the foundations


It has been a little over a week and little has been done. They dug the hole and had to finish up another job, so only came back this week to get going.  Today they are going to pour concrete into the footings.

So here are a few shots of the hole digging.  We had a huge rain storm a few nights earlier, and the puddles filled up again.



AND here are the footings.


Here are the plans for our house…..


It is also mushroom season, it is a month later than usual, but we have found several morels in the past few days.  We have been bushwalking through the forest finding new secrete morel beds.  I was thinking, I had better not get Covid 19, because I have heard that they are using your phone for contact tracing, and my phone might give away some of our secret morel spots Unknown



But it seems we must be pretty safe out in the middle of where we find mushies.

So we are working hard at our cutting rocks, for our flooring etc. We are particularly thrilled with the petrified wood cuts.  Our hardwood flooring will be HARD.



and then some truly gorgeous pieces.  Aren’t these beautiful.


Oh and then the garden is coming along well. The garlic is up and growing well, as are the potatoes, onions, and the broccoli and lettuce have been transplanted as well.




We are quite happy, the weather is here, and the house is coming up.  Here are is Tucker, NOT socially isolating, with his best friend.


Much love, Janet, Ken and Tucker the anti deadlock dog.

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