another victoria day weekend…hohum

So the house is moving along at a slow pace… boring…. but then there is the garden, …. and Morels.


We have put in a drip tape watering system, and we think that the garlic will love it…however … our timers are packed away in the Sea Can.  They are expensive, so we do not want to buy new timers…img_6602

So this afternoon, Ken is deep in the bowels of the SeaCan searching for the timers… WHERE DID WE PUT THEM?  He has been in there a LONG time, perhaps I shall send a search party soon to find himthinking emoji


The SeaCans are SO much easier to deal with when all the stuff is inside and the doors are closed.  It just seems like you open the doors and our lives come falling out, what ARE we going to do with all this stuff?  The garlic is looking great….


.. and Ken just found the best wheelbarrow, and Princess Auto.  This thing is like a small truck and it tips up to empty too.


I have never had such great looking potato plants either, and to the left of them is a row of the Broccoli.  I guess with a new property you never know how the soil is, and so far, I am impressed… even the weeds look very healthy…


Speaking of weeds, does anyone know what these are?  They are new to me.  But seem to be growing everywhere.  And growing well.


And on to the rocks, I decided to try to cut some of the ones we have found here on the property.  I have not seen anything like this in the books, perhaps I need to ask some local rockhounds. thinking emoji



This one below, we found at Chase Creek a few years ago.


and this one, we have been able to take several cuts from, so lots of material.


Our plans are to do a practice run in the basement, we plan to cut out a large piece of Plywood 3/4 inch thick and place it in the concrete, and then after the concrete is dry, we will remove the plywood and have an indentation  the size and shape of the plywood, 3/4 inch thick.  We will fill the area with the stones, as we would for tiles, and then grout the area around the tiles.

New territory for us….

Bye for now, much love, Janet and Ken and Tucker (the dog)



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