A vaccine is not a miracle, it is a tool….

A vaccine is not a miracle that takes away everything. All it was ever intended to achieve is merely a head start for your body to build up a defence against a potentially deadly infection. Nothing more…..

We do not have a vaccine against a common cold, because they are mild infections and rarely if ever directly cause death. Because it is mild, our body is able to mount a response and fight it, and everyone lives happily ever after…(sort of) No biggie. A drag but nothing more. The flu is more severe… and while most of us are able to fight off the flu, many of us just do not have a strong enough system to fight off the flu. SO we have a vaccine against the flu. SO people will not die of the flu.

Covid 19 is another story. It is even MORE severe than the flu, it can kill a few times more people (%) than the flu, AND it causes long term syndromes that might not kill you but might leave you disabled for the rest of your life. THESE are not counted in the death toll, but might land you in a nursing home with dementia, stroke or lung disease, after covid. So covid kills 2-3 times more people, AND can also leave people debilitated for the rest of their lives, something that the flu does not do.

It is said that the reason that children do not become as ill (and die) from covid is because they have much smaller airways and the virus tends to affect the upper airways early on, allowing the immune system to get a head start before it gets down into the lungs. So in adults who become extremely ill the virus lands in the lungs, and it is harder for the body to mount a response as quickly when such a major body system is affected. So it is sort of like the virus SNUCK IN and set up shop and was very active before the bodies immune system got the message.

In old people, or people on immunosuppressant drugs (for autoimmune diseases) or who are on chemo, the bodies immune system is either being suppressed or in the case of the elderly, it just does not work as well as in the young. In these cases the virus gets a chance to REALLY set up shop….unimpeded. In THESE people, the vaccine is given, but does not work as well. We cannot be certain in these people that the vaccine will be able to stimulate the immune system enough to save them. Sadly elderly people who have had the vaccine, still might die of it.

SO WHAT IS A VACCINE??????? I have included a excerpt from the CDC describing the first “vaccine”, where vaccination began. Essentially the body being given a small dose of the virus allowing it to mount a response, so it is ready for it when an infection comes along. If you were to think in military terms, you would never want your castle to be unprepared for the attack of a foe…. so essentially a vaccine would be like preparing your OWN army before another one arrived….so you are ready. They cannot sneak up on you.

2 brothers exposed to smallpox, the one on the right had been vaccinated.

THIS is a basic description of the very first vaccine. (for Smallpox)

This process has changed many times and ways as the years have gone on to make them safer, as you can imagine, there might be problems dealing with the actual virus. But the basic principals have not changed. The vaccine is something given to you to give your body a head start in fighting a potential foe….. 😀

So that brings us to today and Covid 19 and new vaccines that the principal is about the same…. a tool to stimulate your immune system so it is ready when the real infection comes along. This is a description from the CDC, about how the mRNA vaccines work.

It seems that some have tried to make people think that the vaccine alters your DNA. Has no one thought for a moment that IF we had the technology to change someone’s DNA by giving them a shot in the arm of 0.3 CC of vaccine, that we would have already been able to cure a huge host of diseases already. Look at diabetes, look at all the cancers, cystic fibrosis, how about Huntingtons Chorea. Do you not think that if scientists could change DNA by giving a shot….. that we would already be rid of most of these diseases?????? 🤔🤔🤔🤔

Just because you tell a lie loud, and with great confidence, it is still a lie.

Please get the covid vaccine.

Dr Janet Bates

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