back home again….. well ..sort of.

We have been home for 3 weeks now. ……. and it is not yet spring.  It would not be so bad except we are now looking forward to getting our house started.

Two weeks ago we hiked up to our property to see the snow situation, and there was a good 3 feet of snow everywhere.. It does not look bad here because there is a good solid layer of ice on top of the snow, making it easy to hike up to our place, on top of the snow.img_6150

Sadly there has been another 8 inches of snow on top of the ice, so now we have to make a trail to get up to our place.  At least no one has been up to our place. Unknown No sneaking around up here now.


This is down towards the bottom of the hill, and the gate needs to be dug out so we can open the it.  I helped a little bit, but have a really sore elbow from a fall on the ice on my first day back at work……. wearing the WRONG footwear.


you WILL notice the for sale sign on the gate, there IS another property for sale, and if you are interested LET Me know so  you can be here next year  (with us) to HELP us dig this out Unknown.


So the moral of THIS story (blog) is that there is a ton of snow standing in the way of us starting to build our house.



Not to dispair….. George,  the guy who owns all of this, except the lot we bought, is in Mexico, and is madly trying to think of a solution. You see this is a strata and the costs of clearing the road is shared by all owners of properties.   Since he sold the  gravel pit part of the property to us, he no longer needs his equipment, and so has sold some of it. (and retired)

So we put out a message on facebook for “recommendations” for snow removal, and George, in Mexico, got the message.  Turns out that he  did not sell all of his equipment.

Turns out that there is a bull dozer, that just happens to be at the opening to where our drive way comes off the main road.  The VERY cool thing is that it is at the TOP of the hill, rather than the bottom, so I AM SURE that the gravity between the two (top and bottom)……will be helpful


I must say here that NOTHING is a given here…. Gravity is only so helpful with an opposing force……. (snow).

Also, this machine has been sitting here since we bought the property, and so there are questions about whether it actually runs. thinking emoji

However when there is a ton of snow between living in a motorhome forever and living in a house, we have to cling to some form of hope.

So the idea is, if we can get the gate opened… then George has a friend who will take up a snow mobile (hopefully with an extra battery and extra fuel)… and with an open gate he will be able to go up, start up the bull dozer, and drive it down the hill moving the snow over the bank.

THEN we will have the tractor company (where our tractor is stored)  remember the tractor??….img_1284


and so we are hoping that we will put some chains on the tractor and clear some of the snow ourselves once we get the tractor back home.   Picture below is where the previous picture was taken avec non snow…


This is an interesting mark in the snow…. clearly a large bird has swooped down to grab an small critter here….


In the meantime we have our motorhome parked in Dylan and Sarah’s driveway and we are “catching up” with Baby Talon. Oh and Dylan and Sarah… also.




It has been cold at night, and even during the  days, and so Ken has “insulated the windows”  Inside the motorhome, so it has become more like a cave… no light…no view.img_6189

thinking emoji  So looking forward to spring.

Much Love from Janet, Ken and Tucker the snow dog… for now.




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