the Island

So we moving along some, now, as the weather is turning on us. It is getting harder to stay in motorhome, as the heat is an air pump and with the colder air it is struggling to keep up. So we are using the little space heaters.

we have become so frustrated with the news, that we have designated Tucker to let us know if there are any significant changes in the news…..He just rolls his eyes.

The floor got done and polished …. we are pretty happy with it…

We were shown pictures of great work drawing in the boards to make it look like a frame , so we opted to have him draw in boards around our rock/tile openings to make it look like a frame. We are not sure how well it worked out

I guess we will see once we start to lay the rocks in.

We do have our cold room in (with the exception of the door), and nicely filled up. You cannot see in this picture, but there are large bins of potatoes on the floor.

I planted heirloom “glass gem” corn this year and they are starting to be ready. Not sure if they can possibly be used for making flour, but I think that the best thing would be just to look at them.

this is how tall the corn grew, I will be saving the seeds, as they are an old heirloom. Looks like I will have lots if anyone wants to try to grow corn.

although we have had our first frost, it has not been extensive enough to damage these HUGE Shaggymanes…..this was about 3 inches across

And of course in the midst of all of this, it is also garlic planting season. There have been several times we have looked at each other wonder ??? Why are we doing this again? Of our last years crop of 5000, we saved the largest 1000, and of what was left we sold…. and have some to eat over winter. BUT THEN we went to our seed stock to get ready to plant, and many of them had rotted. SO we had to break down and buy more seed stock in town.

So back to the house…. we have had some painting done, the crew were on another job and only had a few days to start. We bought some fir doors “from a guy” and are staining them with the Steele wool soaked in vinegar, for 3 days, then dilute with water. We are thinking that they will tie in our ??? industrial/steam punk design ideas.

and then the kitchen cupboards have arrived, it will be an entire week to get them installed. as you can see a wide array of colours. The wall colours will change.

And then the ISLAND. WOW, I had no idea just how big it really was going to be, it is massive. We wanted place for 2 sinks and the cook top, and dishwasher, so I guess it had to be big.

the counters you see at the back are stainless steel, for making bread. šŸ™‚ There is currently a protective coating on them.

So there were guys here yesterday to take a template of the top of the island to create a concrete countertop.

This is the guest bathroom, stay tuned for changes here.

THIS is the greenhouse, …. many changes here…..

SO here we are shivering in our motorhome and going frequently into our VERY warm house. There is just one heater going in house and the entire house is staying VERY warm, which says a lot about the insulation.

Bye for now, much love from Janet, Ken and our roving news reporter Tucker.

One thought on “the Island

  1. Hi Janet and Ken, it looks like your place is coming along. Very beautiful design and view and lots of light wow! We love our place and have made a few changes here as well. I look forward to your updates on the new place. Thanks for sharing. Stay well and stay warm.
    Kim and Kerry


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