We have moved into house….

WEEELLL. kind of….sort of like, in a way……. The weather got colder, and the motorhome could not keep up with the heat. PLUS we picked up our new bed. HUGE bed in fact…. Our old bed was over 20 years old, so instead of storing for a year, we sold it last year.

Oh…. and… it snowed, …..there was that….. 3-4 inches in fact.

We have a smattering of lovely amenities though, and a lack of others that we would love to have.

For starters we have THIS: A high voltage heater that is presently our only source of heat. (and it is -10 C. or 14 degrees F … outside)

and then we have a washer AND a dryer. We have run a hose in through the door handle hole in the greenhouse door, for the washing machine.

And for the dryer we are sharing the only 240 volt plugin with the heater above. So when the dryer is running we have no heat, not that this would be an issue, except that we had gotten WAY behind on our laundry. So washer/dryer LOVELY amenity, alternating with heat.

Now THIS… is a very lovely amenity that we HAVE, but don’t have.

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We were scheduled to get it fully installed and inspected yesterday, but when we went to get the zero clearance stove pipe, it turns out that the company that makes them shut down for 3 months because of COVID and as expected are WAY behind in production. We have (actually KEN HAS) phoned everywhere trying to find the ones we need, and finally “a guy” has found one for us, and so fingers crossed for next weekend.

Now THIS is another potential amenity, that is not working out for us at this minute. It is the furnace that goes with the heat pump, and there is something wrong with it.

It certainly is a good thing we have so many alternative sources of heat .

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AND then we have our in floor heating system, that is quite a work of art in the basement. But it is not quite finished.

Ultimately I guess we will just have to depend on THIS…….


It WILL be warmer today, thanks for the help SUN…..

The Sun Face Emoji | Emoji, Sun emoji, Smiling sun

This is what the kitchen is like now, supposed to be finished tomorrow, except for the Island counter top, which will be another 2.5 weeks. It is going to be concrete and they had to wait until the Island was in to create a “template” with which to create the island. Both of our kitchen sinks will be on the island (yes Ken and I BOTH need a sink), and so it will be awhile before we have kitchen sinks. We do not have water to the house anyways, so currently makes no difference.

With the costs of our kitchen cabinetry going up, we decided to find funky cabinets to use in bathrooms rather than having a cabinet company do it. THIS is an old sewing machine cabinet, with a thick counter top applied, we found on facebook marketplace.

THIS is the office. This will be our spare bedroom, (with a Murphy bed)/office.

My work is about to change a lot over the next few weeks. I care for about 40 patients in Long term care at 2 facilities in Kamloops. With Covid it has become increasingly difficult with the distance I am from Kamloops, 90 KM (50 miles). In the past I used to drive in once a week or so and visit both facilities to keep up with my patients, sometimes more. However with Covid, physicians are only allowed to visit one facility per day, so I have to make 2 trips, OR only go to one facility a week. It has become more stressful. Good news, a new doctor is coming to Kamloops who is quite interested in Long term care (nursing homes) and is going to take over most of my patients for me. It will be a big change for me, because I am on call 24/7 basically all year except when we go down south, and someone else covers then. I get maybe 5-8 calls per day, which does not seem like a lot, but it does wear away at you with time. So looking forward to less interruptions during the days

My OTHER job/jobs are as medical director. I am the medical director for Overlander care home in Kamloops which is the largest care facility in Interior Health. This is a bit harder to explain, but I oversee the quality of care in the facility.

Then in April I took the position of Medical director for Interior health west Long term care. This is the interesting position, because it is involves traveling to the communities up to Williams Lake, over to Clearwater, Merritt and Lillooet. So exciting changes for us, coming up. A lot of time on computer and meetings on phone as well, so nice to have such a great view from the office room

So here we are, getting warmer in our house. Poor Tucker is a little lost, and needing extra reassurances. AND he is a little annoying with his periods of indecision, … hmmm do I want to go outside.. or not …WHILE we have the door open, in a house we are trying to heat.

Anyways for now all is good, though I may sound a wee bit melodramatic about it, we are THRILLED to be in our new house.

Much Love from Janet, Ken and Tucker the undecided dog.

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