2016 Onwards with the north wall….

When 2015 ended for the cabin…..IE when it gets too cold to take the boat out, we decided to leave some building materials out in cabin, so we could get back to work EARLIER in 2016, than we started in 2015. Everything is dependant on the boat running for building. WE CAN hike down the path way, it is a 10 minute walk down a trail that drops 500 feet in altitude.  No way to bring building stuff down this path. So we started 2016 by putting in another window/wall piece on the north wall.  Like before removing inner half rounds first and then outer half rounds.




Then building the frame on the floor.


PHOTO from the outside (the north side, the lake to my left)


THEN because this part is so high off the ground AND no scaffolding, Ken added the plywood while it was on the floor. Make it heavier to work with, but easier than lifting the plywood up 9 feet or so.


THEN we lifted the frame up, anchored it in place, then added the window.  JUST IN time for evening, when it was really cold, so nice to have the wall up and the window in.



We could not do anymore work on cabin before our trip to Spain at the end of April, because of time constraints and boat restraints.  WE never get anything done when the boat is broken down.  TO BE CONTINUED…………… I am excited to catch up to where we are now, but do not want to miss anything



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