other fall adventures…

Ken and Tucker and I have hit the road again.

We are once again down on the Olympic penninsula wandering the beaches. AND cycling, this is my new eEbike, and we are traveling in for groceries etc on our bikes. It IS a bit of a granny bike, but then again I AM a granny.

We really do like this lifestyle. We recently watched Nomadland, and just loved it, while others found it depressing. The thought of being able to just pick up and move along when you have tired of the scenery, or enjoyed the hikes…. is just so appealing.

That being said, we are sitting 17 feet above sea level in La Push looking out at a stormy ocean. The wind is howling at 50 MPH and it is pouring. Apparently THIS is a town that there is concern for with regards to rising oceans. They ARE locating any newer homes at higher elevations. We have sprung a leak in our newer motorhome and Ken is trying to patch it up. It is NOT the roof, thank goodness, it is the lower part of the slide(pop out) is gathering water. We made a 4 day reservation for this spot a month ago, and the rains are pretty much confined to those same four days, so this rain should only last until we leave here. We are thinking we SHOULD have brought the slides in, had we known this storm was coming. I would post a picture of the storm, but it is hard to capture storms, even hurricane pictures look mild unless they can captures some tree crashing down on something. So this was YESTERDAY, gorgeous day.

We hiked the Rialto beach, much the same as we did in August. It seemed then that everyone else had a destination, we were just looking for rocks. The rockhound books just talked about the rocks.🤔

But yesterday we found out that the “destination” was the hole in the wall rock. It is a rock that you can pass through only at low tides, otherwise you have to climb over the ridge. Sadly Ken and I both thought we had taken pictures of the “hole in the wall” but alas, Ken’s picture had me in the middle blocking the hole in the wall, and my picture was non existent. (at least you can see my new REI coat 😀) Finally a waterproof (gortex) coat, just in time.

and Tucker is ONE happy dog. Everyone on the beach stopped to pet him, and one group of 5 teenage girls made a big fuss over him, so he put on a show for them. (what a ham)….. and LOOk at all them rocks 😀

Well as it turned out, the beach was not the only highlight yesterday. On our way back to La Push from Rialta beach, we took a little detour and parked just off the road and went looking for mushrooms, the conditions just seemed so right.

some misc mushrooms….
and then Chanterelles…

I guess I was so busy picking mushrooms I failed to photo them…. insitu. but here they are in the dryer.

and yes we DID bring our dryer with us, and so now we have dried chanterelles to add to our dried beans, and dried tomatoes in our instant pot…..just add salt and garlic.

So great to be on the road.

thanks for reading

Much love Janet, Ken and Tucker (the ham)

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