Rogue River Agates

The agates from the Rogue River.

We spent a night at the campground right down on the Jetty in Gold beach.  Ocean very rough, swells large, so we found a gravel area mid way up the jetty, where it was a little safer. Met one of the regulars, and he “educated” us about the local agates.


They are much larger than the ones we have found elsewhere, and quite rough. He told us that is because they are coming down directly from Crater lake, so “Fresher” more recent agates that have not been churned and tumbled by the ocean. They have large pits, and our experience from last year is that these ones are much harder to tumble, perhaps we just need to use a different technique.  WE LOVE this campground, but not one you would want to be in, in a tsunami.  WE did in fact hear a siren and were madly checking the news…. but they DO have to test their tsunami warning sirens from time to time.

Since we have not had internet enough to post pictures I have gotten way behind in my blog, so am catching up now. (This is from over  a week ago, we are now in Carson City.)

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