Happy Birthday 65 Ken!

We have been in central Oregon for over a week now (long time for us) and were lucky enough to spend Ken’s BIG birthday with friends in Camp Sherman.  Over the years with all of our moves, and all of our friends moves, we have ended up with friends strewn all over the place, in SUCH a way that we have friends to visit all over the place.  Camp Sherman is a small “settlement” about 9 miles west of Sisters Oregon.  We have never been there, so it was a wonderful adventure with great friendly “tour guides”.

img_5467Since they (our tour guides) have read about “our gravel pit”, they felt obliged to take us up to “their gravel pit”, to look at a totally different, but nonetheless equally spectacular views.

There are a series of volcanoes running through Oregon, providing for beautiful  mountains to look at from almost everywhere here.




We also found the Metolius River extremely interesting. This is a picture of where the river starts, (or headwaters)  as a spring. I have never seen anything like this, a river that just quite suddenly comes out of the ground.


We checked out many spots along the river,  which being spring fed, is mighty cold any time of the year.  Also with it being  mainly spring fed, the depth of the river changes very little throughout the year.  Popular for fly fishing, (catch and release), and trails everywhere.img_5474

I found the colour of the river a particularly beautiful colour of blue, deep and very inviting.  Could not help but wonder if it was a very hot summer day if I might be tempted to jump in.  Apparently it would be brief.image


As part of tour we went to see the Santiam pass ski lodge which a group of interested people are “bringing back”.  We were fortunate enough to be there when someone was working on it, and he showed us around…. so we could see just where the restoration project was at.img_5493


Just a bit of information about the history of the lodge from the “restore oregon” site. Santiam Lodge was constructed between July 1939 and February 1940 as an element of the Three Fingered Jack Winter Sports Area development during the late 1930s. This development also included the original 1930s Hoodoo Ski Bowl. The two and one–half story Santiam Lodge building was originally designed as a ski lodge that could accommodate approximately sixty guests. Rooms within the lodge included dormitory quarters, a dining room, a lounge and specialized ski–related rooms such as a waxing room and storage for skis and related gear. Local stone from nearby Hogg Rock was quarried to construct the ground floor and chimneys. The second floor and attic story were framed with local timber in a regional version of the “Rustic” style.”

The floor has all been stripped down to the glue from the linoleum, and they are leaving it like that until project is finished, to protect the Oak floor that is under the linoleum glue. I am sure it will be beautiful when it is done.


Although most of the lodge was blessed with ” STRONG BONES”… good timbres, such that little is needed to repair the structure, this front wall is buckling, so they are putting strong beams in for support there.img_5490

So, sounds like a great project. You can find more information  HERE

Sorry some of my pictures have fuzzies in the corners… but my iPhone case is buckling at the edges and works its way into my pictures.  Perhaps it also needs new supports.

We are now in Vale Oregon, quite close to the border of Idaho.

We spent last night in the Town  of John Day, and (of course) there was the John Day hotel, the John Day restaurant etc etc….. it really is never ending.  We stayed at the county campground.  Got up this morning to see/(not see) an entire family dressed in matching camouflage outfits, loading up their guns from their RV into their truck. There were the typical teens  whining about getting up so early. It sort of reminded me of the matching pyjamas that people are getting for Christmas.image  So many new experiences for us.  Most of the towns out here have signs coming into town saying “welcome hunters”, and we think “how thoughtful they are to think of us ……..

Bye for now, Much love Janet, Ken and Tucker the rock hunting……. dog……

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday 65 Ken!

  1. Happy birthday late, Dr. Ken!
    I miss Oregon too and come back to visit son when I can.
    Of all the united states I have driven thru and visited, Oregon and Washington are my favorites.
    Hope you and Dr Janet are well and happy!


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