you MIGHT be a redneck…..

We are feeling that……. maybe, just maybe…..


we might be….  Is the next picture convincing?


YES we decided that the ONE THING (and at the time there WAS only one thing we missed) is a washing machine.   And doggonitt…. Ken just went out and got one.  Then he built a roof and sidewalls on it, and put on a metal roof.  I think I may never move it indoors ( well … until the snow comes)  and I might not be able to move it in until then.  Nice to just do laundry out doors and hang them to drying between the Sea cans.

So they have built the basement walls, and in this photo are pouring the concrete. It certainly seems to have improved over the years, for builders backs, not have to shovel the concrete into these spaces.


this is the truck that the concrete truck pours concrete into and they can move the boom around to put the concrete in the right place.


And here are the walls with the forms being removed. Our basement walls.  Well in all honesty, MOST OF it will be a crawl space, and a small basement.


So with all this concrete around, with leftovers, we needed to play…. practice our project to work out the bugs..


And we already found some bugs.

What happened was that the wood was hard to get out of the concrete once it  was dry… Ken had to chisel it out, which would not be a good thing, given the size of cut rock areas we are wanting to do.

So he DID get the wood out, and we WILL be able to practice the project.img_6650

Our head guy builder came by the other day and said that we could possibly use the forms they use for the basement walls, because they are oiled and concrete does not stick to them.  We are going to use one form from the basement walls to practice on the basement floor.  We shall create a depressed area in the basement to practice our project on, and work out more bugs.

In the meantime, these practice hunks of concrete will become a funky piece in our yard.

Lot of interesting rocks being cut now. The rock saw is running most waking hours of the day, every day.


In the mean time, Tucker is trying to gain the hearts and minds (and odd lunch snacks) from the builders.  Here he is just waiting for the 2×4 to drop.


Also … stay tuned for a formal recording of a  song I have written about presidents Trumps response to the Covid infection.


Then there is Talon.  I go to work in Kamloops on Wednesdays and  drop Ken off at Dylan and Sarahs, and Ken spends the day with Talon.


He seems to be a squatter….. which we just LOVE.


Now it is late on a Friday afternoon. My 92 year old father fell 2 days ago, up in Williams Lake, and broke his hip and clavicle.  He was brought down to Kamloops via ambulance and is in the Royal Inland hospital. As much as I know, he is in the OR now, or possibly out.  They did not operate yesterday because his serum potassium was high, related to his kidney disfunction.

It is a very odd situation, I have 3 sisters and we are all sitting waiting to hear how everything went.  After all, he IS 92.   None of us can go in to see him at the hospital because of Covid.  No one is allowed into the hospital to visit people except in certain situations, such as end of life.

I have phoned many times trying to find out how he is doing and when he might be going for surgery.   At 1 pm today I got a call from a nurse whom I know personally, and I was totally thrilled that she was his nurse.  He was just heading for surgery then. That was 5 hours ago.

I realize that there is another side to this COVID situation that the media does not cover, I guess, because it is not exciting enough.  There are many elderly people who are totally alone, in nursing homes, and hospitals, and at home…… with no one to visit them.  Families have no idea how they are doing, and  (if they are in a facility )are totally dependant on a kind person on the end of the line whom might be empathetic enough to understand how it must be for families on the outside, wondering how their loved ones are doing on the inside.

I believe we know a lot more about the infection than we did 2 months ago.  I feel sad for all of the people who are alone right now.  I feel sad that we were not there to see my dad off to surgery today.


Bye for now, much love from Janet Ken and Tucker the apprentice…..




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