The long ways home………

We have had a wonderful week in Bandon, hunting mushrooms and rocks and catching up with friends.  Of course I never thought to take pictures of friends, I was so busy, catching up. We went in to the Bandon Brewing company every day for lunch, we had never been there……. AND I am sure we had more meals at restaurants while we were in Bandon, than we have for the whole past year. We decided to skulk around and learn how to get pizzas flying up in the air like these guys were doing…. so I took some pictures.img_6126


I was not sure if you are allowed to take pictures in bars, so I pretended to be taking picture of Ken here.


Aren’t I sneaky…..

The beer was great, the pizza was greater and we are going to fashion the walls in our new house after the walls in this restaurant, with old wood. Great atmosphere, we realized perhaps we are missing something by not eating in restaurants all that time.

I mentioned in the previous blog how the trails out a winchester had changed with all of the clear cuts, but…… some trails we did not recognize because the trees had grown up so much. We started running, cycling these trails 20 years ago and some of the trails had parts of previous clear cuts in them. Now those areas are now very large trees.img_6134

This is WOMBAT COMBAT an old favourite of ours, but sadly the shooting was quite near by and incessant.  I saw a cartoon on facebook recently, a guy in a store with 2 open carry AR 15s…. and the tiller said, have you tried Viagra? Unknown

This is the map at winchester road trails.


Here are some of the mushrooms we found, we told our friend that we were making wild mushroom stew with hedgehogs and she was thinking…. that does not sound like a vegetarian stew… but you can see why they call these mushrooms hedgehogs.  There are all these pokie things on the undersides.


On our last night in Bandon I made a wild mushroom stew for all the friends who came over for dinner (that I did not take a picture of) however I DID take a picture of the stew.


There were some wild mushrooms, hedgehogs and chanterelles and some morels we brought from Canada, and some TAME mushrooms from costco. Unknown


I had an audience while I was cooking at Gail’s house, this is Walter.


We spent a very rainy night in Florence, then on to Eugene with a continuation of the rain rain rain.

This is the Willamette cancer centre where I had most of my cancer treatments 11 years ago.  We went there to hang out with a friend while she received her chemo infusion.  She is in a cancer trial, and she is the first one in the study to get the drug. It was nice to spend the time with her, and quite reminiscent for me.  She did very well with the treatment and had her “service dog” with her, so  Ken took him out to pee while she was getting the infusion. It was quite an experience to be there with her. So glad we did it


The first treatment I had, Ken put together a slide show and connected it with one of my songs. I was unable to go in and get the video to post it here, but you can click on this link to see the slideshow, it is at the bottom of the page.  I had my hair corn braided before I started chemo, so that I could save the braids and make a wig out of it.

My blog with the “she sings her song” slide show

We are motoring home now, we have been closely monitoring the weather. Looks like a nice warm day in Kamloops tomorrow.  We sprung a leak last night after 3 days of rain, it started leaking down on the left side of the bed.  Ken got right onto it and had a patch onto the roof and had the whole area dried out quickly.  Then he put another patch on top of that today. It seems to have solved the problem. THEN we started up to head out this morning and Ken could not get  the motorhome into gear.  It was not clear what the problem was, but it got working and we drove up to Woodburn.  There it failed again, and through checking the codes, it turns out that the problem was that the transmission box was not getting power.  While parked at the mall, Ken was able to jimmie rig the RIG to get power to the transmission box, while talking on the phone with a motorhome mechanic he had met on a forum for safari motorhomes. So we are on the road again, and very glad to be heading home today with these added concerns.


Of course we are looking forward to seeing this little guy AND our friends and family members.

So ONWARDS …. Janet, Ken and Tucker the dog who is really looking forward to seeing his cousins…..


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