Have a healthy and peaceful holiday

It has already been well over a month since we have been in our unfinished house. We went to get house insurance this week, (construction insurance is pretty costly) but we need an occupancy permit in order to have house insurance.

There are just a few niggly things needed for permit, one is a light over the front door. Unfortunately they cannot install the light until the siding gets to the level of the light. You can see the round fitting for the light.

We also need a proper railing alongside the stairs rather than the set of boxes that are there now. Stay tuned on this railing as it is going to be pretty funky, hopefully soon.

And we need one full bathroom, which includes Sink, toilet and bath(and/or) shower. In our case the showers till be awhile, and we have the tub, toilet, and we need to get the sink hooked up. Most of the issue there is that in an effort to be creative, we have made the project much more complicated.

So the top part alongside the bath is done, with agates and fossils and various rocks we have found over the years.

The backsplash of the sink is a work in progress, but it IS progressing, despite…..

Talon has started to spend the weekends days with us while Sarah is working in nearby Chase. This started about a month ago, and so we have worked hard to get some projects done to make the place more toddler proof.

We are learning more every week about how to keep a 20 month old interested and occupied. It HAS gotten easier once all the ladders and saws have been taken from the living room.

We DID finally get the concrete counter top. It came in 3 huge pieces.

Talon loves the counter top where the chairs are. He runs under them and is thrilled that his head does not hit……. yet.

And we have started the tiling in the kitchen backsplash. We will be doing more with these tiles elsewhere.

The siding is getting completed, slowly but surely. It is kind of odd, we have no window coverings OR inside doors, so finding privacy while they are working on siding it hard some days.

Over the past month I have stepped away from a few of my jobs, and so have more time. More time to ponder, and more space to wander…… Which is good because pondering takes up space.

I am sure that for most who are reading this, restrictions are becoming greater due to the covid spread. Our area is experiencing increased cases of covid as well. Best wishes to everyone for a healthy peaceful Christmas. My heart goes out especially to those who live alone, as I am sure it must be very hard.

Much Love to all, Janet Ken and Tucker.

3 thoughts on “Have a healthy and peaceful holiday

  1. I am so delighted to see your new home! What a beauty! all of the rocks and geodes collected from all of your special places have now found their special place…. delightful… amazing… and lovely. This home is going to soak up great energies and happy moments. May it be blest… and all who dwell within. Built during a Pandemic and lasting long into a New Age.


  2. Love your thoughtfully designed home!
    Patience for the many details….no rush neededšŸ˜.
    Thank you for the holiday wishes…to you as well.


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