It starts……today

I thought I would write in my blog today, because our house building begins today I do not know how to make squiggles on a photo, but the front of the house will be central in this picture.



Then the garden, plowed and planted with potatoes, onions, beets, peas and spinach


AND GARLIC. OH and that machine is going to dig the basement……and we have left enough room for it to get out without trampling on the garlic.




We have started to cut the rocks for the floor and backsplashes and countertops. It is going to be fun laying them all out, figuring where they will all go best.  These ones look a bit like fish.


We have a large rock saw that we just put the rock into a clamp, and turn the saw on and walk away and it cuts the rock and then turns off. So we are trying to keep the saw going all day. We have LOTS of rock to cut.


We are kind of wondering what rocks might come out, as they dig the basement.

Oh and here is our little Talon, learning the gears on the tractor.img_6519



I guess I had better go, the crew is here…. STAY TUNED

Much love Janet, Ken and Tucker


2 thoughts on “It starts……today

  1. I have a picture of Dylan driving the Kubota at your house on Chilliwack mountain..

    Exciting day!


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