All work and no play

The last two changes will catch this blog up to present day with regards to the cabin renovation.  We have some very unique/unusual/funky plans for finishing.

This first picture is of the west wall. We decided that you just cannot have too many windows…. especially since on hot days there tends to be a bit of a breeze coming down the bank, in the evenings….. so we found 2 VERY cool BRAND NEW windows at “Habitat for humanity/restore” (which by the way is where we get a lot of our building materials). As you can see they are both wood windows, they ARE made for a 2×4 wall, but we will fill in the difference. There will ultimately be a wall in front of all of this as these two windows will ultimately be part of the bathroom.IMG_0918

The window on the right will be at the back of the composting toilet, and the one on the left will be above and to the left of the sink. (which we have just found an old sewing machine top to serve as the bathroom vanity)  Below is an example of what we did in our  scotch creek house with an old sewing machine in a bathroom…..IMG_1876.jpg

So this is the back of the cabin avec  windows…….  OH and with roofing tiles


Then today was the matter of replacing this one little part of the North wall ……Bringing the outside wall replacement to 3 1/4 out of 4…!


and voila!!!


Ken and JoshIMG_0937.JPG

All work and no play…… makes Ken………..






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