they walk amongst us… the unvaccinated!

They walk amongst us, they work amongst us, their children go to the same schools as our children, they  shop amongst us, and they provide “care” for us if we are ill (scariest of all).  If you go to a hospital, you might be cared for by a health professional who thought that their own “personal health choices” was more important than your life.

And they breath amongst us, the scary bit.  Back in the days of AIDS, the feeling was that someone who was having unprotected homosexual sex was basically a criminal for spreading a deadly disease.   YET we have people continuing to breath the same air we breath …..who did not accept a treatment that would have ended this pandemic.

They have their reasons, ……things they have heard….things they have seen on youtube, things they have even dreamt up themselves. 

I have heard almost every type of disease quoted as the reason NOT to have the vaccine….. cancer, autoimmune diseases, infertility…. The list goes on.  A neighbour gave the excuse that a friend of hers “almost died from vaccine”. Funny how they do not WARN those around them that they are NOT VACCINATED!

What troubles me is that this being one of the biggest “personal health decisions” that  they are making, and they have not consulted a doctor to discuss their concerns.   In fact it seems that on this issue that the unvaccinated have decided that doctors are part of a broader conspiracy  to harm people.  I guess being a doctor, THIS  IS the hardest part of it all.  What will happen when they have a headache that they think is cancer, who will they trust when they have abdominal pain that is not going away.  Will they believe a doctor who says “I think you need this treatment”…… and will doctors who are already overburdened with too many patients, want to waste time on someone who does not trust them on a basic issue like this.

The sad truth is that for many who have opted not to get the vaccine as a “health choice” do not REALLY have concerns about the vaccine, for many are the same people who would not wear masks. They JUST do not care, and are not about to have anyone tell them what to do, kind of like drunk drivers. No concern for those around them, ………selfish…You CAN get away with driving while drunk…. until something happens, and its bad.

Seeing a group of nurses creating memes saying that they had been the heroes last year with Covid and that they are being fired now for making a “personal health decision”is so troubling for me. 

They are not being fired (a lie) they are being required to have the vaccine in order to look after high risk patients. THINGS change. Would you be OK with the school bus driver to carry on after their vision went?  A firefighter who had developed a fear of heights?  A lawyer who has dementia?  What about Typhoid Mary. She was just an Irish immigrant who needed a job, only problem was that the only jobs involved cooking for people and she carried typhoid fever. She went to jail for many years.

NOT to say that there are not Doctors as well who are adding to this big lie as well. In fact our governing body, the College of physicians and surgeons are disciplining doctors for spreading misinformation.

We are all tired of all of this. A year and a half, going on 2 years of our lives being extremely affected by a disease that should have been curtailed right from the beginning, except for a group of people who have little concern for fellow human beings. A part of me wonders if SOME of these people are so marginalized in their thinking that they actually FINALLY have something that they can hold the rest of us ransom for. Gives them power….. that they would never actually have had. Something that they can fling around at the rest of us, who are just wanting our lives to be normal again.

The very sad NEW thing, is that BECAUSE of those who choose NOT to get vaccinated, we are now starting to need booster shots, as the ones who got the vaccine at the beginning are becoming more prone to Covid. The new Delta variant is MUCH more infectious than the original covid. AND most of the world has only been able to vaccinate about 2% of their population. So the unvaccinated are not only affecting those here, they are also affecting the rest of the world, because the US is going to start doing 3rd booster shots for the most prone individuals.

I guess I would like to end this blog on a positive note. Those who are unvaccinated make up a very small group of people. They seem to be a very vocal group, but they ARE THE MINORITY. In British Columbia they announced a vaccine passport will be required to attend all non essential venues, such as restaurants, gyms, night clubs…. etc. On Monday the Covid vaccine bookings were up 174%. 👍👍👍


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