Crystals for Christmas..

We have been in Quartzsite for a week now, and today is Christmas. We are having a wonderful time with friends from Kamloops, Kathy and Pete. Of course we have introduced them to rockhounding and taken them to many of our favourite spots, and of course we did not warn them that Rockhounding was addictive, and that there was no cure 😊img_5852

Not everyone is susceptible to the malady, but we are always thrilled when someone else GETS IT! 👍🏻

This week has been all about crystals.  Never had much interest, but on one days long walk in the desert, Ken found two very lovely little crystals, and so now we are on the quest for crystals


There is a hill 10 miles south of where we are camping called Crystal hill, so we studied on a map where the “washes” flow from that area. (washes are essentially like river beds that have no water in them, ….. like intermittent rivers).  So then we planned Day hikes up the washes with the hopes that some of the crystals might have, over many years, worked their way out of crystal hill and into the wash.    ….. and we DID find some.img_5863



To learn more about Crystals, we went into the rock show at quartzsite and saw some beautiful specimens.img_5834img_5835and then we saw some really cool rocks called mushroom agates and we were all for that, figuring that these pieces cut would look wonderful in the floor of our house.  So we bought some large ones…. so you will likely find stones that look like this in our kitchen floor.


Speaking of floors…..  These are ammonite fossils. “Ammonites were prehistoric, coiled cephalopods whose fossils are found worldwide.”  We have purchased several of these pairs, cut and polished and figure we will create a design alternating these with tiles as a back splash in our kitchen.  They are 5×7 cm.


Yesterday we wandered around the beautiful KOFA wilderness area, and Tucker …… found WALDO….. 😊               AKA Pete…. apprentice rockhound…  HI TUCKER….. GOOD FIND.!


Well we have now been living in this motorhome for 4 months, AND we are still married… 👍🏻 Each day another adventure that we would never find, unless we went looking for it….. well for the most part.


SO we have black bean enchiladas in the oven, and are awaiting our dinner guests. We can talk about all of our wonderful rock  finds from today, over wine.



Much Love and Merry Christmas to all, from Janet Ken and the Rockhound finding dog Tucker.




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