d be a tad disappointed if the old owners brought in a skip loader and took all the top soil with them!! Lol! Love you guys! Amber




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