And then the winter came….

Hoping to see the end of camp style coffee soon… but not until at least Monday or Tuesday. No wait a minute. While I was typing those words, Ken got a call from the guy who is doing the countertops for the island. Apparently the main piece (there will be 3 pieces). …. Cracked. Sadly the piece what cracked is the centre piece and so the one that the others need to butt up against, so he cannot put in the other pieces either. BTW, they are concrete.

It started snowing last night. It has snowed all day long. It looks like 1.5-2 feet. Last year it took an excavator to finally clear the road up to where we are. THIS year we are hoping we can stay ahead of it. Otherwise we might be STUCK?? (scroll back to February )

Now being STUCK up here may have some appeal…. we have food put away for the winter, we have wood, and a wood stove….

However, unless the trades people can get up the road we will never get this place finished.

Ken has been trying to find a snow blade for our tractor, but this is not the best day to be looking for one… and they ARE expensive.

Fortunately, George, the guy we bought property from, has a truck with a snow plow on the front. The tires are not in great shape, so he got some chains today for the tires. So for now, he is going to leave this vehicle here now so Ken can go out and plow PRN. It is best to start with the plow at the TOP of the hill. So at least for now, we have a plan.

Now THIS is a luxury that allows me to make….

But you cannot make coffee in the oven. We have tried to make coffee on the wood stove, but it would take forever.

So they are starting to do the showers. The shower areas were the only part of the house where concrete was not put down. Showers are always tough with concrete in getting it all to drain down to the drain. This is a new concept to me… The metal piece at the front is the drain, and it is a trough drain. It allows them to make the floor all draining down to the trough, rather than the circular way. If that makes sense? We are thinking we will not have doors on the shower if the floor is concrete?

The one below is in the MBR… I have recently been told that the term MASTER bed room dates back to the slave days… and so I am trying to come up with the right term, OUR bedroom/bathroom VS Guest Bedroom/bathroom.???

Other changes to the “guest” bathroom”

So the fir boards we are using were salvaged from a floor and have been planed to take off finish and we have (Ken has) finished them with the mixture of vinegar and steel wool. When the steel wool dissolves we can either use it as is or add tea to mixture. For this project he has used some plain, some with a reddish tea and some with greenish tea.

We ARE expecting it to look better without the ladder.

So we are planning on creating a “feature wall” in each room, this is the greenhouse

So this is the current stage of the Island, the big centre spot is for the stove top, and there will be a sink at each end, a the gap next to the basket is for the dishwasher.

We did go for a walk earlier in the day and found these prints, after finding a huge bear poop. (aren’t they hibernating yet?)

Well it is now the next day and we still have power.

Thanks for reading, much love from Janet, Ken and Tucker the bear hunter.

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