well well well …….

WELL …it turns out that there is more than just gravel on this property. We have found some of the most beautiful rocks here…. many even better than we find down south in the winter.  I haven’t posted anything here because we have not had our saw up and running to be able to cut them…… but sometimes I am just not good at waiting….. Here is one I found today that has faint amethyst colouring, with waterline agate at the bottom. We have heard that there are amethyst in the area.


This one we did cut before we packed up our saw.   Beautiful blue banding, this is either opal/agate, or some kind of jasper.


thinking that this one is Jade


some other kind of agate…..  This all makes weeding in the garden easier, because you never know when you are going to come across a really cool rock.image


But the real …well well well…. was about our well. We did get power Friday and septic a few weeks ago, but we still do not have water, awaiting the… “putting in of the pump”  part of getting water.  The well was done a few months ago, but the pump needed to be dropped down and I found it kind of interesting, so if YOU find it interesting, here is the story.  Despite having done this house thing several times, we have never been so “intimately involved” in the well process.


So you can see in front of the ladder a 6 inch pipe, that is essentially the well,  It goes down 40 feet, and there is a good supply of water. HOWEVER, it needs a pump to get it up and onwards to our house.  THIS IS THE PUMP.img_5151

It is attached to power, and a 1 1/2 inch pipe, and this will go down 28 feet….. to where the water is.  So it will be immersed in the water.

This is a rather precarious position, a ladder over the hole with 2 2x6s, and me standing on the end as a counter weight, taking pictures image  NICE VIEWimg_5153


Then this is the key to the whole project, it is called a “pitless adaptor”, and although none of this made any sense to me when Ken was explaining it all to me ……., it turned out to be important…. read on.


AND THIS is what the pitless adaptor, adapts to. This picture is from the outside of the well about 8 feet down.  So Ken dropped down the pipe attached to the pitless adaptor, and it snugged up right next to this brass fitting.



So I watched from here for the pitless adaptor to line up with this fitting…. and presto, it just clicked into place….. so that we could attach THIS


…. and then THIS


and this photo is taken further back showing the pipe leading into the underground trench… and the precarious platform.


So our fresh water indicator is RED in the motor home, meaning that we are close to running out of water. Not a big deal, we have wine….. and tomorrow is another day.


thank goodness for “another days”.

Much Love to all from Janet, Ken and Tucker (who is starting to make this place his own)







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